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The Gift of Polymaths

Yesterday, Sean Spicer, white house press secretary resigned when someone was brought in from the outside to serve as communications director, the position Spicer hoped to be given.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting that job, or any job in the Trump administration, but then I can’t imagine a world of alternative facts, and the belief that any news that does not agree with your concept of reality is “fake news”.

At the same time that Sean Spicer was resigning I was…


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Paean for James Mark Emmerling; Reflections on My Lack of an Inner Poet

Much has been said about our friend, James Mark.

The man one person knew as simply Jem.

A man who sucked the other person in

To a secret that each one felt a part


Blake or Emerson it mattered not

Within their words he…


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the mystery: why does Gary Cooper love the Half Box? the puzzle and then the Big Reveal! several fabulous pics of my Odd but Handsome Boy!

Okay, so, i received a package from Amazon. a book. i opened it and then completely forgot about the item i'd purchased. now GC LOVES a box. any size, any material, any location... hanging out in a cubic compartment makes him extremely happy. but as far as i knew, he loved a Whole Box. well, not so fast. here he is in all his glory in a...…


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Endless Nights, Endless Days, Or, A Flying Fuck

Secretly believing someone is watching

And will benevolently arrive, relieve the pain

When planets collide, lots of stuff goes awry

Every breath you take implicates you deeper

The constant cry of babies being born

Expect monsters worse than you can conceive

There is a dark alley deep in hell


Where strangers go

She was swallowing a horse who

Stomped its hooves

Kicked her in stomach pregnant with you

As soon…


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Every time I open a new Dev Conrad book I win an entertainment hat trick: I get another ticket to join consultant Conrad behind the scenes of a nasty political campaign; I get a major caliber murder mystery, and, best of all, I get another lesson in the craft of storytelling from Ed Gorman, one of the master yarn spinners of our day.…


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Striving For Perfection Fucks Up Everything


I’m the worst cunt in the world

No one is worse than me.

For my next bride,

I shall marry the Queen of She

Ba (Academy presents her majesty.

Nominee gushes.

Audience applauds exhaustively.)

She will manhandle me,

Liquor on her breath,

Feathers framing vagina.

Inflamed blossoms drenching submissions

She told me to delete

The photographs,

Even though there were many

Caught her beauty in…


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Missing in Action

This is a non-sequiter,  I so stipulate, but I visited Alice Liddel's grave during one of my UK trips. There was nothing remarkable about it. It's a simple grave behind a country church, marked by a small stone, laid flat, that does not mention that she was the real Alice, made immortal as Alice in…


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2012 charcoal on paper 30"x 22"

Added by Michael Reid Rubenstein on December 20, 2012 at 8:00am — 2 Comments

Uninvited Guest* Annexed

Uninvited Guest* Annexed


We are seated on opposite sides of ottoman,

Brother and sister,

long history of knowledge tenderness contention attachment,

sharing glances psychological plotting.

The uninvited guest plops down between us

large foreign hand touches both our thighs

We look beyond to each other

The intruder senses our bond


knows where we belong

but must go separately

Far away…


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Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure is now listed on Amazon

My new book, Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure, is now listed on here:



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My New Paperback To Be Released On Or Around Dec. 15th

My new pastiche, Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure, is to be released by MX Publishing, London, on or around December 15th. I am so excited. I don't yet know all the details but my previous novela, The Case of the Grave Accusation, is availible on Amazon and other sites including MX Publishing online. I invite you to read it and I hope you enjoy it.…


Added by Dicky Neely on November 28, 2012 at 10:56am — 4 Comments

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