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Sean Spicer Says You Can Trust Trump If He’s Not Joking

Sean Spicer Says You Can Trust Trump If He’s Not Joking:  Peter Alexander of NBC News asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer whether people should trust the president to tell the truth, to which Spicer said “yes they can, unless he’s joking.”  Which is kind of an interesting response considering that as far as I can tell, the whole Trump presidency is basically a joke.  Let’s put it this way, if Trump were Pinocchio, his nose would stretch all the way…


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The Myth of Government Created Utopia Part I

For all its intended invented image of indestructibility and endless funding to crush the opposition or using confiscated taxpayer funding along with deficit printed fiat currency, big government will never end poverty. Big government will never spread equality across the land. One thing we can be assured…


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"WHITE HOUSE INTRUDER FINDS LOST EASTER EGG - Gets Purple Heart"! Satirically Yours...

Secret Service reported he was wearing a red tie,…


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CBO Says TrumpCare Means 24 Million More With No Healthcare

CBO Says TrumpCare Means 24 Million More With No Healthcare:  The Congressional Budget Office has determined that the new House Republican proposal to rewrite federal healthcare law would throw 24 million people off of health insurance, raise premiums for older, low-income Americans, while at the same time [providing] $285 billion in tax breaks for the top two percent.  Yea, but the important thing to remember is that each of those 24 million people will now be free to choose…


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Nuns Accuse Katy Perry of Witchcraft

Nuns Accuse Katy Perry of Witchcraft:  In an ongoing battle with Katy Perry after she revealed she intends to purchase a former convent put up for sale by the Catholic Church, some of the nuns of the conservative Order of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary say they don’t approve of the singer’s lifestyle (read - she supports the LGBTQ community) and are now claiming that she is actually a witch.  Wow, what century are we in again?  I bet…


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Bluexit, an interesting proposal

Below is a link to an article in the New Republic. It's kind of long, so I'll give you the gist of it.

The author, Kevin Baker, suggests an approach that is sort of half secession, economically and politically. I'll get into exactly what he suggests in a minute, but he says there are three regions that could do this: Northeast through Virginia, West Coast, and mountain Colorado and New Mexico.

What he suggests is that when Republicans want to shrink the Federal government,… Continue

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NASA Stunned by Photo of Saturn Moon Pan

NASA Stunned by Photo of Saturn Moon Pan:  A new photograph taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, shows a close-up of Saturn’s elusive and odd looking moon “Pan,” prompting some to call the object “space ravioli.”  Humm, Pan-fried space ravioli?  While it does sound rather good, I seriously doubt if its worth going all the way to Saturn for.…


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Once Could be a Dumbass Mistake, but Twice in Five Weeks is Blatant Harassment

Muhammad Ali's son says he was detained again.   Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained and questioned at a Washington airport before being allowed to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale after meeting with lawmakers to discuss a separate airport detention incident last month.…


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New Study Claims Pot Could Lead to Cardiac Risks

New Study Claims Pot Could Lead to Cardiac Risks: According to a new study just released, researchers at Philadelphia’s Einstein Medical Center say there may be a connection between marijuana use and increased cardiac risks - including stroke.  Well of course pot can lead to heart failure - especially when you first realize you’ve run out!  Hell, the way I look at it, if Trump’s election didn't give me a heart attack, there’s not much chance smoking a joint’s…


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The ACA - it's over.

After the ACA?

Don’t look for the private health insurance market to fill the breach. It simply won’t happen.

Why? To understand why, you must first understand that markets don’t automatically serve everyone. An example of a market that does serve everyone is that for food. We have food for all price points, fashions and for all manner of ways to consume. So a person can buy raw food that needs hours to prepare and cook, and there are foods you can grab on the run. Clothing is…


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The Proper Role of Government as Infrastructure Not God


In the incendiary climate of divided politics between the secular, liberal, proponents for leftist governance opposed to the conservative vision of minimal Constitutional leadership we can be assured that the issues will be distorted. So that the public may comprehend what the idea of the limited role…


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"My marriage?  It's working like fine-tuned machine", Melania stalwartly answered when asked last month getting her roots…


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WikiLeaks Claims CIA can Spy on You Through Your TV

WikiLeaks Claims CIA can Spy on You Through Your TV:  The latest release from WikiLeaks claims the CIA has a plethora of tools which they can use to hack a variety of everyday devices – from phones, to cars, to televisions – reminding us of the fragile state of Internet security.  I don’t know about my TV, but I’m pretty sure the government may be spying on me through my blowdryer.  Hell, every time I turn it on, I feel a blast of hot air.…


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Inspired by SBA's Oy Vey Foot Shooting - Samantha Bee's Latest

Trump Shot ‘Himself in the Dick’

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Of walls and more walls

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Yesterday, I was heading to the post office from my office via my usual short cut. I was in a rush to get there before it closed.

Suddenly, I noticed a shiny new black iron fence in front of me. There was no way around it. I had to walk two blocks out of my way to get to where I wanted to go.

It was obvious why that fence was there.

In recent years, that area has had a lot of homeless encampments. Someone in their infinite cluelessness…


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How Right Wing Populism Beat Left Wing Populism


There is a distinct disdain among leaders in society, whether business, academic, or legislative for populism.  Populist movements typically exist to protect one group at the expense of others.  They are often unconcerned with protecting the aims of business, and appeal to the common man during times of economic distress.  Movements are often illogical, based on emotion, thus earning the distrust of intellectuals, and they are unpredictable.  If there is anything politicians…


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Ben Carson Refers to Slaves as Immigrants

Ben Carson Refers to Slaves as Immigrants:  In his first speech as the new secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Dr Ben Carson referred to slaves brought to the United States against their will as "immigrants," drawing quick condemnation from civil rights groups who cast his remarks as offensive.  Now I’m no expert on immigration, but I’m sensing those would be about the only “immigrants” in history who would beg to get…


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Donald Trump: Deflector-In-Chief

Anyone following the news in recent days should be heartsick and amazed at the public actions of the American president — a man not elected by the people, but by the archaic Electoral College, which must be abolished.

If anything lends credence to the inadequacy of this flawed system one need only point to the…


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Solar Storms Remove Electrons From Earth’s Atmosphere

Solar Storms Remove Electrons From Earth’s Atmosphere:  New research found that, contrary to scientific expectations, solar storms actually remove electrons from the Earth’s atmosphere.  Even so, I still try and stay positive about solar storms.…


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Lately, I wake in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep. My insomnia is induced by my memories of a weekend in Weimar Germany, 26 years ago. That weekend was a transformational moment in my life, as it inspired me to interview other Germans…


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