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Victim of Memory


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There would be a rock, a quiet kind, painted with a heart and names enchanted. So where are they? Who said stop the illegal bombing in Cambodia? That mantra over nicotine haze? Thousands of cocktail glasses on round trays, momentarily silent? Half beer barrels carted and pierced, a cacophonous ritual, like limitless buckets of ice, they listened and he did not speak, he flew; his were good business shoes at one time. Open toe hop-along cassidy…


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Truth Will Always Leak

Truth Will Always Leak…

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Burning up Wedding Rings


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Wet Shoes!

Slush and rain cold sweat, no powder to keep dry, that lower tier, seated and staid, home at last for promenade: sip and taste pulp lemonade, no need for urgency now airwolf sirened lair, naws low slung fruit: slo-mo meteor arcs sparks waylays swirled larks, zip-zoom crash.  

Sure now and again hyperlinked conquistadores-synchronised-saber sleuthing head fake word snake---odds agin it! far-fetched---a bale sacked mainly of dirt grown grain. That bag of…


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It All Turned Black

It All Turned Black…

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L/0\re That Carnival Of Beats


(l)ight lanes and more

hence begins maybe ends

our L/0\re

Of distance dreams of

midnights crossed

I slammed the dice

pitched the shoes

wired high, waxed laces

such as traces, clues hints

blues when I lose

elder thumb no kidding

goodbye right now twix

hand salute, thru both

temples, ageless, timeless those ears were

gunned and nailed. Atrocity.

Ancient philosophy comes the suffragette



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Earl Merle the Squirrel, Master Aliterator, Soma Specialist

Reader enjoys Squirreling.

Reader slips and slides over Google Images: Squirrels with Weapons.

There are several Squirrel, er, subcategories, including Squirrels with Lightsabers, Squirrels with Coffee, Squirrels with Bazookas, Squirrels with Nuts, Squirrels with Rabies, Squirrels with all verbs, nouns--all ing words such as Squirrels Waterskiing.

A moment ago reader thought of Squirrels as Fashion (scurrying back over giggling google to gaggle image) hmmm Squirrel…


Added by J.P. Hart on March 30, 2019 at 9:59pm — 2 Comments

Ascension Copied During Downtime OS

A man arrives on time and logically senses he will not double his existence, his time on God's green tundra.

Quiet desperation. A funny thing happened on the road to utopia. He realized that all he could do is make people happy for awhile. Eclectically he opens a book 'Picturing Indians', and on page four there is an 1873 May photograph of Wah-con-ja-zz-gah(Yellow Thunder) Warrior Chief 120 years old comma seated before a thatch dome. Fast forward 140 years, he knows his words will be…


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Praying Mantis/Nineteen Sentences/Motionless

Rhyme he thought reading Mary with a sense of gratitude, trepidation and a rankle of powerlessness.

Terrifically a first-season squirrel boxed its reflection, marching off to dig beneath the pine.

Out of periphery an apparent squirrel feud/flight/faster than grey-line; leapt over chipmunk, that red berry, tearing through dead tiger lilium up another tree with rapid spiral, a faux battle.

Eye scratching, reverse…


Added by J.P. Hart on March 24, 2019 at 1:09am — 3 Comments

Was Anything Ever Meant to Be?

Was Anything Ever Meant to Be?

My first love was a willowy Southern Bell

Ten years together and it didn't turn out well

Welcome to my personal living hell

Did she really love me? I could never tell,…


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Parade Rest Poem

Yeomen poets might be intimidated, the editors apparently at rest, but from what I know, none of the above, then a teeter-totter, a twix yet twain, what about the balance, a suspension of motion, a leveling of circumstance wherein Art is not history, Art is the future, a sculpture: two people, neither up nor down, eye to eye --level in suspended animation, a supra-balance this. At the exclusion of the news, better never bitter dreams, possible because you said so, as well as an…


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DNC , MKE, 2020 Dress Up July!

'There's a feeling in the air, that I can't get anywhere except Milwaukee~

On the shores of Michigan~

I can watch you grow again

even touch the sky'

O Happy Days!

Buckle the babies and help the old ladies, 'cause every one goes

Milwaukee, WI



DNC National Convention well on its way! That'll be me carrying Rachel Maddow's Drift

down the street from The Basilica of St. Josaphat around the corner, Kinnikinnick &…


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How And Why I Thrived As THE Lobbyist For Billionaires

one step
enjoyed that
jumped so high
Cadillac SRX
full glide
drove through the
pouring rain
sang every song
that co-pilot knew
saw wrongs
tried to
right them
learned when to
stop typing
told a joke or two
left the world better
than I found it
about a small
oh so human
you don't

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Perpetual Illusion

Perpetual Illusion


Living in the perpetual…


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When You Realize You've Been Writing ' In The Wind '

sure you sang sad, but I don’t recall hearing it...and what is new under these raindrops anyway?

snow shadowed meadows, spring shall be courageous and bold, never old

and I am used to rain and getting used to getting old, too

1st now I'm rediscovering sight, sound and wine at room though so deeply underground

know that it's been okay,

or how'd we say,

family country God?

no the other way around

I have been good for a gone awhile

forever in my…


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Two Sweethearts

He dreamt one more time of those whoosh rides always west beelined wayward waiting for Wyoming to pass where there ain't no trees scant green teas and Wanda with her sweet petite feet tucked her hair up so waveringly perfect as warm wine. The home rolleds impossible to light what with the dash air conditioned power-drive tidalwave-like aeroplane exhaust as you baby could hear the wind whistle see its dry sand imperative…


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Rain Check

~JULY 10, 2010 9:37PM~

Rain Check

~~     (:RATE:)  4~~~~~

keen and bright as zirconi:


his diamond train ride

snored Mr. Mahoney

a crepuscular summer moth

the numbered shirt cloth

of horsehide

he dreamt

the raucous ride

the boys of summer

possessed his snooze

timeless bricks and mortar

green ivied walls of bit cigars

on warm play ball! lights

spiced mustard

sticky yelling kids



Added by J.P. Hart on March 3, 2019 at 11:45pm — 14 Comments

A Step Back in Time

A Step Back in Time

I don't care who sleeps with you

I quit worrying ever since the sky was blue…


Added by Doc Vega on March 2, 2019 at 12:25pm — 4 Comments

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