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A Modest Proposal, Somewhere between Why Bother and Letting them Drown in their own Filth

Dante's Inferno

Once more I am chagrined to see that ten people have been sucked into the temptation to comment on the psychopathic Texan's recent post.  Not sure what I'm trying to do here, but I'll try again:…


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"What if...."

While there are few things less constructive than pondering the “what ifs” of life, I do it frequently. Our lives are filled with “what if” moments when we wonder how our lives might have been different if we’d done or said something other than what we did do/say.…


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April 22nd – NPR, Another Day in Paradise & Hairless Monkey Butts on the Big Blue Marble

Wednesday, April 22nd …: Here in the lush ‘Burbs of Los Angeles this…


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Forty Years After the Fall of Saigon, My Debt to Veterans

Jon Wolfman’s Open Call for our recollections of the veterans we’ve encountered in our lives sends me in two directions: family and friends and strangers.  First of all I grew up on John Wayne and Gregory Peck movies about World War II and I played army from the age of six on.  I was supposed to be the first kid in our family to graduate from college and my five year plan in high school was to graduate from the Air Force Academy, fly combat missions in Vietnam, go into the test pilots…


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Veterans Forty Years After the Fall of Saigon, My Brother Bill

Jon Wolfman’s Open Call for our recollections of the veterans we’ve encountered in our lives comes to me at a time of coincidence.  I am two weeks into living in motels in Texas for the sole purpose to begin the process of trying to determine what, if any, services the Veteran’s Administration may be able to provide for my older brother at the end of his life.

My big brother Bill never served in Vietnam.  He enlisted in 1962 and served in Germany.  The closest he came to combat was…


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"My Best Stuff": Populism in America

This is a slightly modified and updated version of a post from "Other" Salon.  I don't remember whether many people read or commented on this piece, but it concerns a topic I'm interested in and I hope you like it.  In the original post I included the Civil Rights Movement as a Populist Uprising which seemed to have offended some people.  So, I took that section out.


President Barack Obama has been called a number of things; socialist, communist, fascist,…


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OPEN CALL, "How did you choose your Avatar?"

How did you choose your Avatar?

Where did your Avatar come from?

Some people blog using their real names and picture. …


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Oryoki Bowl's Open Call

I do not believe the Mayan Calendar bears any resemblance to reality.   I expect to wake up on Saturday as usual.  …


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