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The Smell and the Fury

There was a time, when he confronted the traitor Bork, that I had some amount of admiration for Ralph Nader. It was mixed, as a Super Sport guy I had a problem with his problem with my Big Chevy's little cousin the Corvair, but, that was mostly just thinking of him as a basic dork, which he is and most certainly was. Now, it has been almost 20 years since I stood on a Berkeley street-corner, right near our dear People's Park (which is now in trouble yet again, they want a dorm on it this…


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Dear Open Saloners: I don't come here much, but I have an announcement to make and I couldn't think of a better place to put it. (This will also appear on Orphans of Open Salon on Facebook, so I am a…

Dear Open Saloners:

I don't come here much, but I have an announcement to make and I couldn't think of a better place to put it. (This will also appear on Orphans of Open Salon on Facebook, so I am addressing both groups at once.)

Some of you will remember me as SageMerlin from Open Salon. I used the sagemerlin account to publish my poetry and Alan Milner for my prose.

I just had one of those possible end of life health scares and, while I am not yet completely out of…


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Annemarie Madison (November 20, 1920 - January 30, 2010)

Written January 22, 2011

Most people can remember at least one outstanding human being during their lifetime, who represented the best of what the human spirit has to offer. There will always be the Mahatma…


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SBA/RR Challenge: "Open Call"

Toilet paper, over or under?

Image result for toilet paper over or under meme

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Challenge: Personal Narrative - Bitch Stole My Sedaris

Divorce is not fun. I realize I’m stating the obvious here. Even if you know you will be a million times happier or safer afterwards, the “getting there” sucks. Telling your family. Telling your friends. Wondering which side the mutual friends are going to take. Dividing the assets. It is all just a giant list of sucky adulting.

John and I had about as amicable a divorce as you can. We agreed to terms and had a paralegal take care of the paperwork. He got the house and I got my…


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Resurrecting Safe Bet Amy's Challenge

A few months ago Safe Bet’s Amy proposed a writing contest during which each participant would write a piece in each of the categories in the Tags drop down box.  We would do that within a defined period.  As I recall we couldn’t find an impartial judge with a thick skin.

A couple of days ago Jonathan Wolfman scolded us for looking more like Facebook than Our Salon.  At least that’s how I read his piece. 

The following commentary has been very interesting to follow. 



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die Jagd im Geist

Give, Receive

Pain, Release


Chicken of Beef, the blood of the meats repulse me

Excuse me, I'm vegan, I'll fast, or not eat

I close my eyes and see darkness

The moon sees nightfall

As I open my eyes, I hear birds the call

A higher being controls the universe

A darker side is cold where there is bloodthirst

The heating core below…


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I Am Not the Only One

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - It's Alright (August, 1963

Apropos the continuous humanistic need for discourse, dialog harmony and all the goals of utopia, time like a slipped clutch on a moonlit asphalt blue highway, why don't we strive toward the Disneyesque reconstruction of all our urban goals...

If fiction is dead, reality is not far behind.

Good day,…


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I just felt an Earthquake tremor here in Los Angeles & it was stronger than most of them.

Looked it up immediately (luckily my computer worked, right?) & saw the epicenter was Channel Islands Beach, California

Must be nice to visit - but…


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Not My Style


Not My Style


I’m just a hunter on an old cold trail

Love eludes me with the scent of betrayal…


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Super Supper Saturday (because I always forget about Foodie Tuesday)

Okay, you of heathen, mayo hating heathens...  put up or shut up!

You are hereby CHALLENGED to post a recipe for tonight's supper!

It needs to be simple, tasty and UNIQUE!


Here is "ours":…


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Open Call: Can I Get A New Year Selfie?

Added by Ron Powell on December 31, 2017 at 9:51pm — 4 Comments

Writers Competition

What do y'all think about having an Our Salon Writers Competition?

I was thinking giving the entrants two weeks to write a post for each of the 11 tag categories (Art/Photography, Belief/Religion, "Current Events/Politics", Entertainment, Fiction, "Personal Narrative/Life", Music, Humor, Poetry, Non-Fiction, "Open Call").

A "Team" of Judges (hopefully led by Lorianne)…


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Sometimes When We Touch

“Flirting is NOT an invitation to touching. You know what is an invitation to touching? Being invited to touch ... with words.”

I recently received that comment from a woman, and I thought long and hard about whether to reply at all, this being…


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Open Call, to the Flounce!

Woo hoo!  I can do this. 

Lorianne, has it really been since 2010? 

Seven years, ...damn.

That's a good run, it really is. 

...and now, it's winding down. 

Some have gone to the face boo, some to the twitter, and the instagram, and other web blogs.  We have some in our email.  Some have died, and some have simply gone off line.  Hard to quit a drug like this, though.  Especially after 20 years.   I kinda like this nic name of Julie Johnson, made it…


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Wars are economic. Mars uninhabitable.

. . . we can concur that sound bites are highly malleable wedge issues. . . 

Wasting assets and false needs are clear and prescient dangers --- expedients of greed and fear, dare I say, detractors from social welfare, which is goal orientated toward good, self-actualized - sane - healthy human beings.

And our better angels.

Hence, the contra to social welfare is social warfare.  The circumstance a…


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Today's Non Sequitur: Rethinking the Second Amendment

Hey ol' boy where you going with those ten assault rifles? 

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Venezuela: terrorUSt$ vs. Socialismo

 terrorUSt$' "regime change"* investments and crimes against Humanity continue, ala John Bolton u.s.criminal extradinoire 



With the US Meddling Again in Latin America, a Look Back at How Washington Promoted Genocide in…


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Summertime Sundays

'"Let me give you an example.  Let us say you want to be a great musician, and you want your music to create wealth for you.  But you are frustrated in making it work.  So you get drunk from time to time.  You cannot communicate with an inner energy if you do not maintain balance, if you get drunk all of the time. Drinking becomes an irrelevant side path, so dump it. '"*




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