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1975: Fiction/Reality Edith Piaf Sings at J. Alfred Prufrock’s

"Édith Piaf 914-6440" by Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Rijksfotoarchief 914-6440.jpg

This is a piece of fiction that explores the symptoms of PTSD as they become manifest in the hubris…


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Grandfather Clock

Christmas 1983

It was the Christmas of 1983.  It was one of our best Christmases.  We had moved into our “dream home” a few month s earlier, a two story American Chraftsman style home, previously owned by an architect. …


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1974: Janine & Nelly, Baryshnikov & Janine’s Screwed up Family stamp

Janine… - Janine was yet another rich girl and like Jude she was attracted to anyone who didn’t give a shit.  Like Jude she was a highly intelligent, well read tomboy with a penchant for masochistic foreplay, except that Janine’s penchant was a solid order of magnitude more intense.  Less than a week after I dropped her off at her family…


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Joni Mitchell, Morgellon's syndrome and the Twilght of Stars


When asked, if reincarnation is real, what I wanted to come back as, I've always joked Joni Mitchell.  Joni has been one of the stars in my firmament since the days of "Big Yellow Taxi" and "Clouds".  As Joni moved from her sort of folk-rock beginning, the girl from the Bay of Fundy has moved into…


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2015 –Trip to Texas, March 21st Saturday Night

Saturday Night…:  I checked my email when we got back and found that my younger brother Rick had found Roger Grey, our old friend from Houston, on Facebook, who was now living and working in Montana.  We had a chuckle about that and toyed with the idea of moving our next reunion north.  We opened more cigars and his fifth of Glenfiddich around five that evening and we dove back into talk and music.  What we had to say to one another is unimportant…


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1973: St. Croix, David, Island Time and Poker

St. Croix… - I can’t remember whether I flew out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale but in 1973 to get to the island of St. Croix from south Florida you flew 1500 miles non stop to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  From there it was a short seventy mile hop east to St. Thomas where the plane did not refuel before taking off for an even shorter fifty mile hop south to St. Croix.  We deplaned on the tarmac and with my backpack and sleeping bag over my shoulder; I walked into the tiny terminal…


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1973: Marjorie Lord, Hotel Paradiso & Prufrock’s

Marjorie Lord… -

‘Doc’ Berger worked at the University of Houston for…


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Good News - "Don't Lose This," Pops Staples' Last Album

Just heard this on NPR and feel the need to pass it on:

Pops Last Recordings

Pops recorded the songs on Don't Lose This back in 1999 (one year before he died), co-producing the initial…


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Christmas Colors

I'm not a drinker but, try this:

High ball glass of ginger ale on ice,

1 Shot of grenadine,

1 shot blackberry brandy,
(1/2 a shot if you're like me)

1 wedge of lime..........



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Gold Standards in Music and Barbeque

Chasing memories

There may be “gold standards” for  anything, a ne plus ultra if you will.  In some cases those standards are individually determined.  In some cases the standard no longer exists except in memory.

Barbeque exists in many renditions.  It is generally accepted that the definition of barbeque lies in the method of cooking, a method that has been briefly summarized as “low and…


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I was having an e-mail conversation with a friend yesterday and the subject of composers came up. The conversation started with Pachelbel (I've played the bass line to that Canon on viola da gamba and the damned thing consists of eight notes, all exactly the same length, no rests, repeated something like sixty times) and he mentioned Bach, of whom I think extremely highly. He likes Bach well…


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Rules are always changing

Words they are dormant

held in by fear and anger

gut in knots

choking back tears…


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Basic Theory for Musicians Who Don't Read: Contents & Links

This series of posts is written for a very specific audience, unlike most of what I write. It is mainly geared toward musicians who don't read music, though of course anyone can read it who thinks they might be interested in the subject. The final link, "Harmonics and the Science Behind Music Theory," is the post most likely to appeal to…


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5th Chapter: Basic Theory for Musicians Who Don't Read

This chapter is about something called the Cycle of Fifths. It will help to have a keyboard handy:

This is by far the shortest chapter.

Earlier in this series, we talked about how there are twelve notes per octave, if you really count all of them. A couple of chapters ago,…


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4th Chapter: Basic Theory for Musicians Who Don't Read

It's time to talk about time.

Do you remember this? I told you to ignore the 4/4 until later. Now it's time to get to it. 

Assuming the tempo doesn't change, written music consists of a series of consecutive blocks that each take the same amount of time. If you look above, you'll…


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3rd Chapter: Basic Theory for Musicians Who Don't Read

The keyboard diagram is a good thing to have handy, so I'll just put it at the top of the post so it's there.

So far, when we've dealt with intervals, we've mainly dealt with half steps and whole steps. Most of the intervals we're going to deal with will be bigger than that. Also, we…


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Late Night Listening - Nat King Cole and Afro Blue

The very first record that I can remember buying with my own money was a 45 with Nat King Cole singing Mona Lisa. 

I played it till the grooves were worn and then bought this one.…


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The Sondheim Cure: A New Year's Gift to awaken your sleeping muse


I knew Stephen Sondheim's lyrics before I knew who Stephen Sondheim was.

I was a little ghetto girl when I fell in love withWest Side Story back in 1961. I was an only child with a rich imagination and a yearning to "write"…


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