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My Musical Love Letter to California

 I'm a lifelong resident of California. I love it. We have a diverse culture, a diverse landscape, and divergent thinkers. It's become popular of late to bash the state as we struggle with a failing economy, foreclosures, and a government that can't seem to get it together. But I love it here. I'm fortunate to live in an area of the state where if I drive 60-90 minutes in any direction I find myself at the sea, the mountains, the desert, or the state capital. So this is my musical love…

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Post-Election Fun

 Hello all, coming down a little off the post-election high, I couldn't resist a little fun at Mitt Romneys' expense. I hope that Jerry Bock, Joseph Stein, Sheldon Harnick and Sholem Aleichem will all forgive me for having borrowed "If I were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof and twisted it up, a little.

       "Because I Am A Rich Man"(As sung by Mitt Romney)

Mitt Romney…


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In and Around the Lake With Jon Anderson

I love the complex, trippy songs that YES has produced since they first formed in 1968. The voice of the progressive rock band YES is Jon Anderson, not Benoit David, in my humble opinion. I was disheartened when I first heard of the life threatening acute respiratory failure incident that pulled Anderson out of the Chris Squire, Steve Howe, and Alan White lineup. But even more disheartened to hear that YES was continuing to tour without Jon even when he had…


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The Way Out of Carnegie Hall (move & repost)

Back in the late sixties, I was a quiet, studious junior high school student who spent much of her free time practicing her piano and her violin. Okay, surely some of that statement is true. Some days, all of it is true. The day I was kicked out of Carnegie Hall by Leopold Stowkowski himself, none of it was true. I was too busy being a loud , giggly, smartass teenager.

I was born in Brooklyn and grew up in the Long Island suburbs of New York. The piano was my mother’s, bought for her…


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Art Garfunkel: Sounds of Silence...For Now


Art Garfunkel as the Cheshire Cat and Paul Simon as the White Rabbit. It sounds like a strange dream. Or a Saturday Night Live skit. But acting together in the play Alice in Wonderland in elementary school was the first time the two musicians collaborated on a project. The duet went on to become part of American musical history racking up mega hits that are still popular today. Art will be 69 years old on November 5th. His…


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Come Together Right Now for John Lennon's Birthday

Any student of American pop culture knows exactly where they were the night of December 8, 1980.

I had just finished working a catering job, tired and exhausted from the hours of cooking, serving, and cleaning up. I jumped in my car and turned on the radio happy to hear Beatles tunes playing for the trek home. One Beatles song after another played without commercial interruption as I cruised the darkened highway and happily sang along,…


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Steve Miller -He Still Speaks of the Pompatus of Love




Shag haircut, halter top, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and the Steve Miller Band- a snapshot into my high school dance. Everyone was so turned on to his spacey sound as something new and exciting. And on October 5th Steve Miller will be 67 years old. He's still out there performing to adoring fans. While he has not produced new hits that reached the level of his work in the 70s and 80s, fans seem content to hear the songs of their…


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Go Your Own Way, Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham was born near my neck of the woods in Palo Alto, California October 3, 1949. His 61st birthday is just around the corner. I first came to know of him in 1973 when I heard the song “Crystal” from his debut…


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I've Had the Time of My Life, Bill Medley

Happy birthday, Bill Medley! Another rock and roll milestone is marked when he turns 70 years old on September 19th. Best known for his collaboration with partner Bobby Hatfield in the duo The Righteous Brothers, Bill Medley’s voice is unmistakable to me. That…


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You've Made Me So Very Happy, David Clayton-Thomas

"You've made me so very happy

I'm so glad you came into my life"

I first heard David Clayton-Thomas in 1968 when he was lead singer for the group Blood, Sweat & Tears. And now, he like many of my other favorites, is skipping towards his golden years. David will be 69 years old on September 13th. I still envision these bands of my youth as the flowing haired singers I grew to love. Am I stuck in…


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Happy Birthday David Crosby: Singer, Songwriter, Survivor



I love David Crosby. There. I’ve said it. Unequivocally, without reservations, no holds barred, despite the drug addiction, the alcohol dependency, the weapons charges, the drunk driving charges, the jail time. His effortlessly pure vocals, ethereal harmonies, organic approach to songwriting,…


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