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Something to make you smile (again) the Joyous JK Wedding Dance

the good news: THEY'RE STILL DANCING!

I dare you to watch this and not tear up - just a tiny bit.  it's the greatest wedding video ever!

I'm working on an aux drive that has everything and the moon on it, and this was…


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SBA/RR Challenge Music: OK, I'll Play Along

Added by Ron Powell on April 13, 2018 at 5:30pm — 4 Comments

Late Musings on "hurt"

I should have been a Johnny Cash fan, but I wasn’t.  He was another Arkansan, had an outsider reputation, and had come up through hard knocks.  On the other hand, his rich baritone voice lacked something; accuracy.  I bought his duet album with Bob Dylan.  It was almost painful to listen to it.  Waylon Jennings, who was Cash’s roommate at one time, described Cash as a “song stylist” rather than a singer.

And then, by sheer accident, looking for something else, I found…


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mornin' share

this week has been hard.  I'm sick - getting better but today I am exhausted, there are some family things -  nothing major but when someone in my little family hurts, I hurt. 

and then there are The Children - I am touched by how hard they're fighting, how earnest and trusting in the's inspiring, but depressing, you know?  why…


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2.3.59 The Moment I Knew Disillusionment's As Sure as Death



Rave on, rave on and tell me,

Tell me, not to be lonely,

Tell me you love me only,

Rave on to me.



Added by Jonathan Wolfman on February 3, 2018 at 10:27am — 18 Comments

A Search for "Unitarian Blues" Unexpectedly Took Me Where I Wanted To Be

I often say that I’m not much on religion, and that’s true, but I’m not without belief.  I have a deep abiding faith in good.  I believe that good is everywhere.  Unfortunately, it is not the good things that people do, but the bad that gets all of the headlines. 

‘The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interrèd with their bones.”  Anthony at the funeral of Julius Caeser

Somehow, that overshadowing makes it hard to explain a faith in goodness.

It becomes…


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Two Mathematics I Didn’t Learn in School Describe Everything

I remember thinking, as I was studying plane geometry in high school, this is all very nice, but nothing is shaped this way.  The world is not made up of circles, rectangles and triangles as pure forms.  But, I enjoyed geometry because for some reason that I couldn’t identify everything made intuitive sense.  How could that be?  It turned out that the real geometry was a little mor complicated, but related.…


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then take me to the river, put me in the water

finally found the song I kept hearing in my head that inspired the above painting.

this painting is titled: take me to the river

 the story is, as I was working on other…


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music for the cold cold hours

when I'm in the studio I like to listen  they play music I haven't heard in years like sammy davis jr who lately blows me away like crazy, plus music I've never heard before - like this one (below) by Paolo Conte. 

As an aside, there's a cut they play sometimes of "Take Me to the River" not exactly the al green version - the singer is white - you know the type of stylist, she uses an anemic…


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Edwin Hawkins gone

I love gospel music, I sometimes think more than any other genre.  It's pure love and you can't touch that.  Edwin Hawkin's "Oh Happy Day" is a stellar example of great gospel - unbridled vocals, spiraling exaltations and shouting and ultimately what you are in the presence of is magnificence and rejoicing.  I wish I had that faith because if I did, this is exactly where I'd be - singing in a choir.…


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Some great Christmas music

Nutcracker medley, Straight No Chaser (a famous a capella group) and Joshua Bell (a famous classical violinist)

The playing on this is insane. 

There was a famous experiment done involving Bell in 2007, covered by the Washington Post. I described it in a comment a few years ago:

In 2007, this world-famous violinist went into a Virginia suburban Metro station…


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take me to the river, washing me down


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What are all those X's in the title? They're a rhythm.

Try clapping that rhythm and see if you can identify it. Try it twice through, repeated exactly. The capital X's are accented, but each x takes the same length of time. They represent eighth notes in a four quarter measure. 

If you're having trouble counting them, there are eight X's per measure. In the first, accents are on 1, 3, 6, and 8. In the second, 4 and 6. This is really syncopated: Natural accents are on odd…


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A quick music lesson I gave on Thanksgiving about being a multi-instrumentalist

I was at my mother's for Thanksgiving. My sister is always there with her boyfriend, kids, and dog, and my mother's husband's daughter comes with her four sons, in their twenties and maybe early thirties now, and her husband. I gave the lesson in question to one of the sons (and a different one later to the oldest son - things just worked out that way).

I play a lot of instruments. Not all of them well by any stretch of the imagination, but I've played at least ten instruments in… Continue

Added by koshersalaami on November 26, 2017 at 10:00am — 22 Comments

Furthering the Las Vega Shooting Cover-up

The disturbing contradictions over the ongoing investigation and the official version of what happened during the mass shooting in Las Vegas on a Sunday evening during a country and western concert are perplexing to say the least. The narratives being continually hammered into the minds…


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Tom Petty dead at 66

Tom Petty was found in total cardiac arrest today and was initially on life support but he didn't make it. He was 66.

My daughter's boyfriend asked me if I were worried. After all, I turned 63 yesterday. No, not really - my drug intake was pretty minimal. He was on heroin for a decade. I know about that - my twenty-seven year old nephew's heart gave out last winter a year after he kicked heroin.

Petty had just come off a very long tour and was looking forward to spending… Continue

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Walter Becker died today

Walter Becker was half of Steely Dan, not the vocal half. It's hard to write about Becker because I can't tell you exactly what he was personally responsible for. His partner Donald Fagen you can hear, in the vocals and on electric piano, but Becker is less conspicuous. The band tended to use studio musicians for anything difficult.

It's easy to write about Steely Dan. As a musician I can tell you they're one of the few pop artists whose chord progressions I can't simply pick up in a… Continue

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DoodoodoodooDoot doot doot dooDoodoodoot

I sang that tonight.

A few months ago, my wife said she wanted to go to a concert and told me what day tickets went on sale. I looked it up, they went on sale at noon. At 11:59 AM, I sat at my computer, ticket site web address in my window, watching my second hand sweep toward twelve. The instant after it got there I hit return. The site generated two tickets for me.

We were seated about half a dozen seats to the right of center. If I stretched my leg out while seated I… Continue

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