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Easter Incident Adjacent To Building B

My first real job after graduating from college was as a graveyard shift lab assistant at the huge Chevron Research Facility in Richmond, California.  My job entailed walking like a ghost through the empty facility from midnight until dawn, taking samples, moderating temperatures and generally making sure that the place didn’t burn down until the REAL scientists came back in the morning.  During the day there might have been a couple of…


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Mosh Pits And Incontinence – Recapturing Youth

I’ve been fortunate to have accidentally lived in certain cities during their heydays. In the 1980’s I was in Silicon Valley and San Francisco for the high tech and new wave music boom. 1990’s it was Seattle for Microsoft and the grunge movement.

I’m not sure exactly which…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 4 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity looked at the luminescent hands of her swiss-made watch, a fine-brushed, polished steel Aquaracer from Tag Heuer with scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a gift from Cynthia for her twenty third birthday in Malibu, sealing their friendship. It was nearly two thirty AM on the north side of the island of New Providence in Nassau, and they had finished their dinner inside the limousine, playing mahjong among themselves with a set Knocke had provided, while the head of Elony security…


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America as Circus, America as Zoo

Robert Wolf writer

The acerbic H.L. Mencken, America’s premiere social critic of the 1920s, once famously compared America to a zoo.

“Mr. Mencken (questioning) ‘If you find there is so much that is unworthy of reverence in the…


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At the titty bar...a Tink story....

I got picked up by a friend from Grammy's house.  

It was a good time, I needed the break and so did they, my sister in law(me hitting on her) and Grammy(me hitting on know how I am! Yes, like you, I smack on their ass and call them George!) 

Tonight, we got drunk drinking rum and beer, life is awesome when you're drunk, makes it hard to type. Got to move back and forth and change words.

But after drinking a few beers, we decided to go to Satin Lady titty bar…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 3 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity looked at the silhouette of the seven four seven that had brought them from Cayman Islands to the Bahamas, and then glanced at the Lofty Buddha Air Lease in Company employee wearing an orange suit with a pink flamingo, the official bird of the Bahamas. She wanted to be as far from local police as possible, but she also wanted to recover her money and passport so that she and Flower could return to Acapulco before the City of Wellington left for L.A. Around eight PM in the evening.…


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