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Facing Parkinson's Disease

The gods are crying—really, they’re urinating—on 405 freeway. Rubber chafes glass, like a metronome, as my husband asks, “Babe, is there a faster speed on your windshield wiper setting? I can’t see.” He drives in the slow lane as cars fly by us. A white Mercedes in the carpool lane hydroplanes and does a 360. My mom ducks so she doesn’t have to look out the window. Then she starts crying and hyperventilating. My father sits up front in the passenger seat and says, in his Kor-English (English…


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Dear Tony,

I haven’t written in a while because I have had some of my own setbacks which I needed to deal with.

Setback. That doesn’t make my current project a failure. It doesn’t mean that I need to permanently restrict my activities or make drastic changes. It means exactly what it is. Set. Back. It usually means I need to take a few steps backwards, need to slow down, need to lie low for a little while. Need to regroup. It depends of the project, of course, but it usually…


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Coping with Trauma

Dear Tony,

I know you have some serious trauma in your past which you think about often. I do, too. The majority of people with mental illness do. How it affects our illness is difficult to understand.

Facing this has been difficult for me. Often it is difficult to think about. If I try to write or say precisely what happened I fall apart. I can only deal with little pieces at a time. Even now.

That does not mean I can't improve.

One serious issue is the guilt…


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Starting to Change

Dear Tony,

I know that changing things is very difficult. You just need to start something. Anything. Anything that you can do right now.

The first step is almost always the most difficult. Once you have started, you will be able to move on and go further. You will see more possibilities, more things that you can do. But just taking that first step is the most difficult.

Chances are you fuction better at certain times or in certain locations or under other very specific…


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Hello and Help... Am I a democrat or a republican?

  I don’t fit anyone’s political platform. If you can label me, more power to you. I try to write on many things. I often find it hard to convey a complete thought when writing, so it takes me a long time to write things; If you dont understand something I write please ask me to clarify and I will do…


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Just Let It Grow

       Perhaps it is just the lazy way out. I will admit to that much. I have a decent size yard. It isn’t an acreage but it isn’t a postage stamp yard like I see some places. My black Lab, Max, has enough room to roam the bushes of our back yard and chase an occasional squirrel that ventures out of the trees. We have four Live Oaks, two Dwarf Magnolias, two Post Oaks, three Crape Myrtles, a Redbud, and a Bradford Pear scattered along my perimeter fence. Mixed in…


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Learning to Heal

Dear Tony,

I have gone through some difficult periods myself recently. I would like to reflect on some of what I learned.

You need to fix your life as best as you can. Change is very traumatic at first. You need to have as much stability as possible before trying to change anything. Too much change can backfire quickly. Major changes involve an extended period of down time where you need to keep the rest of your life as stable as possible.

I tried to do too much, pushed…


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Dear Tony,

I know you are sick. I know that is very scary. I have been  there before.

Try to relax and calm down. Try to just rest at first. This  is most likely temporary. Your life will grow better in time.

When you  are sick, you need to heal. You need to relax and let both your body and your  mind heal yourself. No one can do that for you. People may be able to help you  with that, but you really need to heal yourself.

Healing is not the same  as treatment.…


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The Not Quite Stepmother Chronicles: Boundaries and Bullshit

We had another blow up last night.  At least once a month, we call her on her bullshit and she rages and storms and cries and stomps off.  This time, it was pay day and somehow not much money.  I made her father ask to see the paycheck stub, and physically pry money out of her hands.  She makes tips for pocket money, and still does not have to pay for any food or toiletries herself.  Still, somehow, she pisses away money faster than she gets it.  He got $150 out of $285, she cried about that…


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She's Sick

It’s been 34 months since we last spent the night in Providence Hospital, an enviable streak for the chronically broken among us. 

We busted the streak Wednesday.

Caregiver Nykkie came in that morning about 7 a.m. and rousted me from a deep sleep, from a sleep aided by one of the few mornings cold enough in central Texas to cool down my sheets.  It had been a good sleep.

Nykkie gently poked my bare shoulder and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think Marty feels…


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Dipping the old toe(s)

I was in a position where I couldn't access the internet daily . Also, some browser told me that my gmail was "redirecting" and then could never ever ever complete, or some such thing.

I figured I couldn't write anything and just let it lie there . What if I got a lovely comment or two and just wouldn't respond. I silently hoped that OS would revive itself. There is no reason, that so many of us might understand, why it had to flounder and then die( or "pass" as everyone now says as…


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Drama Detox, Deux

In the letting go and moving on, I have found myself rather bored.  This is not new and it is not particular to the recent situation.  My neurons have become habituated to the constant input, the influx of daily chatter, trauma, drama, gossip, complaint and lament.  My ear cells are still slightly strained to hear signals from my phone that a message has arrived, my eye cells tuned to scan the name of incoming texts and emails, my tensed muscles are letting go but still tightening here and…


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What is thankful about WAR?

Having been deployed on two twelve month tours to Afghanistan, a yearlong tour in Iraq, a few months in Kuwait and twenty six months in South Korea, I would say I have experienced a lot more than many other Americans with respect to freedom, how fortunate we are in the US and how [why] we put our lives on the line. I am not at all claiming I am an expert, but have unique experiences many people only read or hear stories about.…


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I'm trying to STOP

For years I've played mind games. 1, 2, 3, oops, 1, 2, 3, oops. Or, obsessing in the mirror over it. 

Counting. Messing up the count.

Staring. Always finding something else "wrong".

Feeling. All sorts of emotions, mostly anger after having done it. 

These are games I play, obsessive compulsive games.

I'm 33 and I still pull out my hair. 

Somewhere in all this time I've managed to stop, but I think it was when I was a kid and I was distracted.…


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Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing, Again.

The Time Has Come

Some of you may have noticed that I talk a lot. You may also have noticed that I have a tendency to wear a topic into the ground at times. What you may not have noticed is that there comes a time when talking is done, and it is time to do. That time has arrived,…


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It’s a contest, a test, a test of endurance.

Chronic illness is the supreme test of what a human can stand, what they can endure and still live a satisfactory life.  There is nothing fancy about it, nothing heroic about it; it’s persevering through the awful, hanging in through the grim, being dogged in living, and ultimately enduring what life brings.

Years ago one of our good friends father contracted cancer.  Our friend, as he watched his father endure chemotherapy,  said…


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Last Ride to Dalhart

We waited for the call, knowing it would come soon.  Thursday, Marty’s brother Jerry, called and said their mother, Jean, had passed away early that morning in her sleep.  Jean had been sick for a long time; Jean had a long trip home.

I waited for a while and told Marty about her Mom as we ate lunch. She knew it was coming, we had talked about what was going on, still the news clearly startled her.  The reality and the overall sadness of the loss of her mother came over her all at…


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Saying Goodbye to Dudlonna, Aborting an Alien Baby

I have been pregnant for over two years now. I was impregnated by my ex-husband and his wife. It’s not a typical pregnancy. Although I do get to feel it move, especially in the morning, but I don’t get any parties or get to set up a room with cute little baby stuff because this thing refuses to be born. It sucks the life out of me and a lot of nutrients, like iron and raises cortisol levels and causes lots of new…


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The Galveston "Soggy Gras" Half Marathon

The weather was calm and cool Sunday morning as I began my hour and a half drive to The Strand. I was imagining overcast or mostly cloudy skies and a sea breeze wind to cool my 13.1 mile run up and down the seawall. However--the weather of the last few days threatened rain, concerns of lightning might delay the start of the race, and I wondered what it would take to stop everything entirely—hoping that would not happen.

Mild drizzle turned to a moderate rain as I crossed the I-45…


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13(miles)x30: My first Half-Marathon

It was my birthday and I was slow to get out of bed as the grey morning light filtered through the gauzy curtains, but I had a promise to keep.

Alone in the house, I was in no hurry to get my running clothes together, but neither was I lethargic at the task. Today is the first day of Act II of the Life of Julia.  Eager, I am, to set the pace for the next thirty…


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