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4th of July 1963 2 of 3 Short Story

After awhile dad sat, even though more people packed onto the bus than got off --- a festive atmosphere --- en route to the parade. Self-consciously he left the cooler in the aisle next to him, more embarrassed whenever the bus jerked or swayed, clamoring the glass and cans inside. We shouldn't have packed the whole icebox, I thought he'd be thinking. Well we got downtown, and they were right, throngs of people hurried in a controlled rush. I waited until my…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

I leaned out through the gloss varnished walnut framed window, almost the mahogany color of the bow on a Criss Craft, resting my hands on the sunlit, green painted outer frame---some of the paint had a rougher, alligator feel. There was a steady breeze --- a summer wind --- out of the west, as a man on stilts walked by to hear me shout, "Hey!" and he heard me, looking up and waving as he adroitly began a zig-zag pattern holding his balance, yet able to…


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Problem Solving for Idiots (aka Trump Supporters)

I doubt that there has ever been a Trump appearance where some Trump supporter hasn't accused Obama of being born in Kenya.

It must get kind of embarrassing for them all to have such a poor grasp of geography (not to mention facts), so I have gone ahead and solved their problem for them.…


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The Denial of White / Straight / Centrist / Male / Judeo-Christian Privilege

Image result for privilege

Although I expect 99.999999% of the people who read this to go though denial/anger/"yeah, but they hit me back FIRST!" histrionics, unless you are an atheistic, female, true Progressive, LGBTQ, person of color, they have ALL benefited greatly from their privilege and will defend it to their dying breath.

There has been some great examples of this behavior recently right here.  There have…


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Where Jaws was Filmed

Bright red ankle skin shinned her alabaster legs, and the sun was white over here, here, high noon to the left over the beach. I fluffed the towel over her just-beginning-to-sting redness. You should know the girls and I sat knees up--now and again prone, relaxing on Navarre Beach. From our vantage the sun was to the left nearly centered. If you are on the internet you may wish to search elsewhere for beach images, maybe in Google images, and find…


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Sequential 4th of July 1963 09*JAN*09

We'd parked the burnt sienna '59 Chevy, the one with the cat's-eye tail lights, in the shade at the curb under an elm tree. The day promised to heat up, and we had decided to take a city bus ride to the Great Circus Parade rather than challenge the unknowns of a huge crowd and parking problems or risk walking on and on too far away. Our family's women usually made such decisions. Mom was pregnant, big for only five months, her mother was fond of saying.…


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LO;}ng Ago and Far Away (Vignette)

[LO;}ng Ago and Far Away (Vignette) (Sequential fiction—Stateside Vietnam Era a/k/a Resilient Nam Era Hippies a/k/a Leftover Nam Era Hippies—best read with thumb out and little finger out—surf’s up somewhere)}

Eden in the summer of 1967 may have been the center of the universe. You cannot disprove that and neither can I. The GOTUS had declared that the boys of America were old enough to kill but “not for voting”.

Mom and…


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Leaving the Purple House

Karpinsky and Dog stood catty-corner aside the intersection from the taking of the Purple House. Traffic was inordinately puzzled: a crescent shape of orange barrels and mesh construction barriers bowed from the corner, the traffic lights blinked amber, the alternated stop and go strings of cars crossing or turning the corners and wrecker crew vehicles exiting and retrying to park with most of the drivers rubbernecking at the demolition. Opposite corners…


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Minot+comments Perpetual Politics, Transient Flash Fiction

The problem is keeping your head above water for another four years... R&R ;-)


NOVEMBER 12, 2012 07:33 PM

Perhaps the rhyme ship sank

A rehearsal or reversal, blank

A word river sliver, nary contrary, non-iamb

A wordy shore&lore, tales&whales, dang logjam

Batten your trusses, yield your cusses,

Await, however late, soulful iambuses

J.P. Hart

NOVEMBER 13, 2012 01:34 PM

over here in the Minnesota House 60A, my…


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Road Trip to Thunder Bay Postponed

JULY 11, 2009 6:23AM

Road Trip to Thunder Bay, Postponed

RATE: 500

They weren't even careful pulling the piano through the front door toward the driveway. Though shrink wrapped and heavy side down on it's side, there is an indelicacy viewing the transitional taking away of something you don't want taken away.

I heard an F key as they tipped it on its side.

I wore a…


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Kept the Memory

JULY 7, 2009 8:20 AM

Just Sayin'

RATE: 100

We'd won big, bigger than we'd dreamed.

We left the campus, scaring the goats with one last obnoxious horn blast louder than all the road raging warriors dancing on exclamation points.

It-it'd not matter that we'd be tawdry, gypsyish, sunburned darker than planeloads up from Aruba, this was the endless summer: unplugged. Onpast the amusement parks, the bookstores sold out of Rolling Stone, the man on every other corner…


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River (Narcissistic Gleams)

Better minds than mine drew highways, painted lines, hammered bridges.

Perpetuity ends at your banks, O River, 0 mine River. You Great River.

Cattails, water grass, marsh, *lily*pads*wetland*life, guard your depths.

You accepted my faded boat: sun baked fiberglass, chrome cleats. I

poled mud /oar, bothered blue heron, your current remains dark. A

west wind challenges the bow. Paddled-poled, deeper; and press motor.

Stagnant smoke sacrilegiously…


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De-bubbled Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss, Raspberries

UGUST 1, 2009 5:19PM

De-bubbled Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss, Raspberries


and music.

It's said that there is New York City, the Windy City, Kansas City, and the City.

I salute you with love.

N says I can only write more today if I question lust being a sin. I saw a flying saucer again last night and whispered to N that I hope ya'll be home soon. I don't know if she heard me. Her eyes seemed to express rem sleep, so I left the room, sneaked two joints…


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Some Assembly Required (Eagle-Eye Flash Fiction J.P. Hart)

Marietta texts:

Circa line eleven (11) yours 10:37 AM should read '& the newspaper with a silver Red Bull' [sic] indicates your narcissism who the capF ever hurd of confusing 'I' with 'And' in a declarative narrative.

1) S.L.O.W. D-O-W-N

2) trim your nails this year?!

Go to the desktop.

"hello stranger!"

Good gawd you could see her…


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FOG 01 DEC 09

Fogged everything as the wet coyote sniffed toward the calico kitten strained-- a jackal on its leash strung from a Maypole worth of ribbons.

BAT SHUCKS CRAZY I yelled tasting the dank fog.

Later while still dark, he discarded his narrative critique of the Wrestler -- the angled 'snapshot standing on the ropes'. Inner-framed cynically, the 'voice over' soundtrack: Dionne Warwick…


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OS Salvaged Stuff OS

Hart will have maintained this blog for One-hundred-sixty-nine million, nine-hundred-forty-eight thousand, six-hundred seconds through 31 May 2014. Times two (roughly) deep in the Twenty-Fifteen.

******************************** ******************************** *************************************

A carpenter's level designs a calm…


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Cool Before It Was Green

Cool Before it Was Green

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God’s eyelid of darkness blinked, cooled and opened over rumbled silver cirrusclouds. Lightening reversed, oxygen bounced and sucked skyward, molten charred decay vanished. Wild horses galloped toward the circumhorizon arc, off the ground they seemed to fly --- toward another circumzenitral arc.

J’s TAG Heuer said 3:04 under three or four…


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Hot Sun

6 Flag

this short story was originally posted on Open Salon

September, 2009. It contains a boat.

Mofick tacked me, honor, he did tack me.

Gavel sounded hastily.

They struck me from behind I'd figured.

Dust heap. Dried blood out my nostril. Hold it.…


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Gloria's Morning Glory Manor

[3 FEB 2014 (two of two)

GMGM February 10 '14

Mar 19, 2015, 5:03 AM]

Pennie and Galahad have primed everything up pretty damn good throughout Gloria's Morning Glory Manor, Om considers.

Galahad is fetchin' up quite a so-labeled peppercorn range turkey- broasted deep fry for the party.

Lemon meringue and key lime pie.

Asparagus, egg…


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In The Art of the Deal, Trump counsels executives, CEOs, and other deal makers to “think big,” “use your leverage,” and always “fight back.”  When you go into a negotiation, you must begin from a…


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