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The 45th st. Cafe

It was in the cold, cold winter of 1982 that I claimed squatters rights to the corner booth. Fran, the owner only shrugged once at my assertion of ownership. Her shoulders were strong, she would have made a reasonable collegiate linebacker if it hadn't been for that being a girl thing, plus her never going to college. It had been nearly six months since I'd been frequenting the 45th st. Cafe on a daily basis. This entitled me status as one…


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The Cruel Twin of Circumstance

abstract His name is Baltasar.  It means, “God or Lord protect the King.”  He does not know why he was given this name since he has lived in poverty throughout his life. 

The twins have used him cruelly as a plaything for as long as he can remember.  His mother tries to protect him from them, but she might as well try to stop the moon from following the sun. 

Secretly, he has come to…


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Every family ends sometime. The McKim Family - 1948-2011

Last week, my husband lifted a corner of the the coffee table to look for a pen, and my favorite tile trivet slid onto the floor. One of the four corners snapped off.  He did not intend to break it; he simply was not thinking about the tile as he went after the pen.

The same way my sisters were not thinking about me when they decided to bury my mother before I could get from Wisconsin to Florida, where they and my mother…


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My Father's House

This was my father’s house.  He built it right up the street from the house that he grew up in.  That was Grandma Harp’s house. …


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My Mental Doppleganger.

title is true, but not what this blog is about.  this blog about stuff... reflecting on my foil character in life.. my doppleganger.  (I'll wait... I recommend merriam-webster).  so ya know, I've been grappling a LOT lately with: just who the kcuf am I?  ok yeah, I'm technically a Mormon (comments to yourself, please and thank you) and as much as I respect these people, I am "not" these people.  I'm looking at my little Mere bear thinking to myself, do I really…


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Chill Spanish Style

This is a wonderful hour of music. I used it as inspiration for my last story

and I know you will love it as well. Give a…


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Shaving the Cat (move & repost)

When Smudge first joined our family, her fur had been sadly neglected for a long time. Smudge is a dilute tortoiseshell, which means her coat contains a variety of colors when you look closely, including black, brown, pale apricot and white. In general she has an overall sooty gray appearance with spots of pink. Her fur is on the long side but she’s not much of a shedder. I can wear a black sweater, pick her up and cuddle her, and you’d never see any evidence of that. I consider that a bonus…


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How Smudge Adopted Us (move & repost)

January, 2009. We had driven across the country from New York to Washington for the second time in four months. The first trip was reconnaissance; we had rented an apartment sight unseen and packed a trailer and our pickup truck for the preliminary trip. If we liked the Puget Sound community we had set out for, we…


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