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The Bahamas Lotion - 11 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity listened to an odd eastern tonality, while she performed a few interesting chores for Avalon, like placing several boxes of Elony near the entrance of Avalon´s apartment, and ordering the various collections of her white, embroidered lingerie in a set of open drawers, which is how Avalon liked to display her clothes. She followed the sound and saw the source of it. Laid on top of one of the intimate clothing drawers, she picked up a device meant as a cell phone, one that looked like…


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Only the G.O.P. threatened by Tea-Party

It is only the G.O.P. that was ever threatened by the Tea-Party, never the Democrats.

(P.S. I’m an Indy)

This was further underscored in today’s congressional hearings where it was disclosed…


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WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday defended the Justice Department's secret examination of Associated Press phone records though he declared he had played no role in it, justifying the effort as part of an investigation into what he called a grave national…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 10 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity woke up refreshed around eight AM the next morning, listening to an Audubon Shearwater, a common tropical seabird found in the Bahamas, which she´d seen on the cover of a National Geographic magazine. She glanced at the lounge chair before her, looking for her washed jeans and loafers. She noticed her clothes had disappeared, taken by Lavia or Lidia most likely, and substituted by a thick, white cotton towel. The smell of scrambled eggs from across the room stirred her apetite. The…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 9 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity listened to the pleasant churping of the birds at the Hexas Style resort, a sound coming from outside the window of the accounting room. She peeked outside and saw a self standing fountain colonnade made with cream colored travertine, of six sculpted feminine figures depicting the maidens of Karyai, one of them streaming water intermitently into a rock basin filled with water. In front of the fountain, a…


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MY LETTERS TO POLITICIANS ---- Updates from me

Today, I sat here, in my room, pondering the meaning of life, wondering what I could do to make the world a better place to live, to change it on some small level, I decided to start a new project, a letter-a-day campaign, updates from me, to politicians.

I started today, this Monday, April 29th, by writing to the President of the United States.

I've written to him before and actually have gotten replies from him in letters sent to my home, mostly cease and…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 8 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity paid attention to the Imperial egg depicted on the painting on the wall of her room. According to an illustration below the egg, the egg was hollow, and unfolded into a screen of eight miniatures, made with ivory, each depicting a particular heaven. She was deeply attracted to the notion of creating a heaven through material items, somehow the thought of adults being able to live in harmony, turned her on tremendously, touching a delicate fiber of her spiritual nature, naked. She…


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Room 237 (2013) -- movie review

Rodney Ascher designed his documentary Room 237 for a small niche audience--movie aficionados who appreciate Stanley Kubrick. It could also appeal to English majors who enjoy the academic exercises requiring them to support a plethora of literary interpretations. Ascher collects a handful of…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 7 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity opened the window of the grey and cream A8 Marathon Checker taxi with checkerboard trim, built in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and stared at the giant sign announcing the name of the 'Decadent Leisure' resort owned by Cassandra Scafarel, 'Hexas Style Resort, Eleuthera Branch'. They had landed in the island of Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. The girls beside her giggled at the site of the naked sentinel at the entrance turret. The small tower was shaped as…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 6 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity and the girls took a taxi out of the Wyndham Nassau and Crystal Palace Casino, instructing the driver to leave them at the Fuzzy Bunny shop, in the area of Coral Heights East, south of Providence island, near the Bacardi Rum distillery.

"Let´s stop at the beach for a swim," said Cynthia. Clarity looked at the white sand and the blue water, and nearly accepted, but she convinced the group to go to the shop first. The woman at reception was stern, her face serious, her…


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Olympus Has Fallen, a Movie I Attended, But Did Not See

Recently, I went to see “Olympus Has Fallen”.  I think it was a good movie, but I’m not sure, and shortly I’ll tell you why.

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the plot involves an attack on the White House.  The premise is somewhat believable and the movie is interesting because the terrorists are so audacious that everyone is…


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Remembering Roger Ebert

Even when the news came that Roger Ebert's cancer had returned, he still put on a brave front and looked toward the future. Despite announcing that he would have to cut back on his movie reviews, he still hoped to continue writing and was launching a…


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Roger and Me

I just learned that Roger Ebert has passed on. Ironic since only yesterday he had publicly posted how he was taking a "leave of presence" to enter a new stage in his life that would no longer require him to crank out movie reviews or keep strict publishing deadlines. He was looking forward to this.... but perhaps he was…


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Hitting Publish – My Year of Living Dangerously

It was one year ago that I wrote my first blog post. I’d invite you all to an awkward first birthday party but I don’t know how to bake a virtual cake. Though I could probably figure out a virtual piñata of sorts.

All of this was really a grand experiment to see if I could stick to ANYTHING for a whole year so, from that perspective, it’s been a success. I said I’d post something, good or bad (no comments please) every week for a year and by God I did. So Yay…


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Is the Book Always Better?

The answer to my headline is "Yes, the book is always better than the TV or movie adaptation," we all know that.  Books offer more detail, they allow the reader to see the actual thoughts of the characters, and they spark the imagination far more…


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Mosh Pits And Incontinence – Recapturing Youth

I’ve been fortunate to have accidentally lived in certain cities during their heydays. In the 1980’s I was in Silicon Valley and San Francisco for the high tech and new wave music boom. 1990’s it was Seattle for Microsoft and the grunge movement.

I’m not sure exactly which…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 4 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity looked at the luminescent hands of her swiss-made watch, a fine-brushed, polished steel Aquaracer from Tag Heuer with scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a gift from Cynthia for her twenty third birthday in Malibu, sealing their friendship. It was nearly two thirty AM on the north side of the island of New Providence in Nassau, and they had finished their dinner inside the limousine, playing mahjong among themselves with a set Knocke had provided, while the head of Elony security…


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  • FOOC 21 Mar 2013: The Black Cowboy…


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