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Ever Wonder Why I Hate Christians?

Stephen Anderson is a Baptist minister.  He is not just a Christian, but is the LEADER of like minded Christians with a congregation well into the hundreds and a "following" of many, many more.  

He extensively quote the "holy" bible and his "sermons" have been translated into over 115 languages and have been down loaded over 8,000,000 times!



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Mullet-Americans Seen as Crucial Swing Votes This Fall

HOXIE, Arkansas.  This town in Northeast Arkansas is drawing an unusual amount of attention for this fall's elections with the announcement by the Department of the Census that it has become the mean center of the nation’s mullets, a hairstyle that is short in the front and long in the back.…


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Rape or Consent? Part 4 Guest Post: Yes Means Yes vs. No Means No

CampusClarity Blog:

California’s New Consent Law: Yes Means Yes vs. No Means No

Posted by Karen Peterson On Wednesday, October 1, 2014…


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Inter-generational Sororicide

I've read the heady defenses of Ms Steinem's and Ms Albright's remarks, the layers over layers of vicious misogyny HRC's overcome in order to serve...and it's all spot on...and I also know that nothing she has fought for, nothing with which she's contended and beaten back justifies the assumption that she is entitled to the presidency. That I will vote for her does not keep me from knowing that women…


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Happy New Moon in Pisces

Posted by Phyllis on March 17, 2018 at 2:54pm 2 Comments

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Anna Herrington on March 17, 2018 at 8:30am 19 Comments

In other news...

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