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Freedonian Choir Has Hit With "Songs of Romantic Remorse"

ZLOTNGYSBJZ, Freedonia.  This industrial city is often referred to as the “Liverpool of Freedonia” because of the number of famous musicians who have plied their trade here before moving on to bigger venues in the nation’s capital, Dronskvb.

Freedonian Idol Season #2 Winner Nilo der Vrsdorfk


“Music is in our hearts, also in our spleens,” says Doron “Tony” Vlazchjk, a booking agent.  “Still, there has been no Freedonian Invasion of America as…


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Of walls and more walls

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Yesterday, I was heading to the post office from my office via my usual short cut. I was in a rush to get there before it closed.

Suddenly, I noticed a shiny new black iron fence in front of me. There was no way around it. I had to walk two blocks out of my way to get to where I wanted to go.

It was obvious why that fence was there.

In recent years, that area has had a lot of homeless encampments. Someone in their infinite cluelessness…


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How Would Trump/Ryan Care Affect You, Compared to Obamacare? Find Out in Detail Using These Sites.

This is from a daily resistance email, Rogan's List. 


The Kaiser Foundation provides an interactive way for us to see how the proposed health plan would compare to the ACA for our own situations: …


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Thought For the Day - 9 March 2017 [update]

It's Thursday, so BLS releases the weekly unemployment number. It's increased 20,000 poor souls. The Kim Jong-Don effect has set in. Sugar high, depression crash. Which got me to thinking about some other dots that appear to be connected.

The first dot. Bannon is an avowed Leninist, not to be confused with Marxist. You can visit the Wiki for all the details you might want. The motivating thrust of Bannon, though, is quite specific. He intends, and has already put into motion, the…


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Behind Enemy Lines With the Parachute Cat Corps

Thomas De Quincey’s elder brother William succeeded in some attempts at bringing down cats by parachutes.

                                              The Life of Thomas De Quincy, Malcolm Elwin

Image result for cat parachute

As I looked around the hold of the Puss in Boots, I realized I might be spending my last moments with my buddies Okie, Chester and Chewie.  We were cats on a mission; to drop behind German lines and insinuate our way into the hearts and…


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razor shadow vagina

This table, this table, and chairs, I bought when the second invasion of Iraq was still fresh and fun.

2003-ish, Montgomery Ward closeout sale. Many children have no memory of Montgomery Ward ya know. Table and three chairs. The chairs were available individually and three people in the family. On a budget we was and fuck the guests anyway,…


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My poor snowdrops - they came out on schedule for Imbolc at the beginning of Feb, when a 2-ft dump of snow finally started to melt, but then another 18 inches came down and they were buried again for a couple of weeks.  They were out again a few days ago, kinda despondent and stunted, and now another couple of inches have re-buried them.

Someone on a local Facebook group suggested that we locals should use our snowed-in time to do some art.  He led the way with a crude (in technique)…


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Incident At Utsune Bridge

Why do we do it? Where does the madness come from? Is there hidden madness in everyone?…


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Oscar Stunner — How Pleasant Run of the Mill Show Turned Into Nightmare For Announced Winner

Got to start with the appropriate lead in a review about a show sometimes fun, but never great, had an acceptable host with occasional clever bits, didn’t have big surprises for most of the awards, including announced winner La La Land for Best Picture.

Co-presenter Warren Beatty seemed to toy with the crowd as he fiddled with the card, which he then showed to Faye Dunaway, who…


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the oscar shmoscar snoozeorama ends with a bang

I thought the oscars started our really great - I had hope.  the timberlake bit was upbeat and kimmel was funny, but for me, the weight of all the faux glory and ultra self congratulation and pretension began weighing it and me down so I fell…


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We Walk with Poetry Every Day

I haven't been around here much lately. For the last year, as far as writing goes, I've been gathering poems for a second collection and getting them ready to be seen. It's time. We Walk with Poetry Every Day is now available for Kindle and in print. …


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Whether It Is True or Not

Time Passes; Love Endures

I enjoy looking at the original art that some of present company put up for viewing here. I do not think that I have been oppressive in putting up samples of the Resident Artist, Susan Creamer Joy’s work. In fact,…


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At the Preppy Headband Surgicenter

WELLESLEY FALLS, Mass.  It’s a quarter to 8 in the morning in this leafy suburb of Boston, and Washington Street–the main artery that takes commuters to the Massachusetts Turnpike–is bumper-to-polite-bumper.  “It’s a traffic jam, but one with good intentions,” says Dr. Fletcher Whipple as he makes a right turn and heads to the parking lot of the medical office building where he practices.

Image result for preppy headband

Starter set

We take the elevator to his outpatient surgery center,…


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The Distinguished Guest

Yesterday, I was honored, or (where I work) we were all honored to be in the presence of a distinguished guest, John W Franklin. He was at our worksite for the final program in Black History month, about the new NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE.

But even more distinguished…


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Fish and Eagle


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A Brief Note to the Baby Boomers Among Us

Under the aegis of the Trump administration, we are becoming the enemy that our parents and great grandparents fought two World Wars to defeat.

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Die Lieder Ist Cuckoo [update]

Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.

-- Kim Jong-Don/2017

It's got to go.  Repeal and replace with something terrific.

-- Kim Jong-Don/2015

[update 7 March 2017]

well, if one reads up on the Right's Replacement, we see the usual result:  the 1% are pampered and the rest are punished.  will the uneducated, unskilled, unemployed angry white folks who voted for billionaires and against their own self interest figure out they were scammed?  or will they…


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Blood Money

OK, so here's the deal: the drug industry (legal ones, that is) is near the top of the list of noxious parasites on the economy. In recent days, one member of that clan, Gilead, has been getting static from the investor class about its less than stellar financial performance. Gilead is a major player in HIV. It was also the lead participant in HepC; the source of the ~$84,000 "cure", several of them.

That marketing started a few years ago, but revenue has waned some in the last year…


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Rocking the Porch

Ralph Steiner 1930

For Rita, and anyone else who wants to pull up a…


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25th Amendment Might Provide Solution To Rid America Of Trump

In light of the wild, weird press…


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A Senryu For The Masses

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Earliest Color Videotape

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Get Your Boogie Down!

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