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How Much Might Petraeus Have Leaked?

Author's note: The following disclaimer is intended for the right-leaning reader, who may believe that analyzing the behavior of a highly decorated American military leader is akin to wrapping a healthy Caucasian infant in a gasoline-soaked American flag and setting the bundle aflame...while dressed like a Taliban guy.

My views are focused solely on the behavior of a man outside his workplace. I would never question the sacrifices he bore…


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Second Inaugural Redux

Imagine if President Obama were to deliver these words during his Second Inaugural Address:

On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil war … While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war,…


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Are Washington Republicans Starting to Look a Little Desperate?

Instead of slipping off with their party’s leadership to a clandestine retreat, looking to regroup after their recent thumping at the polls, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are looking foolish by continuing the right’s obsession with bringing down the Obama administration.

There have been several OS…


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Welcome to California... Becoming a fiscal conservative state?

  Based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, California has an unemployment rate hovering around 10.5%. According to, California is ranked number 1 in the US with the highest sales tax 7.25%; coupled with…


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Vintage Meaning in Modern Times, Thanksgiving


 At Thanksgiving, an empty table can be filled.


Celebrating with friends and family is a joy that comes into your life, sometimes as a learned experience. If you did not come from a celebration loving family, you might not even know what you could be missing.

Today we have experienced a change in how families interact. Couples might live farther away from their parents, distance making it difficult to meet for celebrations. There might be a pattern…


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In Pairs

While fanning through the exterior hard drive yesterday looking for another, I encountered this photo. I may have previously put it up somewhere. Again, I know that real photographers do not speak about their work, the photographs of real photographers having the ability to speak for themselves most eloquently. My vanity requires that you know that I know…


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Reason #1: Why I Self-Published

When I was 23, I landed one of the top literary agents in the business.

He handled Big Ones in the book world, scoring huge deals and deeply ensconced in the movie industry, and I was ten levels of atmosphere beyond giddy. I’d gone through the slushpile and had a partial requested, sent off the partial and got a request for a full. Not long after that, my phone rang. He asked how many books I had written, and when I said five, he said that he wanted a copy of every single one. I sent…


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A Notebook, Woody Allen, & a Mean Assed Muse

I lost my notebook. It is my free-write notebook that no one should read. I write three pages in the morning before coffee. It has dream fragments, failure fears, attempts at belief... it begs for the muse to show up and then curses her for an uncooperative attitude.

I have a drawers of new notebooks because the grocery store across the street went out of business. Most people standing in check out had cartloads of food. Mine had Starbucks half pounders and…


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Understanding Dad


On November 23rd it will be 21 years ago since my father died. He had suffered a good portion of his life from a very rare bone disease that left him with brittle bones that would break at the slightest movement. He once broke a collarbone participating…


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Tango for Dummies



Kids, I tell them every so often, every day has something to offer:


·         Occasionally, you’re struck by beauty, small beauty with a big B, something I call life poetry, and those are times when you’re just glad to be alive at that very instant.

·         Sometimes it’s a laugh, or maybe just a smile flinching on your lips…


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Quick Apple Cake

This simple, buttery apple cake is from the Richard Sax' cookbook Classic Home Desserts: A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes from Around the World, published in 1994.  It is called "Ligita's Quick Apple Cake" and of it he says:

"Stick a bookmark right here, and leave in…


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In Defense of My Having a Religion - repost from elsewhere to answer recent comments

This is a repost from OS. I'm reposting it because I got a pair of comments on my last post, one from Kenneth and the other from Zanelle, saying that the existence of organized religion is a negative. I happen to have written an answer to that point of view recently (September, I think), so here it is.

This post actually has been in more than one place in different form. After I wrote it, I sent it to my senior rabbi (my Temple has two) in case he found it interesting. A day or two…


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Mitt Romney: The face of Mormonism ... and they're OK with that?!

So Mormons finally get their long-awaited moment in the national spotlight and Mitt Romney is the best crumb they can throw us? If I were a Mormon (oops, I am!) I would be ashamed that the modern opinion of my faith has been shaped by Mitt Romney, whose policies and actions are so patently questionable, oppressive, anti-equality, anti-Democratic and plutocratic, they border on immoral. In fact, what exactly are those much-touted characteristics propagandists use to portray him as…


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"Sweet Jesus! White People Dumb as Shit!"


While this was posted elsewhere not a month back, it's among my favorite pieces and I'd like to see if it resonates here. Too, I will have no office here at home tomorrow; some renovations scheduled, so I may not respond to your comments for a day or so.



This Halloween night we watched Lon Chaney's 1931 classic Frankenstein. (A Jewish Monster? Well, Okay. He does derive from the classic Yiddish…

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A meditation on family at Thanksgiving: it's not Ward and June Cleaver

We are babysitting for the granddaughter today and preparing for our Florida trip tomorrow to visit my son and his family. Family stuff.

Meanwhile, it appears that my nephew might be missing in California. It's a big state and my sister is frantic and I am not frantic but am worried. I think that some of his associates are sketchy. My sister is filing a police report.

Thanksgiving--my mind goes to Thanksgiving, 1974, when my mom died after a short bout with cancer. I say short…


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Diving Off A Short Pier

Last Spring it was incredibly warm. I'm not talking about 40 degree heat after having had light snow fall and everyone starts putting shorts on. It was nearly 80 degrees. This particular month was the warmest on record. In fact, in April the temp went back to normal. 

I walked into…


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I believe...

I've been having a back-and-forth with an old friend and class salutatorian by way of the illustrious Facebook. He is the born-again evangelical type who attended Oral Roberts University then quickly spiraled into drugs and alcohol. He is 31, single and doesn't want to be, overweight and fighting it, and with a degree in marketing, tries to sell insurance over the phone. I worry about him. Of the four of us friends, the top four students of our class, he is the only one who is visably,…


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Rooting for Notre Dame Despite the Naysayers

I jumped on the Notre Dame bandwagon because my brother-in-law is an alumnus and one of my sister's favorite movies is…


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A Poem Inspired by Daylight Savings Time


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saving the world, one photo at a time?

DSC_0488 (5)

Another gorgeous, blue-sky morning, the world dipped in frost.

DSC_0490 (5)

By the time I nipped out, it was melting.…


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