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Jake's Rib - Two


“You boy's better get some shorts on before your Ma gets down here with lunch.” Pa shouted at the four of us from the end of the dock. We had all stripped naked on the porch and ran down to let the cool pond do it's work and revive us. The warm sun felt good as we stretch out bare…


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It took three trapped men 16 days to die at Pearl Harbor

[I first heard this terrible story in the early days of the Internet, probably pre-Google, from a newspaper colleague.  She covered the Navy at the time and had heard it from one of her sources.  I wanted to research it and write it up for our paper.  My colleague gave me her blessing to do it, but her source had shipped out.  I went to the Internet and found nothing.  There were stories about the USS Oklahoma, on which sailors trapped for 24 hours were rescued, but nothing on the USS…


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Santa Monica


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A Misunderstanding ~ OS Weekend Fiction

Romance is easily misunderstood.  As a pimply bassist for a poor, pseudo punk band when punk was young, he was barely on his own and just wasn’t used to it.  The decrepit VW van crammed with his stuff that served as his home was usually parked in the drummer’s garage and he was lucky to have that.

A scruffy crew playing oddly assembled Alt Rock styled originals, their sound was a peculiar mash up akin to what would become Grunge,…


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all saints

okay: went to mass.

and my brain was flooded.

as were my eyes.

it had been a while.

tonight all saints??

the service was nice.

there was a candle lit for my mom.

we get to bring it home

and light it again at Christmas.

i found the experience jarring

but would have felt like shit

had i not gone.

also, it was the first time in nearly a year

my sister and i embraced or even…


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Waiting In Line To Register At The Clinic

Went to the clinic today to pre-register for eye surgery next Tuesday. Whew! What an ordeal! I was there for hours so I borrowed a pencil, some paper and a clipboard and drew this to help occupy the time.…


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The importance of gaining self-acceptance

The importance of coming to a point of genuine self-acceptance: I'm getting there, at age 68, it's about time! For me, self-acceptance means...

*Accepting my feelings. They come and go, I am not in control of them, but I am in control of how I express them, for example whether I yell in anger or not.

*Accepting my own judgments about a multitude of things, while being open to the reality…


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Taking pictures that are more than what the camera captures.

Taking good pictures is a triumph of mind and intent and has very little need to be concerned about technique or equipment. That follows when you need it. Technique or equipment doesn't make good pictures, people's minds and creativity do.

There are all sorts of 'Rules' of photography or 'Guidelines' if you prefer but they are, in general, sort of silly reductions of what physiologists and…


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My Unacknowledged Childhood

Susan Mary Patten and British ambassador Duff Cooper carried on a six-year affair during which she had a son by him, which neither acknowledged.

          Moira Hodgson, review of American Lady by Caroline de Margerie, Wall Street Journal

“Baby?  What baby?”


The other kids think it’s great that my parents don’t acknowledge me, and it’s fun–don’t get me wrong–but sometimes it’s a bother.  I remember in the…


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When I refused the draft in 1969. or The wrath of the lamb.

Photos, video and cited Wikipedia cribbed notes are not mine, all narrative…


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Uninvited Guest* Annexed

Uninvited Guest* Annexed


We are seated on opposite sides of ottoman,

Brother and sister,

long history of knowledge tenderness contention attachment,

sharing glances psychological plotting.

The uninvited guest plops down between us

large foreign hand touches both our thighs

We look beyond to each other

The intruder senses our bond


knows where we belong

but must go separately

Far away…


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The Naughty Professor Checklist


You probably know a grown-up who has recently gone back to school. Enrollment in degree granting institutions has increased 37% in the past 10 years. As the economy shrivels and sputters, adults turn to school…


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The Flock

Hey, Grace, didja see the flyers all over the place about the Reynolds girl gone missing?” Duke flipped his brim to the back and adjusted his belt below his belly before straddling the stool at the corner of the counter.

“Yeah, Phil said him and the other guys over’t the sheriffs’re headed up to the park right now to check for her there. She goes out on the dock on the south side of the lake to draw.” Grace slid the…


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I Know the Beast Who'll Take Me

I know the beast who’ll take me.

I know his name though he was, and still is, but a shadow of himself.…


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Facing Parkinson's Disease

The gods are crying—really, they’re urinating—on 405 freeway. Rubber chafes glass, like a metronome, as my husband asks, “Babe, is there a faster speed on your windshield wiper setting? I can’t see.” He drives in the slow lane as cars fly by us. A white Mercedes in the carpool lane hydroplanes and does a 360. My mom ducks so she doesn’t have to look out the window. Then she starts crying and hyperventilating. My father sits up front in the passenger seat and says, in his Kor-English (English…


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High Season

So now we enter the “high season.” Those from the north, Canadian and American, who winter in San Miguel are arriving--those who have not yet been intimidated from…

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TRUE story - Internet love

John and Jennifer: Picture date - 2001

The year was 2001. As a divorced single father raising my 3 children, I worked in an all male unit in the military. Work began for me at 4:30 am when the alarm went off for me to…


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1967 – The Prodigal Son Breaking and Entering, Heavenly Yeast Rolls and My Day as a Football Hero,_1642%29.jpg

My luck had changed and after the old man dropped me off in Columbus, I caught a ride straight through to Houston with a young fellow from UT who was on his way to a Thanksgiving dinner with his family in Galveston.  We shared a joint along the way and he graciously went a bit out…


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A Day in Da Life of a Nutcracker Ticket Scalper

Professional ticket scalpers have moved in on the Boston Ballet’s annual Christmas performance of The Nutcracker.

                                                       The Boston Globe…


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Guest Post: Obama and "The Fear of the Capable Black Male"

Originally posted by Francesca Biller on Open Salon, NOVEMBER 5, 2012 .
Francesca Biller
Obama and "The Fear of the Capable Black Male"…

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