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You to can customize your Our Salon page... It's easy Pleasy.

I've spent most of today designing and redesigning graphics to fit my page, and I think I am done for now. You can't change the , "Our Salon" thing so you just have to work around it, (not a problem.) As far as the Header goes, if you can't make it your self you can always get one free off the…


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On Getting Birthday Stuff

Well I cruised through another birthday last Saturday.  It was just another day.  When you get all grown up that’s what they become, “just another day.”  I remember when I was a child how much I loved to have that special day.  Folks made such a big deal out of it with parties, special meals, and presents.  As a greedy little snot, I particularly liked the free stuff.

My birthdays weren’t spectacular, but occasionally they were memorable, usually because of the stuff I received. …


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Beautiful Nothing - The First Time I Hit Rock Bottom

My brother and sister in law, Brian and Kim,  got married in a small ceremony at their downtown Chicago townhouse in 2004.  It was just family and a couple friends. About a year later, they had a large ceremony in my sister's  home town (she is my sister-in-law but I call her my sister because she is the closest thing I have to one and I love her dearly). We were at the Grand Bear Lodge in Ottawa, IL. 

I was one of the bridesmaids, proud I was the only one who could fit into the tiny…


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The Myth of Male Dominance

As the days shorten and the nights grow colder we know that it is time to turn our stallion in to the same pasture as the mares. We can do this because during the Winter the mares stop cycling and therefore have no want nor needs for the Stud’s services. This is a big help to us because they are easier to feed during the cold months when they all occupy the same pasture. Unfortunately it is not so easy on poor Billy, our Quarter-horse stallion.

In a few weeks we will re-introduce him…


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I sit here in my front room, in the only chair in the room, a rocker my youngest daughter gave me, and I look at this last 17 years that surround…


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My Father's House

This was my father’s house.  He built it right up the street from the house that he grew up in.  That was Grandma Harp’s house. …


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Soul Retrival - 2

Second section of my book.  Note - this ain't autobiographical.

Willow announced that the registration table had closed; no more people were expected and the big front gates were swinging shut.

She said she was now going to take us all on a tour of the grounds and then prep us for what was going to happen this evening. She herded…


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dreamstime_xs_11923325 *
As my husband and I plan for our annual migration south, we inhale the beauty of Autumn in New England. We buy apples and mums and fresh cider. We place a pumpkin on the front steps and we sit on the deck in the late afternoon enjoying some local wine. It is our favorite time of year. We will not leave it until it is over.  …

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The Dawn slips in



we slide lower…


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The Best Fishing Trips

I've been fishing for King Mackerel and  Cobia, bottom fished in the gulf stream, fly fished in the Ozarks and the Ouchitas, and the Smokies, and fished for trout on the White River and the Norfork.  I was a tournament bass fisherman for a time on lakes all over Arkansas.  But the best time I have had has been fishing with my daughters and  granddaughters for bream.

I learned to fish dangling a worm on a line tied to a cane pole sitting on a rock ledge in the Ozarks where I grew up. …


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I, Drogun

My brothers remain bound in the pits.   I have cried out for them to join me as I roam freely in this world.  For me there is no shortage of meat and ash.  With each new sun, my domain grows further beyond the reach of the Mother and my imprisoned…


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Strawberries Come First ~ Erotic Fruit Yoga

las fresas are always first
honey heavy breathing, silk almond milked sighs seeping
leaving glazed fig colored thighs weeping
gasps and grapes exchanged
sheer shirts and tart flirts, as usual, blamed
for raspberry mouths, smiling, bitten, stained

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Pavlov's Bloggers

originally published Sept. 22, 2012 on Open Salon

I ask that people who comment on my blog do two things:

1. Stay civil. Actually, almost all of them do, almost 100% of the time, for which I'm grateful.

2. Respond to what the post actually says, not what they think it might be about based on the title and a couple of key words. In other words, actually read the post before commenting.…


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The Last Hurrah

THE sun slid slowly behind the desert sky

as the old man, tired after walking on the beach

found a seat to rest his weary bones

today, this day, he had been on this earth for 80 years

he had children, who had children, who had…


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Out of Rhythm

It’s all about rhythm baby.  It’s about the rhythmic, every day ebb and flow of life, it’s about being in the stream, the every day, everything happening around you life.  When you are in it, getting up, driving to work, coming home from work, you got life’s rhythm with the masses.  When you are out of rhythm, when you are out of the mainstream it’s like dancing alone.

When you are chronically ill or caring for the chronically ill you develop your own rhythm, too often separate and…


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Gaia's Blues


Sculpture by Jeff Chapman-Crane, photo used with permission.  My…


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Bastard Child Of Where I'm From


Bastard Child Of Where I'm From

i am from candle's whisper

sandalwood mingled with blood



Added by lorianne on September 22, 2012 at 10:48am — 11 Comments

One last push, or listening

"hear me" they say
   men, all
"listen to my ideas before they are gone"
"i am here, I exist!"
   i am going...
not sure where, when, or what this is all about
but can feel the leaving
the passing
   I want to cling
   to you, to life, to every second
   but it's gone
   I think and it's gone

Added by Hyblaean~ Julie on September 22, 2012 at 12:30am — 5 Comments

Let My People Vote

Let My People Vote

© Surazeus

2012 09 21

When Americans tried to vote,

Let my people vote!

Old regressives snarled and said no,

Let my people vote!

Stand in line on election day,

Let my people vote!

Touch the glass screen to mark your say,

Let my people vote!

Go down, Obama, way down in America,

Tell old regressives to let my people vote!

We want to choose our President,

Let my people vote!

We bow to no…


Added by Surazeus on September 21, 2012 at 5:30pm — 3 Comments

A Voice for Syria’s People: Lakhdar Brahimi


I don’t know how we dare look away ...

Hold in mind the tiny ones ...

I could share my own words here to speak for Syria ... as I have tried to do on Open ... but better words ... clearer words ... far more knowing words ... are available from the one who has stood up to work for peace there.

If you know very little about what is going on in Syria, take a moment to listen to him ... because he will help you, I think, to begin to…


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