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In Defense of My Having a Religion

originally published Sept. 17, 2012 on Open Salon

It's being Rosh Hashanah, religion is on my mind today. (Also in ways that aren't in my post, such as that today's Torah portion is about a father who almost sacrifices his son. I would not have passed that test, but I lost him anyway. Sometimes there is no ram in the bushes.)

I’ve read a whole lot on OS about how “religion” is to blame for everything. Here’s what I…


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Regrets? I've Had a Few


Events of the times are shutting me down.  For nearly three years now I have been spilling my story like a dental patient on nitrous oxide.  My not-so-easy childhood, my adventures as an adolescent and a young adult, my heartbreaks and heartaches.  I have tried to describe the most satisfying element, motherhood without creating toothaches and nausea for my readers.

I’ve bared my soul and gone where very few of you would dream of going. My writing, when it is applied to my…


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The Roar Of Silence

It is picture day tomorrow in grade two and my mother is getting me ready by washing my hair. I am leaning over the sink kneeling on the green padded chair that matches the Formica kitchen table and I am screaming. I always screamed when she washed my hair; she scrubbed so hard with the rubber brush bought from the Fuller Brush man. Silencing my screams did not lessen her tension on my scalp, the water to rinse so hot. It felt as though my…


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Senility and Black Dogs

I’m not a sociologist, psychologist, or “old person expert”, by any means.  I’m simply a guy trucking down the road of senior citizenry at a pretty brisk pace.  I’ve seen it coming, just like you see a curve in the road looming up ahead of you, but even so, I don’t think I was prepared to take the curve.  However, I’m holding on tight and squealing through the curve.  No doubt I’ll come out the other side all in one piece.  It’s the realization that you can’t take ‘em like you used to which…


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Our Lives Are Lived In Moments.

I found out that a classmate of mine from High School passed away last week.  I haven’t seen him since graduation some 42 years ago, but I remember him quite vividly.  He was smart, funny and kind and he was the best Conrad Birdie in our adaptation of Bye Bye Birdie. His last name started with a G, mine with an H, so we shared a homeroom all through high school. He could always make me laugh which always started my day out with a smile.

He died doing the things he loved and he was…


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Collision Course: Islam and the West

Over on Open Salon, someone asked me to comment on an article about the relative numbers of Islamic demonstrators compared to the total population of Islam. 

It was a good piece:

But it instigated the following comment:

The numbers of…


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ChicagoTeacher Strike Ain't Over

Sunday afternoon, the Chicago Teacher’s Union House of Delegates defied the predictions of their own leadership and decided that teachers would stay on strike.


The phrase “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” comes to mind.


An hour after the Delegate decision, the grand myth of Rahm Emanuel as the evil puppet master who controls all backroom deals took a hit as Emanuel turned not…


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Fruit Erotica (Safe Bet's Amy's Challenge)

“Melon” was too crude to describe them, but her breasts did call out for a certain rounded, firm, soft, sweet acclimation of my admiration.  I concealed my swelling urge, but I could not peel my gaze from their gentle heaving with each breath, the peach fuzz of her perfect skin shining, then disappearing, in dawn’s light as she exhaled.  Did I dare desire this plum of a woman?  Or deny emotion, leaving love, devotion, and strident desire to rot on the vine like fall’s last grapes? She…


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my daughters story

Every year for the past 11yrs sept comes around and I cant help but to relive every moment of every day of the biggest, unbeknownst best, month of my life. Im gonna jump back to aug 18th 2001 real quick, that was the day my baby turned 3days old. We were all at a wedding reception, my fiance bff and many others. Things were very weird and I knew something was off but I was hormonal so I shrugged it off. After the reception ended everybody wanted to go to the bar. I tucked the kiddos in and mom… Continue

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Long Awaited Birth


The long wait each year

 visibly appears


slowly she unfolds

size small

Shyly she reveals her laces…


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Is Outcome Based Reform of Government Programs Achieveable?

Sunday morning on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” a panel discussed poverty, an issue that hasn’t gotten much talk since Lyndon Baines Johnson was in the White House.  Several reasons for silence about the subject were put forth including the vilification of the poor during the Reagan administration when an archetypal character, the Welfare Queen, was put forth as representative of all of those on government assistance.  This caricature of the poor was particularly bad because…


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Safe Bet Amy's Erotic Fruity Word Yoga Challenge. (I need to catch my breath)

We made a date. 

Staring into her blueberry irises, I slowly removed her clothes.

Her cheeks were downy as kiwi and gold as quince. 

In the chill air I watched as her full grapes changed to lovely raisins. 

Slowly kissing her body I tasted notes of blackberry, currant and pomegranate.

Eventually, I tasted the sweetness of her dewberry.

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Neil of ’76 - A Friendly Message to the 14 Year Old Me

You sit in the kitchenette of the in-law suite that was your room in Mentor, Ohio at the kitchen table from back in Euclid where you were born, at an electric typewriter that your sister had acquired for the house when she had taken lessons, I guess, I’m a little fuzzy.

You’re 14 years old, you’re gay but in the closet because it’s 1976 (The Bicentennial!!!) and you live in the…


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everybody loves the animal control officer

everybody loves the animal control officer

Remember my brother, the animal control officer? He’s hijacked this blog a a few times before, once when he issued a Notice of Violation to a red tail hawk, another…


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If I Had the Words

I would tell you that it was not placing the DNR on my husband that made me cry it was the memory it brought back of placing my beloved son on one.

I would have told you there has been no love for this man who abused me for a very long time.…


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The Fig is a Very Secretive Fruit ( Fruit Yoga )


But I…


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Picking Up Seashells~

I'm walking hand in hand with my love

down a deserted beach, picking up sea shells

When I'm startled out of my dream

I look over at the machines and tubes

hooked up to my love, watching over her

she looks so pale, my love

and so small, my…


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Sunday Morning on Almosta

It is just after daylight when I ventured out onto the front porch with cup of coffee in hand.  A wash of cool damp air greets me, fog hanging low and last night’s rain dripping from the eves of the house.

The old thermometer hanging from the wrought-iron porch support tells me it is a mere sixty degrees, a sure sign that Summer is finally losing its steely grip on the land. The ides of September brings promise of change and I suddenly feel it in my bones.

I step back inside…


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The Gallery Of Unfinished Art

Life is not pretty here in the Forbidden City. We live our life in daily chains, longing for the free world our aching eyes may view but never enter. Deep inside every soul lays the dream of Eden, where time is never wasted. Some call it magic to…


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It's About More Than Test Scores

Over the last week I have been thinking a lot about the Chicago Teacher's strike; I suppose it's normal for one's ears to prick up at a teacher's strike when one  works in Education. Then today I heard a fascinating report on NPR's This American Life, which will repeat tomorrow and is well worth a listen. It's all got me turning over in my mind how school districts might go about tying teacher evaluations…


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