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I'm Just a Sweet Transvestite...

1977, Polk Street, San Francisco.
I attended one of the initial west coast midnight showings of the film with my friend who opted to skip her high school graduation ceremonies in lieu of that crazy night in SF. The audience was raucous, many in costume, and involved. It was glorious.
I have lots of memories from that wild night, but for now I just want to pay tribute to a great film that quickly became a cult…

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A journey up into the 100 acre woods

In between looking around and taking all the photos you’ll see below, I mused about what I’m doing with my life.

DSC_0726 (5)

Two seeds left! Maybe some kind of aster?

I like doing this. I can feel roots growing out of my feet every time I come up here.…


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Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed 35 years ago today.. some personal memories

Just read at yahoo that on THIS DAY IN HISTORY, 35 years ago, October 20, 1977, the small aircraft transporting the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, crashed into a swamp in the backwaters of Mississippi.

Read the article here...

As I read it, old memories became new again, so I thought I would share.

Yeah . . . ME.



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Hoisted On Her Own Petard

Piqued by the words of her critic,

For excessive use of the clitic,

She sulked for a while,

Soaked in her own bile,

True to her own style,

Intending to rile,

Her outburst was not analytic.

“Y’all just don’t understand,

That leading the band,

Ain’t for the verbal arthritic.”

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My Cousin On Facebook

His name is John, although he has a few other names. He was born in Alaska, to a tribe related to my cousins'husband's tribe in Oregon, the Shoshone-Bannock. He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, adopted by my cousins with two cracked ribs, a broken arm and a broken leg at six months old. Now he is huge, over six feet, with some of the aspects of disability, autisim, fetal alcohol syndrome...but of course he is a miracle of survival at all.

He wasn't a cute baby or an easy one. He…


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A Joker of Fools~

I'm running as fast, as these bare feet can go
running through rocks and sandspurs and snow
running with blisters, as big as a dime
looking for someone, a girl in my mind
I've known her forever, since she was a kid
we played hide & seek, and she always stayed hid
 I never did find…

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Facebook Fasting

We never really got along, Facebook and I. Sure, my voyeuristic tendencies would enjoy the sampling of other people’s drama, provided they weren’t too melodramatic or annoying about it by dragging negative energies on for weeks. Provided, too, that they weren’t incessant in their commentary on my drama, making too much out of nothing, further annoying me by not adhering to the strict standards I neglected to tell them about. Via “un-friending” and…


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The Lost Art of Kissing

Remember when seeing couples kissing was a matter of routine? Remember teenagers leaning against the sides of parked cars in high school parking lots, kissing one another with young determined passion, oblivious to the stares…


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I'm Back... Moving Down From the Mountaintop to my New Life in Exurbia

 First snow Crestline

First Snow Crestline

Leaving the Man Cave: After a month and two years and two near death experiences, I’m forced to emerge from my man cave and descend the mountain.  Filling a three yard dumpster with extraneous crap, my possessions have been…


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         Madam Blancheflor DesRosiers and her lawyer Tristan Patenaude, Esquire sat on a park bench in Mont Clair Park.  The park bench faced…


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Show 'em! A Berlin photo exhibit goes "over the top"

 Berlin taxi

Berlin, where taxis sometimes double as erotic photo studios

PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE ART of the obvious. The trick is to come up with this obvious idea in the first place.

Sixty-seven year-old Berlin taxi driver and self-styled “woman whisperer” Hans-Jürgen Watzlawek had just such an idea and is now reaping the fame. A skilled photographer…


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A Quick One

In the ever tighter race for the White House I see many comments and posts on various blogs an websites asking or accusing the president of everything from socialism to treason.  I just don't get it.  If conservatives find that being wrong about  the intelligence from Libya leading to the deaths of four Americans is treasonous, then why was the fact that George the second ignored intelligence about the 9/11 attack, which resulted in some 2,996 more deaths not?

If it is wrong for the…


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An Autumn Dinner

Each season brings it's own joy to me. Just as Spring bursts forth with new life for all living things and Summer gives us the ease of wearing fewer clothes, playing in water…


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A tree against the world (poem)

Fanfare, or at least salutations,

would be expected; yet, the Earth

did not split or rip like a rusty zipper,

the heavens did not pause to flourish

with applause, and the flowers paid no

mind and kept on blooming


as it arrived within a simple…


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The Gazelle in Pre-K

Imagine for a moment that you are a Gazelle born at the San Diego Zoo. Being the San Diego Zoo, you have bountiful space to run and frolic and you never pay much thought to the weird pink and brown creatures who come to look at you. Your world is vast and all you could ever want or need is provided for you.…


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more belching

DSC_0713 (5)

That is…


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Debate Number Three? I may be doing the laundry.


I’ll be seventy next month and it seems like this presidential race was going on when I was born.  Everyone must be exhausted; candidates and voters alike.  Is anyone looking forward to the next debate other than the media whose livelihood depends on the ratings for survival?

What on earth could an undecided voter be waiting to hear?  Is it another promise?  Promises coming from politicians are meaningless.  They often have no intention of delivering, and if they do they are…


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greek diner afternoons / nyc


she never had her tea leaves read


the tepid shallow puddle of a refill

diner coffee


overpowering youth’s refusal to believe 

in getting old.


never in the a.m.

gulp and run

multi-tasking to do, a day to fill

with brisk…


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Everyone Gets a Scarlet Letter: Love in the Time of Implosions

We’ve been through more than a decade of struggle now, haven’t we? There’s that economy thing that’s been eating at all of us this past three years. But there’s also the insanity of extremist violence and murderous intent directed randomly at those of us who are…


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Newsweek, Goodbye.

The demise of the print version of Newsweek gave me pause today to think about my own evolution on this topic.
I have been working as an independent writer for almost four years now, going back to my original career roots in journalism.  (For thirty years in between I worked in healthcare marketing, with  business, grant, proposal, and public relations writing.)
Since May 2009, I have been fortunate to be published in a number of local and…

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