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My Last Week on Earth: Open Call

What if this friday was really our last day here?

I plan to work this week. I have dreams I am building on, friends I am helping out, and life just keeps moving forward. The holidays are coming, but the days before the holidays are somehow always a little more valuable. We meet for a drink, we rush to fulfill a last minute gift wish, we make a call, lend a hand.

I do not fear or dread the 21st. Any day could be my last day, but until it comes, I will live my life like I… Continue

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is all around us

all the time

in the finch's chirping

and in its egg

in the setting sun

and the rising moon

in the cloudy sky

and the sink-into-me sofa

in the radio waves

and the ocean's too

in sweaty goosebumps

and coming in from the cold

in a single ice cube

and a pale blue glacier

in every instrument every invented

flute spoon harmonica didgeridoo saxophone washboard…


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Wandering Words

There's a poem in Amarillo,

miles from the lone tumbleweed

I saw rolling east beside the road

as we rolled toward the setting sun.

It is a wide open, brown-land,


as-we-head-southwest, almost lonely

kind of thing that includes making brownies

in a big field shared with a few scattered Rvs.

A green-shirted, long-haired boy paces

back and forth beside me,

chanting a story he makes up



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for the holiday feed an artist.....suggestions welcome

They say great artists’ merits are never really acknowledged in their lifetimes, but maybe this holiday we could make an exception and instead of supporting Big Box stores or blah malls, see if we can throw a few crumbs toward working writers, musicians and painters.

If anyone reading this has…


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Sunday spent alone as rain

steadily falls in hushed tones

rivulets on window panes…


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It's 3 o'clock in the morning here and I can't sleep.  A dear friend of mine once wrote that "The problems of the world are huge. None of us can solve them all. We are all mostly busy dealing with the minutiae of our own daily existence." As deeply disturbed as I am by recent events, neither my outrage nor my prayers can undo them. 

My friend also wrote that "love is all there is," so that's what I'm going to focus on.  These words are for him.…


Added by Pavanne Veltman on December 16, 2012 at 7:00pm — 6 Comments

Life is Lived One Day at a Time. Who Knew?

It seems that I am finally reaching a level of acceptance with life. Did you know that life is a series of mundane events? As much as I have railed against it, as much as I have fought to disprove it, I am finally conceding the fight.

To paraphrase Rose Tyler from Dr. Who, "What, I'm supposed to just go to work every day and drop off at the pub for some fish and chips? How…


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Impromptu Jane Austen Celebration

When I read Brazen princess's latest post, Why Jane Asten Still Kicks Ass, it suddenly occurred to me that I had forgotten this stellar famed author's birthday!

So for anyone who may happen to be interested, we are showing the well acted (albeit "creatively" adapted) Mansfield Park in Special Events Chat starting at 7PM EST this evening.

The show starts in a few minutes, with a…


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Vicarious Grief and Loss; Solidarity and Love.

I continue to be horrified by the events of Friday in Connecticut. I am not unusual in this; all of my friends have shed tears over such meaningless brutality even though, as Obama put it, it's something we've seen far too often already. It's not something that's happened in our own community or even country, yet it's profoundly affected everyone I know.

On Friday night I dosed myself up with coffee, ibuprofen and cocodamol in order to go out for my work's Christmas Do. I'd been in…


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Failure to Escape the Anguish

I needed  a break from the mourning.  For some odd reason, I feel numb to the anguish that is being repeated hour after hour on cable news stations.  It’s as if my mind has shut itself down to protect me from the images that keep threatening to invade my consciousness.  I was a teacher once.  My students were 6 and 7 and 8 years of age. Their little faces keep floating into my line of vision.

What was the scene in those classrooms?  What were they feeling?  How many children remained…


Added by L in the Southeast on December 16, 2012 at 3:42pm — 48 Comments

Why Jane Austen Still Kicks Ass

Jane Austen in her cottage 

garden at Chawton. 

Painting by Tom Clifford, 2002…


Added by Brazen Princess on December 16, 2012 at 2:59pm — 10 Comments

a whine from the other day- a mood that has passed

I deserve better than you

never thought i'd feel that way

you have been very good for me

demanding in ways that are beneficial

but you withhold too much

a dance of she loves me, she loves me not

always asking me to hold on looser, or better yet, not at all

to give everything, while you are free to follow every inconstant whim

our gifts to each other indicative of our love-

yours- a hat that fits your head and gloves that are made of leather



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Reason #4: Why I Self-Published

One of my least favorite classes in high school was chemistry with Mr. Ca-Ca.

In addition to his other problems, he was tremendously disorganized. Completed homework assignments vanished into the black hole of his office and never reemerged with a grade. He did not always remember where we were in the book and would lecture on the wrong section in a chapter, and on several occasions, he gave out quizzes to the…


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Being autistic doesn't necessarily bring on violent behavior

The New York Times is reporting Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter who murdered twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, was on the…


Added by Amy Abbott on December 16, 2012 at 2:30pm — 6 Comments

Infinite Regression

A poem, I told myself

write a poem about something


now I stare at a blank page and wonder

how can I have so much to say and no words?

I want, I want, I want


to know what path I need to be on

to figure out how to find the path

to break what is broken and blocking a full life inside of me

to get to the root


splintered roots, breaking through everywhere, through solid-seeming ground,



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Hemingway Test 17 (Action report)

The Truebloods were having one of their rare arguments. Harold wanted to interrogate their 12-year-old son, Randy, about the mass poisoning at Ronald Reagan Middle School. Miriam was opposed.

He didn't drink any. He doesn't drink sodas. It…


Added by Matt Paust on December 16, 2012 at 2:00pm — 7 Comments

We Need to Heed the Lessons

     I have a friend who survived the Our Lady of the Angels Elementary School Fire, a horrific event that occurred on December 1, 1958 in Chicago. 92 children and three nuns, lost their lives, with scores more…


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Newtown, Connecticut Shines a Floodlight on America's Shame and Insane Hypocrisy

Like television viewers here in the US and around the globe, I have been overwhelmed by the coverage of the Newtown, CT massacre of schoolchildren and their educators. Overwhelmingly the victims of that tragedy were little ones between the ages of 6 and 10 years, so the term “slaughter of the innocents” applies.

In the endless coverage the Newtown, Connecticut slaughter if innocents I hear references to gun reform— so-called liberals on one side saying it’s time for America to get rid…


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Ignacio's Very Special First American Christmas

This is a story of a teenaged boy whom I will call Ignacio.  He was brought to America from a village in South America to live in a small town for a year as a foreign exchange student.

He lived with the Cash family.  Mr. Cash owned a feed and grain store, and Mrs. Cash was a homemaker.  They had three children, a boy about Ignacio’s age and two girls, one older and one younger.

Mrs. Cash wanted to climb the social ladder in the small town where they lived. …


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It's the QE, Stupid

Spend some time following R-bloggers, and each day, on average, is another posting detailing how to get rich with yet another "trading" algorithm/strategy.  Never mind that Galbraith got it right decades ago:  "Financial genius is a rising stock market". Today brings yet more evidence that he's right.

What's disappointing with today's piece:  it…


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