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Companies Don't Make Decisions ~ People Do

Companies Don’t Make Decisions ~ People do.

I'm not sure when the term "socio-economic system" began to be used but it has, alone, probably caused more misunderstanding than any other three words ever have.

We do not have a "socio-economic" system.

And I don't give a damn what any ivory tower, academic chrome dome says. We have a social system and we have an economic system. Two systems – not one. We have other, lesser systems,…


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I stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral when I am in New York.  I suspect I am not the only non-Catholic in there.  I suspect I am not the only one who claims no religion as their own. 

I walk into the Cathedral and dip my fingers into the holy water. I dab a little on my forehead and make a small sign of a cross. I head straight for Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes. He is my go to Saint today. I do not waste my small stuff on him. There is something I…


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Sleepless Nights, Early Mornings

As happens more and more often these days, I find myself rattleing around a dark and quiet house at three in the morning. Plagued by a brain that refuses to shut down coupled with various aches and pains from the day before, I surrender any thought of sleep and crawl out of my warm bed to shuffle off to the kitchen and put the coffee on to cook.

On mornings such as this what saves my spirit, what gives me a smile, is the simple act of listening to music. My entire life music has been…


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the uninvited guest


no one wants to talk about

the uninvited guest

objectionably poised in certainty

everyone gossips fabulous lies entertaining

small talk intriguing questions

inching around intruder

no one wants to talk about


the uninvited guest

joining in holiday cheer infectiously

laughing cold to the touch

gobbling banquet sucking breath from bite

recognizing people and names

with alarming…


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Simple Justice, Random Whim: Domestic Workers' Lives; a New, Disturbing Study

     I've suggested here often that I'm thankful for having been raised by parents of remarkable social and political commitment. Sometimes theirs were commitments writ not so large, but small, as well. As I read in the Times this morning of a study of domestic workers' working-lives, I'm reminded of one more way my parents modeled simple justice in our home. I cannot swear to this but it's a clear sense I had growing up:  my parents…


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Hemingway Test – 12 (Man from WACKO)

Trueblood heard the barking as he stepped into Gladstone's office and saw his boss doing his “Bart” routine with what looked like a pink bowling ball perched atop the back of the upholstered chair in front of Gladstone's desk.…


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A slaughter of tourists...

I have good timing in my travels. I went to Spain this past spring, just before it really started to boil. Went to Greece and Italy before their current troubles. Long ago I took the Air Canada flight to India that a few years later terrorists sent into the sea. Now I see there's a big demonstration in Budapest in front of the Hungarian parliament that I toured a few weeks ago. (A good demonstration – people protesting some right-wing politician's suggestion of keeping track of Jews…


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TV Shows I Feel Guilty for Not Watching

I have previously blogged about there being "too much stuff on TV," making it almost impossible for me to catch up with everything that's worth watching. This means that…

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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy any and all content posted here, and feel free to comment on and/or post whatever you deem fit for a literate audience, except pornography.

Please check out my literary website:


if you want to get your poetry posted there in printed form, in audio form, or video form.

Also, take a look at the youtube below:



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The Opposite of Bah Humbug

What's the Opposite of Bah Humbug?

I've mentioned it before, but Vince Guaraldi was a cousin on my father's side of the family. Please enjoy his composition and playing while you read. RIP, Vince...…

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Case of the Bear Spray Vigilantly Brings Mixed Reaction

I’m torn as are many I’d guess, in my thoughts on the actions the night of Nov 27th of San Francisco photographer Sonya Yu, though I’m sure there are those with a firm stance one way or the other on Yu’s right to shower a thief with pepper spray and orange paint then threaten him with a bokken (as if the story needed a wooden Samurai sword mixed in to insure hilarity) . …


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The Dance of Salome

On his birthday, Herod gave a banquet for his court,

to which his wife Herodias was not invited.

There Salome, her daughter by Herod’s brother,

danced so boldly and so well that Herod said

he would grant whatever she wished.

Salome left the hall and went to her mother to

ask what she should request, and her mother said

“Ask for the head of John the Baptist,”

who had told Herod that he should not marry his brother’s wife.



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a mystery

A poem can be put off for only so long

before it begins to thin at the edges,

fade and seem to be about to float away,

until I wonder if there are any words left.

Waiting for certainty, holding out

for a long quiet afternoon

or at least the mind to begin,

to wade into those waters,

camp my being in the place

where my heart is willing

to speak to me in more than shy glances.

I am patient, aware of the immensity of  …


Added by Heidibeth on December 2, 2012 at 6:00pm — 4 Comments

Lifestyles, Libertines and Libertarians

Lately, all my freethinking ways have caught up with me and given me reason for pause, and reevaluation.  I have what I think is a strong moral compass, and I think few would find me otherwise.  It is one thing, of course, to have disagreement in values, and another altogether to have no values.  

I live in a state with a strong libertarian bent.  Whatever people think they know of libertarians, none of them seem to agree on everything and cover a spectrum.  Still, the undercurrent…


Added by Oryoki Bowl on December 2, 2012 at 5:34pm — 7 Comments

The Ultimate Illustration of Income Polarization

My wife saw what she calls an Infographic on Facebook a few minutes ago and showed it to me. I don't do Facebook, so she traced this back to its source. Below is that source plus the Infographic in question.

I'm not suggesting that the families in question do anything below. I am, however, suggesting as usual that we aren't looking for revenue where the money actually is. Perhaps that will drive this point home.

On the other side of the coin, an article in the Chronicle of…


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Searching For A Legacy


Last Spring I spent 3 weeks with my mother in Arizona.  Well, I was at my mother’s apartment and she was in a nursing home.  The dance had begun.  My younger sister trying to convince her she needed to stay in long term care, while she insisted that she would rather “die on the bathroom floor at home” (which is where she was found last time) than stay in the place she was in.

It was this same sister who recommended a book for me to read, titled…


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Lava Love

Hot at our cores

Like the earth

The heat reveals

Our desires to release

The hottest lava flow…


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"Sweet poesy is not the poet's reward!"

Tis fitting that I should append as comet's tail to fleeting life ,

to unmask as in denoument, the mystery behind my veil.

Most 'nogamous of all my peers my life's played out in singlet form.

The dalliance fine, to stick I fear; no true love's fate, that was my doom.

As callow boy my only went, was find fair wife and breed her well.



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enough already of the christmas screeds

Dear Christmas Message Email Sender:

I’m writing with the hope that we can go back to when I loved December and Christmas, when tree lots smelled like fresh-cut pines and friends stopped by with homemade cookies, when the cold outside made it all the more…


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