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I don't really mean to make a habit of this.  And anyway, how many Weird Penis stories can I come up with? 

Besides, I risk getting comments like those on the site I lifted today's, uh, entry from, namely HuffPost's Weird News.  Comments like:  Why are you posting this stupid tasteless stuff.

Tho last week's stupid tasteless Weird Penis story is the most read on Our Salon so far.  Yes I know, we've just got started...but there's always a market for stupid and tasteless,…


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The Pervasiveness of Bananas

You know what I’m talking about. Place the banana(s) anywhere in your kitchen – in a bowl, on the counter, even in a corner of the fridge, and everything surrounding it tastes banana-ish. I ate banana-infused French bread the other day, and yesterday, my daughter (who hates bananas), claimed the tap water tasted like bananas. I like bananas, but I don’t want it invading my pain du…


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Reformat: A Dozen Underhanded Arguing Tactics / A Dozen Rules for Intellectual Integrity

originally published July 2 & 17, 2012 on Open Salon

This was a pair of posts, now combined. The second one is first because I was talked into rewriting the first. However, the first may be easier to follow. The first was called A Dozen Rules for Intellectual Integrity.

Two posts ago, I said I'd change my post if someone came up with a better idea. Margaret Feike got me thinking. The trouble with the original is that it leaves the…


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About a month ago, for no reason I could see, a "missing plug-in" message began to appear where pictures used to be. 

It's okay for ads, because I don't need to see ads, but it's frustrating if I want to watch a video, or in this case, upload any more photos here ( there are 17 at the moment. I tried to add 3 more, but I get "missing plug-in" and the wheel thing.) 

I've been to every help site ~ Chrome, Adobe ( Flash ) and all the forums on google about it ( there are many ),…


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What Not to Wear? Says Who?


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West Virginia family re-union... pics of the baby girls~

Yes, there was hiking. I'll have to do a whole, probably longish, blog on that. Above is titled A BOY AND HIS WOOD.

But, sigh... this little piece will be about the nieces who dazzled me repeatedly with their beauty and brilliance. Ms. Haley is seven, granddaughter to our brother which makes her my great niece- I do believe. Nefeli, five, is daughter of my cousin Vanessa and her husband Johnie (or 'Yonnie'). Vanessa's dad was born in West…


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Freedom to Live or Exploit

There are two ideas of freedom in the United States conflicting with each other these days.

Most of us belief freedom is doing what we want for our personal benefit without hurting others. Do unto others as you want them to do to you.

People in…


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Living Crappily Ever After

In the Land Of Sir Real, the Sky is a living thing, a swirling dancing dream of colors of Life's promise. Children play at the Rainbow's end, mirror butterflies dazzle in fluttering reflections. Neon waters beckon to be walked upon under the all… Continue

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Utter Nonsense: Romney's Employment at Bain

There's a fine line between employment status and beneficiary status.

Mitt Romney claims that he ended his tenure at Bain in 1999, but admits that he had taken a three year leave of absence in order to salvage the 2002 Olympics while simultaneously insisting that his tenure at Bain ended in 1999 when his own admission indicates that he remained the general partner until 2002, when  his leave of absence expired and he decided not to return to the firm.

However, when he…


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Something blue

I awoke this morning to my mind calling out the word "mom". Not a frantic voice, more inquisitive. But it literally pushed me into awareness at 5:45, the longest I've slept in a week.

True my mom and I have been on a journey, but I can't figure out why my mind has now several times now called out like this. Just one…


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On the Logic of Small Boys and Other Savages

My problem with the rules of logical debate is that I am not primarily a "Logic" thinker. Like Temple Grandin, I "think in Pictures" I visualize problems, the closest analogy is a 3-d computer model, with cutaways and sections, and any other required "information" incorporated in the. visualization. Everybody does visualization to a certain extent, but only a small percentage of people I've met can do what I do, and most of them don't understand how they are doing it.…


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I just found this among papers I was sorting through. This is a good time to share it, when I am strong.


The long vigil begins with a phone call disrupting my dream

I had heard you calling me, whispering in my left ear

But my fear of knowing the truth made me deaf to your loving call

You had to awaken me with an alarm used to pull laborers from their…


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Could Atheism Become Trendy?

A vintage photo of San Antonio Church that I am fond of.

Outdoor Mass, 26 September 2010: Confirmation in the…


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Sundays ...

Sundays ...

some days ...

days to rest ...

to float ...

to be ...

Do we dare and ...

do we dare ...…


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The Day I Overdosed On Chia

“Oh My God Sterling! You have to take me to WholeFoods to get some chia seeds. I just read in Glamour Magazine I’m going to die because I’m a vegetarian and I don’t get enough Omega 3! That’s BRAIN FOOD man!!! No wonder my brain hasn’t been working for the past 20 years! Let’s go!!!! In the car….NOW! I don’t have much time, I can already feel my heart failing!”

My husband is used to me thinking that I am either unknowingly trying to kill myself or expecting him to kill me in my sleep.…


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Bored Restless Generation - Parody of Howl

Bored Restless Generation

© Surazeus

1994 May 08

I saw the best minds of my generation…


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You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Shelter...

Living the American Dream

When you're in the homeless shelter, the Holy Grail is getting out. As I've said before, homelessness is just another form of prison. And just like in a formal prison,…


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One Hundred Years of Woody Guthrie

One Hundred Years

© Surazeus

2012 07 13

While I was rambling on a country highway…


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Bankrupt Cities--"The Tip of the Iceberg"?

I can’t resist the temptation to climb up on the old soap box briefly today.  Earlier today there was an article published on Yahoo Finance’s “The Daily Ticker” about municipal bankruptcy declaring that it’s the “tip of the iceberg”.

In the article, Richard Brodsky, senior fellow at and former 14-term New York State assemblyman, said "This is the tip of the iceberg for different reasons in different places.”

The article specifically referred to this week’s…


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Danger dressed in black lace…


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