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Reason #2: Why I Self-Published

I was the student that teachers dreamed about in school. My work was complete, correct, and on time. I was not prone to disruption, and I mastered an Attentive Face even though my skewed hearing and subsequent lack of attention translates, “Turn to page 311 to the heading Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address-” to “Tur-uh to page shree-11 to the boop-boop-boop-BOOP-boop-BOOP-burg-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP-” and then my mind would drift away to last night’s episode of Star Trek: The…


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on victor lavalle's the ecstatic


“Her professionalism aside, Nabisase’s victory was rigged by an endomorph and a goblin standing in crabgrass, and she would never know it. There are so many lives decided in this way.”

The Ecstatic follows the messy story of a big man in a purple suit who likes to…


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The Art of Reason: A Chautauqua 11/24/2012


Chautauqua (  /ʃəˈ…


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The Wild Herds of Almosta Ranch

The first to arrive step tentativly from the forest cover. Heads held high, noses testing the air for threats, they walk into the open slowly. I call them the "Southern Herd" because they always appear out of the forest on the South side of our property.  They are white-tailed deer.

Many afternoons my wife and I spend some time watching these beautiful creatures and it is always the same. Members of the Southern Herd show up first. Usually three or four adult females along with a…


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Psychedelic Saturday #8- Grateful Dead

Welcome to Psychedelic Saturday!

A weekly post dedicated to all things psychedelic. Post your reflections on psychedelic  happenings via your stories, photos, art, or poetry.

For the past 34 years I've been married to a Dead Head. That's him above with the clown when we attended the Summer of Love 40th anniversary concert in Golden Gate Park in San…


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My critique of the media published in the Asheville Citizen-Times

This critique will focus primarily on both broadcast and print media, especially cable news and commentary, which tend toward obsession with those whom I view as extremists like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and especially Rush Limbaugh. They pay too much attention to polling data, which can vary dramatically depending on the poll.



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Psychedelic Saturday #11- Kashmir- Led Zeppelin

Welcome to Psychedelic Saturday. A chance for you to join in and share your psychedelic stories, photos, music, poetry, and art. 

Led Zeppelin Then



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it's Turtles All the Way Down

                                                                              "Turtles all the way down"    credit*

Please don't take offense…


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Applying for a Job at Open Salon.....Really

Cranky Cuss came across a post on Craiglist  from seeking someone to become their spam-killer.

I applied for the position.  

I figured that it would be better for one of us to have that j0b than someone who doesn't understand the whys and wherefores of open salon. 

In my cover letter, below, I questioned why they would post a job listing on Craigslist rather than posting it on Open Salon.  It would seem to me that the only reason would be that they don't want…


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Creek Sounds Remembered

Crystal clear water

rapidly moving…


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Ducking a Little

I know he’s here. 

He lost a short but vicious bout with brain cancer at the beginning of 2011 and I still miss him almost every day. It took him so quickly.  One day I heard…


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Judaism in an Oversized Nutshell - transferred repost


I've noticed that I seem to be getting into some discussions about religion here. The people I talk to here and those I talked to on OS constitute a Venn diagram. I'm reposting this for those who are on the non-overlapping portion on the OurS side.

originally posted on NOVEMBER 18, 2011 2:04AM

Judaism in an Oversized Nutshell

This is not comprehensive, nor is it meant to…


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Being a Good Adult-Parent

Adult parenting is more important for both parent and adult-child than many realize. Adult kids continue to need emotional and sometimes financial support as they develop maturity. It is tragic when you see an adult parent basically throwing the young adult out of the nest and then basically ignoring him or her. It is also tragic when you see an impenetrable barrier erected between adult child and adult parent. 

I think I have…


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After The Frost Subsides

After The Frost Subsides

Crystallized dew holds nature in pause

then the radiance of the morning sun

evokes a pulse to the new day

as I watch in awe, all, which is a gift

to my aging eyes

listening to the morning song

of those feathered few who remain

determined to face winter

for another year in God’s garden.



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When My Student and Close Pal Drove a Limo for the Mob

Originally published in 2010; enjoy!



     I drove up from DC to Philly for the premiere of my former student Bud Clayman's arresting new documentary film, oc87 ( The evening was wildly successful. The splendid International House Theater at the University of Pennsylvania was packed. At the end Bud earned a Standing-O as this film…

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Birthday Sex! (wait for it...)

This is a response to someone else and I'm sure that, eventually, someone will tell me how to post a response to someone else's blog in my own blog in a tidy, reader-friendly sort of way but, for now, this is what you get.


Marianne posted a fabulously awful (like, horrendous) music vid by that fellow from WASP that no-one liked eventhough he was, by all accounts, the nicest fellow of the bunch:…


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On Blogging (My Pristine New Notebook)

Blogging always struck me as a strange thing to do. There is no real-world equivalent to it, really. I mean, people stand on soap boxes and declare things to anyone who wants to listen, but they don't ruespiel (A fave fake-word of mine that I never get to use. Stolen directly from Norman Spinrad's "Child of Fortune") about the intimate details of their lives and their inner workings - if they do, it's generally a good way to judge that it's time they should be carted off to a special…


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Blue Friday

I love it when art and reality collide.

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A Daughters’ sign; Dad, you are doing something right!

* Update to story at the end [Originally written on 8 April 2012].

  Prior to coming home from another year long deployment, to Iraq this time, one of my daughters, age 13 at the time, wrote me an e-mail. In it, she wanted to introduce a boy she “liked” and shared his name with me and also wanted to let me…


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Enjoy your depression while you can!

Skyping with a friend.  She is depressed . She has been on a good run, mentally and spiritually for a while.  She often forgets she gets depressed, as that is "the old her" and she is thinking in new ways.  

I am encouraging her to enjoy the situation while she can, take it as a growth moment.  She has been surprised at the level of down she is feeling, but I am not.  I don't forget her depressions and moods swings.  I think friends do that, mark our high and low tides in a secret…


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