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Southern Strategy - A Eulogy

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, Southern Strategy died after a long bout with cancer. At such a time, it’s considered proper to offer condolences and to praise certain aspects of a life, particularly a life that figured so prominently in politics for over half-a-century. Indeed, Southern Strategy played a pivotal role in the election of the late and unlamented Richard Nixon and the late and inexplicably-idolized Ronald…


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   Walking in the woods on a grey day I was skeptical of finding anything interesting enough to photograph.  There was some nice fog in the hills and some intriguing spiderwebs over the gopher holes filled with raindrops.  As I rounded the bend over the grey fields I saw the color.



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Coming out: The Plight of the UNDOCUMENTED


  I happen to come across a Time magazine (June 2012) “Shadow Americans” article by José Antonio in the dealership that I have my vehicle serviced. As I was waiting for…


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Don't vacation in Europe!

Just got back from a whirlwind tour of Europe with the Cusses. It was fun, of course, funny, too, of course, but now I'm broke.

I'm also a tad embarrassed, which is nothing new. This time my embarrassment springs from being nearly a year late in taking the trip. One of the…


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Defending America's Backup Underwear Supply

It was an offhand comment, really.  If my head had been turned I probably wouldn’t have heard it, but it wasn’t, so I did.  During a break in a long business meeting, a guy sitting across the table from me happened to let slip that he keeps a complete set of backup underwear–boxers, socks and undershirt–in his office.…


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Old Dog. Wise Soul.

Photo of the Day

5:00 in the morning.  Up and at’em, hands poised over the keyboard at this early hour, on the pretext that this is my habit. Writing.  

I would just as soon roll…

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music, politics, creativity, meditation, individuality, intimacy

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee in the quiet of dawn, creating something on the computer, reach out to others. I let the quiet descend into my soul and  it's a time to deeply reflect.


I am so glad the election's over but the struggle continues against the radical right. But now I feel, well, Obama's the president, let him do his job; I will do my part as a grassroots…


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On the Cusp of Justice for Our Raped Service-Women

     The Senate Tuesday began to remedy a longstanding evil. It voted to extend abortion insurance coverage to rape victims in our armed forces. The House must, for decency's sake, include the measure in its version of the new defense bill. Since 1981, when the then-nascent Christian Political Right first asserted its control over the Republican Party, servicewomen have had to pay out-of-pocket to abort pregnancies resulting from…

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Smuttling: A call to readers.

We sat there in little Bohemia, the smoking table just outside of the University library. Three girls, post-modern English majors, among our poetry-writing male counterparts. They didn't get it. 

We sat there writhing over Joyce, Conrad and Hemingway. Words, they were just words, but they made us dizzy with sensual experiences. We worshipped them. 

Annoyed, one of our counterparts, who was tits-deep in his overdue poetry master's thesis, reached a peaking point and shouted,…


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Old Fart Lost It on NYC Gift Guide while Surfing the Web: Steve Brassawe's Interview with Lil' Ol' Me on the Free Range Chicken Radio Network.

After I got the call from Mexico, I went surfing on the web and was checking out the hipster chic wonderment of the New York City Gift Guide at when I came across this:

… and that’s when I just lost it.  Hard to believe but that’s a…


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Meditation 12.05.12

Occasionally you find a moment in Life when you realize that it is ok to want, it is ok to ask, and it is ok to fight for your desires.

Sometimes the answer from Life is yes, and it scares the shit out of you.

But sometimes the answer is "Maybe, but not right now, you might have to wait a while, and I won't tell you how long."

Patience then, ages the wine you dare not taste too soon.

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Best-Selling Video Games

Did you know that the best best-selling videogames make more money than the biggest blockbuster movies?  Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has already earned…


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RIP Dave Brubeck

When my wife heard a snippet of Take Five on the news today, she knew. They don't play music on the news for nothing. (When I heard Imagine on the news the morning after I heard that John Lennon had been shot and wounded outside his apartment building, I knew for certain the worst was true.) She called me immediately.

I saw the man two or three times over the years. A…


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finally have speed, but on my feet!

My verizon wireless has been the WORST.  Slow, non-existent connection, waiting, waiting, seems to be connecting, waiting, disconnected, do over.  Now I have a new internet provider and it is so sweetly FAST.  BUT...I'm standing up in my kitchen, actually am dangerously droopy in my kitchen, because this school computer won't let me do the wireless option I have.  Gotta figure this out.  Might have to buy a new laptop--such a good time when I'm not spending money on gifts--not!



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Old Hippies Save the Day

   Wallowing around in fields of flowers

    Able to grove on the beauty of a weed.


    Where have the hippy days gone?

     What is with all the uptight people?


      I want us all to mellow…


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Chased By The Light

Swimming up, close… from something

Warm and intimate.

Urgent now, and so good.

Known to me. Her face is…


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Conversation with JMac

I cannot call it an interview. The best word that I could come up with was "conversation." And what a delight it was! The second half of our session together morphed into a bull session. We both knew that would happen. He reserved the right to ask me questions as well when we discussed the idea of recording a conversation.

JMac1949, one of my favorite bloggers of all time, has been around the horn and then some. He…


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Dear Tony,

I haven’t written in a while because I have had some of my own setbacks which I needed to deal with.

Setback. That doesn’t make my current project a failure. It doesn’t mean that I need to permanently restrict my activities or make drastic changes. It means exactly what it is. Set. Back. It usually means I need to take a few steps backwards, need to slow down, need to lie low for a little while. Need to regroup. It depends of the project, of course, but it usually…


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Coping with Trauma

Dear Tony,

I know you have some serious trauma in your past which you think about often. I do, too. The majority of people with mental illness do. How it affects our illness is difficult to understand.

Facing this has been difficult for me. Often it is difficult to think about. If I try to write or say precisely what happened I fall apart. I can only deal with little pieces at a time. Even now.

That does not mean I can't improve.

One serious issue is the guilt…


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