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1967 – The Morning After, Sandy Lee, Grady Goodpasture and Finally...

The Morning After:  I woke up fully clothed in Steve Andrews’ monster king size bed with a splitting headache and a tarantula sitting on my tongue.  Steve was passed out with one shoe on, one shoe off and one leg hanging off the far side of the bed.  He mumbled something incoherent…


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Mecum Auto Auction Invades Dallas! (Photo/Video)

Mecum Sign Car

This is the second time Mecum has been through Dallas but I couldn't make the initial go around so this was my first swim through. Velocity Channel carries live streams or replays of their auctions Monday through Friday. That has made me pretty familiar with the auction house but curious as to what a live event would be like. How close could I get to the cars?…


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Four More Years (Of Me?)

The big question in this year’s Presidential election is: Are you better off than you were four years ago?  To which I answer: Hell, yeah!  However, my answer has nothing to do with politics.    

Four years ago – September 2, 2008, to be exact – I uploaded my first blog post to a site called Open Salon.  That decision changed my life.  Participating in OS has not only made me a much better writer, it has rewarded me with an amazing collection of real-life friends.  Interacting with so…


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Poetry & My Inner Mischief Demon (repost)

I recently read at a poetry event.  I read one piece which I wont post in full here as it is to be part of a poetry publication that prefers I not post it elsewhere. The poem was homage to Charles Bukowski and contained the line:

he wrote poems about darkened hallways

and the murder men do

making words like fuck and…


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working for Mexican Americans, whom I befriended, and interviewed

Today, I finished a deck project for a Mexican family. Yes, these people that 'came here to steal our jobs' hired my old Caucasian butt, and rarely, if ever, have I had a more pleasurable work experience!

The kicker was, I had to hire Juan as my helper, partially to defer his expense, but more importantly to him I think . .  he wanted to learn what I know.

As we worked together and during break times when we ate and talked, I made a point of learning his, and…


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Going to the "Good School"

My daughter goes to a “good school”. This I’ve been told from her daycare provider who does me the invaluable service of taking her to and from Pre-K so I can maintain my normal work day.  I don’t doubt her assessment, most new schools attract the better faculty options of the area—something about wanting to leave your mark on a “blank canvas” of a young institution. 

The elementary sits only a mile and a half from my house, but I didn’t know where it was until I traveled to the wrong…


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OK I've put on a little weight ...

This was the unveiling of a picture I bought on a foray north, sent south to Anna's in Sydney.

Me, Mark, Anna, pic by Chicago Steve, who was with Mark & I when I bought it.

Tommy ( the Artist ) says : This is my grandfather's country. That snake, Wungkul, he bin stop at all…


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This Old Tree Will Stand


Greg Correll is dissecting a life-chronicle of the debilitating effects of his Parkinson’s Disease. He does it in brilliant fashion. Forming a picture of his active mind, he takes us into the synaptic…


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The New Walker

My mother-in-law turned 86 this past week and, as we do every year, we drove back to Arkansas to be there for the occasion.  The week was a mixed bag; a blend of penance and remembrance.

I know that there are the Betty Whites and George Burns of the world, but Sue is not one of them.  At 86 she is blind from macular degeneration, on a walker, bent over from osteoporosis, and lives in a secure, clean, rent controlled apartment building for the elderly.  She is able to afford a…


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I Used To Be Funny

Humor is so subjective. People used to think I was funny. Then I wrote this damn book.

Suddenly I'm not funny anymore.

I've had people start reading the book in front of me, while I'm standing there, which makes me uncomfortable, but I feel awkward saying, "Don't read it NOW! I'm right here!" So they start reading it, and they laugh.

This is true.

This is good.

I want people to laugh. All I want to do is entertain people.

But people who haven't read…


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Beautiful Nothing - Lighting the Candle

Send me out into another life

lord because this one is growing faint

I do not think it goes all the way.

M.S. Merwin

I am lighting the candle. Again. That little flicker of hope. Life. Promise. There is more to come. I hold my candle high so others can see it. It may flicker in the wind. Go out at times. I have plenty of matches. Boxes and boxes full. I will light them and light them and light them until my candle…


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About Death

I used to tell myself after my small son died that there had to be a purpose, there must be a higher purpose for a child so young to die.

I convinced myself, in a way, that maybe all he had left in the loop of time to serve on this heavenly body was to touch, to make an impact on a family, or one person, to change how even one person saw themselves, saw…


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Getting Old Sucks

This morning I find myself in something of a pensive, introspective, mood. Being up since the butt-crack of dawn and coughing up a lung will do that to you. Contemplating ones mortality is never the true path to winning Mr. Congeniality at the Christmas party, but I find that is exactly what I have been doing of late. When I do this, the very first bit of blindingly brilliant insight I have is: “Getting old sucks!”

No shit, Sherlock.

Yeah, it sucks. Watching my six-pack abs…


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Napoleon's French Maid

[Banished to the tiny island of Elba just off the Tuscan coast, Napoleon Bonaparte found himself mockingly declared emperor of his miniscule domain. His resignation from the throne of France - ostensibly in the name of the greater good of French…


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Tweet - Domestic Version

In the tradition of new blog sites, I am moving and consolidating some of my favorites of the past here.  I wrote this last spring.


I was never much of a birdwatcher.…


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ten minutes with tweekers

(slowly moving my old posts over here)


Gizmo and Leon were tweekers. I've heard the term used to describe coke users, but a true tweeker is a speed freak. Crank, crystal, ice, glass, dizzle, hillbilly crack- all tweekend long. A 'high speed chicken feed' connoiseur will tell you "coke is talk, crank is…


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Punch anyone...

Who drank the punch here. Check out JLo.

Then can anyone say we aren't affected by the one's we love?

more proofffffffffff Enjoy!…


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Tales of J: Two About Politics

originally published September 7, 2012 on Open Salon

 This is the latest in a series of stories about my late son. It turns out that OS is a decent place to grieve. 

First Tale

My son was born a few blocks from the White House, in a hospital that closed years ago. He always had a taste for politics, though the pagentry appealed to him far more than the issues did. 

When he was four years old and we weren't local to the…


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She Was Fifteen

She was fifteen and pregnant when I met her.

She was the granddaughter of the couple next door. They lived in the cottage and took care of the farm that my dad owned. The entire family would gather there on Sundays and I’d go over and listen and eat with them. Wonder bread with gravy and turkey or meatloaf, mashed potatoes. There was always coffee and Coke and lots of cigarette smoke at the table. The men mostly talked about cars and equipment and maybe about people they knew and what…


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