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Barbed-Wire Skin, an Autobiographical Story - Part One

This is cross-posted from Open Salon... word of caution for the dual readers.  I'm in the process of leaving Open Salon and need to really move my writing onward.  (Thank you, lorianne, for the much needed push.)


This one always told me she wouldn't hurt me.  There I sat, in a new house on a strange street, strange noises in my ears, alone.  My blue corded phone thrown down in the bedroom, off the hook and…


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Don't Ever, Ever Question My Character

I had someone question my character this week.  Someone I thought was a friend, someone I thought had my back, someone I thought cared about me, someone who is a member of my family – blood – you know – the tie that binds…

I suppose I had it coming as I told her I had stopped her pictures and sayings from racist, homophobic, anti-Obama pages on Facebook coming to my news-feed. Let’s be clear – I never called her a racist or said she was homophobic – I simply said I didn’t want that…


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Another tea, my dear?

I need to write about the shadow life but not this morning. One more cup of tea and I'm off to live or die by the fire tones. Sounds dramatic but In my first due it's usually one more sod who's smoked through her oxy stash, now lies dead on the floor and we play Beat the Reaper again. Sometimes they stay dead, ugly dead and I'm smack in a crime scene. (Always suspect homicide.) But that's not the shadow life on my mind this morning. That other life is for later.

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Worst Part Of Being An International Assassin

It's not like I don't have doubts, I do. I never let them show and no one's called my bluff yet but that doesn't change the fact I have to live with them. Passing through airports and hotel restaurants are the times when the doubt rises up to bite…


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Popping my Our Salon cherry

Sooooo, hi (sheepish grin). My first post. This is raw, unplanned and completely unfettered. I’m feeling fresh and clean and shiny. And new. 

I had spent almost four years in the Open Salon off and on, either writing or reading. It had brought me joy and excitement for writing and inspired me to finish college with a new goal. Once I returned to OS, creative writing degree in hand, I noticed how things had changed in my year absence. It was cold and…


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The Forest Outside My Door (for tr ig)

Image - My block


 In the comments on my first blog posting, tr ig asked to see what the forest outside my door looked like, so here you go!

 I'm heading off to Denman Island this weekend for a wedding and to enjoy some summer sun on this long weekend. Hope…


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Uprooted from The Grass Roots

You don't always need to make it to number one on the hit charts to leave a lasting legacy of music. The Grass Roots had their heyday from 1966-1975, never reaching #1, but leaving some lasting songs that have continued to have their place in my life even today. They are heroes in their native California and d.j.s kept them in heavy rotation for years.

I was saddened to learn that lead singer and bass player, Rob Grill, passed away…


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Voice Mail (friend crush)

She told me that she has this way of communicating; they leave messages for one another. Not all the time. Sometimes they talk on the phone, they email, they see each other in person. But, mostly, they leave voice mails.

We’ve talked on the phone a few times; it’s generally awkward. I know that’s because I don’t know her well, I want her to like me. I used to cringe inside when some guy Online would suggest we talk on the phone before meeting. I never suggested it myself. But…


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Mosquitoes: 170M Years of Misery

"One in 10 people are highly attractive to mosquitoes," reports Jerry Butler, PhD, professor emeritus at the University of Florida

Lucky me!  For once I am in the upper 10% of a category of humans.  Mosquitoes are so enamored of my essence, they…


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Beautiful Nothing - the next chapter

So the paramedics are at my place. It's the beginning of the end. Not the end of my life, fortunately. The end of my denial. My belief that I was "just fine!!." That I could continue to work full time and entertain clients, take care of my dog, dress to impress - while punishing my body and getting thinner, thinner, thinner. 

I was still in denial to a point when they wheeled me into the hallway, thrusting the cart into a sitting position in order to fit into the elevators (my…


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It's Not The Chicken


OK. Let me weigh in on the Chick-Fil-A (controversy).

For me personally, this is not a boycott, because you can't boycott something you do not buy in the first place. This is about dialog about an incredibly homophobic statement made by a top executive of a company that supports anti-gay organizations that actually do physical and emotional harm to living…


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I Choose To Believe...

I choose to believe there's something sacred about love. In the pan-indigenous American view, love is a matter of two people walking the path together because there is some information that must be shared, either physical (genetic) or something else, even if it's just the name of a book or an introduction to a place. That road can go a long way. I believe the fall is the portal into another dimension, so to speak, a shift into another mode of consciousness; one, I would add, more sublime. I… Continue

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Death By Google

"Did you try Googling your name?" asked Millie.

"No!" snapped a defensive Debby. "There's no reason to do that. I don't do anything online."

"You're the one complaining about not being able to get back in the job… Continue

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Barely Breathing

Breathing. It sounds so simple until one breaks it down. A slow intake in of breath, a mindful exhalation: these actions are not so simple when one is accustomed to running on empty.


    I stepped into the yoga studio with trepidation. I had signed up for a beginner’s class, believing that at least there would be one other person who didn’t know anything. The class was deeply, physically satisfying. I felt good and returned without hesitation for a second class.…


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Ripple Catchers

at one time in my life

when I was much younger

I knew a lady who

made Ripple Catchers

I never inquired about the tradition

It may have been Oriental, it may have been Native American

It may have been an Individual…


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Fate is a strange thing, Gabrielle thought as she looked out over the water. The weather was unseasonably warm for February, so she decided to take a walk along the river during her lunch. So much had happened in the last six months that she often wondered if any of it was real. Hell, had any of the last six years really happened? Unfortunately, she had the emotional scars to prove they did. At the same time, she wouldn’t be who she was,…


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Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day? I'm not appreciative

One more post about Chick-fil-A and then I'll let it go, as everybody seems to be sick of it.

I recognize the leaders of CFA have a right to say what they think. It's a free country, and their right to speak their minds - even if I disagree with them - is far more important than whatever they're saying.

I also recognize their right to spend their money the way they want. If CFA buys Cadillacs for each and every employee, that's their right. If they donate their hard-earned…


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cages in the car

I awoke in darkness, steeped in silence. The midsummer morning fought to creep through the heavy drapes adorning the windows. The couple that owned the house had gone to work. Both of their children were off at summer school, leaving me alone in their home. It wasn't uncommon to trust your neighbors in such a small town. Children often wandered into homes to retrieve Popsicles from friendly old men. Nobody locked their doors. If you wrecked your bike, you could rest assured that someone…


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Downtown Moon

I'm unusually content with life and work and Houston tonight. I have energy that may keep me up long enough to make waking that much more difficult. Maybe it's just a random boost of endorphines I happen to riding on. Or perhaps it is that for the first time in years, I can see my life's possibilities stretched out before…


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Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt.

Folk singer.

Pop Singer.

Rock singer.

Country singer.

Ranchero singer.

Mariachi singer.

Broadway musical singer.

Opera singer.

It's difficult to think of someone more versatile than Linda Ronstadt, once dubbed "Rock's…


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