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Tortoises, a cat, three more cats, a dog, a couple of national monuments, and a dress face

That's what's in my camera phone from the last couple of weeks. 

My brother in law has unfortunately found himself in territory I know all too well - he lost his first-born son and was a couple of rooms over while it was happening. Our wives our sisters. Within the last couple of years, my mother in law also lost her first born son,…


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The Moron Whisperer

Sometimes, one really is faced with the choice of the lesser of two evils. Mine was to be dragged to an enormous corporate Christmas party (the other choice was endless whining). The amount of internal self-cursing on the state… Continue

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Nunes' compromising financial ties with Russia. Yep. Of course. Again.

Say it ain't so! Folks, we've been bamboozed, er...bamboozled yet again.

All this conflict of interest deep pockets business is, of course, the darker side of globalization coupled with slack governance…


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Homelessness in Downtown Seattle

We have a major problem with homelessness in Downtown Seattle. There are abuses out of control at DESC. It's a business. I have seen a woman known as Svetla to go from one camp into another. She had a tattoo on her wrist. She ended up bitten by bed bugs, bleeding. There is a rule at DESC, and that is, if they take your belongings, you may stay. If they keep them, you can go back out on the streets. I was there. A variety of reasons led me to homelessness. Childhood abuse. But the sweeps of…


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I’m sitting on a bench, just off the rough of hole number 6, at Trump’s golf course. The secret service just hauled away the body. They told me to clean up the mess on the ground, but I don’t think I will. I don’t want to be infected with the same worm that consumed him. There’s probably eggs in that pile of poop. I’m still trying to process the events of the last hour. Actually, all the things that have happened, ever since I knew the Donald. He was one of the…

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Summertime Sundays

'"Let me give you an example.  Let us say you want to be a great musician, and you want your music to create wealth for you.  But you are frustrated in making it work.  So you get drunk from time to time.  You cannot communicate with an inner energy if you do not maintain balance, if you get drunk all of the time. Drinking becomes an irrelevant side path, so dump it. '"*




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Suddenly, Donald's nose began to grow. Anyone want to guess why?!

This is hot off the news wires. Suddenly, Donald's nose began to grow. Anyone want to guess why?!

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The Abraham Lincoln-Marilyn Monroe Letters

One day Marilyn Monroe confessed a crush on Abraham Lincoln: “He was such a great guy.  When I see a man like that, I would love to just sit on his lap.”

Review of “Marilyn in Manhattan,” The Wall Street Journal

“I’m a one score and sixteen inch D cup, in case you’re wondering.”


Dear Abe:

I hope you don’t mind my getting familiar with you…


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Meaning In Art is in the Mind of the Viewer

At least in part.

The artist, in the end, doesn’t have to mean anything. That is the nice thing about art. We see the intriguing in…. a garbage dump, or even a scarred body. Where once word smiths (so called philosophers) wrote about what were suitable subjects for art. Artists now can ignore the words and just make.…


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Of course he did. This isn't so much a coup as it is a criminal take over.

Chair of the Intel committee, Nunes found at a meeting with Flynn et al where the discussion was about committing illegal acts in the US on behalf of…

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Sword-Carrying Man in Joker Makeup Arrested in Virginia

Sword-Carrying Man in Joker Makeup Arrested in Virginia:  Local police in Winchester, Virginia report they’ve arrested a man completely decked out in a cape, face makeup and carrying a sword like the infamous comic book villain “the Joker” - charging him with wearing a mask in public,…


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Thought For The Day - 25 March 2017

OK, so I have to make some thoughtful thoughts on the collapse of AHCA.  Just one:  Kim Jong-Don and the Tea Baggers finally figured out that neither was the round hole for their square peg.  The Tea Baggers saw Kim Jong-Don as easily maneuvered from his "Populist" rhetoric to their outright fascism, while Kim Jong-Don figured that the Tea Baggers would actually swallow whatever not-leftwing projects he tried.

Watching the "negotiations" from the original RyanCare to its final…


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                                  PASSIONATE JUSTICE    …


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Jeez, Now I Have to Worry About Thematic Meta-analysis

The problem with intellectual curiosity is that it leads you to worry about things that you did not previously know existed.  This would not be a problem were it not for the fact that you usually have no control over these problems.  It’s better to know about issues over which you have some control.

Today, my wife sent me a link to a warning on Facebook that many teas contained unacceptably high levels of pesticides.  It went on to say that the pesticides mentioned could predispose…


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FOLLOW THE MONEY..."You talkin' to me"?

That's all I hear - follow the…


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Texts With Grandmonster (Part 12)

Who says turnabout isn't fair play?

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Why Would They Do That????

Image result for security Council members expressed “unanimous concern” about Islamic State's use of chemical weapons in Iraq

On Friday, in a meeting of the UN Security Council, both Russian and China proposed that a United Nations panel investigating chemical weapons use in Syria be extended to Iraq.


Makes sense, right?  They are investigating WHO (the Syrian government or ISIS/ISIL) is using chemical weapons, after all.…


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New Drug Cocktail Helps Break Grip of Hummel Addiction

MAYNARD, Mass.  In a darkened room, Rose Alba Mercurio sits in a comfortable chair and repeats the words she hears on a self-hypnosis tape especially prepared for her by a local support group.  “I don’t need another . . . I don’t need another,” she says in a trance-like monotone for twenty minutes, then opens her eyes.


“Gateway” figurine


“I think it’s working,” she says after she recovers her waking consciousness.  “I haven’t been on eBay for…


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Glanced at, not truly seen

These were taken by limiting myself to just glancing and engaging the automatic focus. It was like an art school exercise. And because I was in a moving train, I had no time to select. So I shot dozens and selected just a few.

Artists create artificial limitations as a means to avoid the problem presented when one can do anything. The absence of limits can be…


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