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How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

(This is another repost of Cristian Mihai's blog. The more I read him, the more impressed I become with his views.)

The best writing advice I’ll ever give you


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Art Photography - a few roses, a lot of thorns

This post appeared originally on my own photo blog  here but may be of more general interest



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Collecting Images for Holiday Cards

Wintergreen Cones

Each year I gather together images for my Holiday Card Project.

I like to send a bit of myself along with a heart felt greeting.

I'm drawn to the pines and the cones and the seeds.…

Cone 2


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The first full day I had to myself after my ex moved out, I celebrated. Feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off of me, I made myself a nice dinner and opened an ’85 Cabernet that had been sitting around collecting dust. As I sat in the perfect silence of my home, enjoying food I wanted and wine I loved, I realized just how trapped I had been in that relationship.

Over the next few weeks, I thought about what had happened. What it had taken to survive those years and remain…


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My new career: naming species. I’d be good at it.

Even the Fu Manchu Bottle Brush caterpillar* sports bangs above its lovely eye(s).

DSC_0566 (5)

If you look carefully at said eye(s), you’ll see my reflection.…


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Why Online Friendships are Real

How often have you been tempted to mention one of your online friends to a family member, then thought twice about it for fear of being ridiculed?

Over the three years I have been a frequent blogger, I have had numerous snarky remarks from online readers who insist that the internet is not reality;  that only face-to-face interaction has any validity; that the…


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Dancing Into A Hong Kong Sunset

The sky is turning a dusky pearl and now there are hundreds of us out here walking.  Across the water the glitter of Hong Kong Island at sunset seems close enough to reach out and graze with my fingers.

Later tonight there will be a formal display of light and music but I think now is better. What the dying sun does to the soaring glass, the…


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Remembering the great market of Aleppo

 Souk in Aleppo

In the great souk of Aleppo. Sadly, this was the only photo we took

inside the now destroyed market complex.

WHEN FOLLOWING THE NEWS in recent months about the slow agony of the Syrian people as they are being sliced to shawarma between the dual onslaughts of President Bashar Assad’s vicious security forces and the Western- and al-Qaeda-backed so-called Free Syrian Army, my thoughts keep wandering back to my own visit to…


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October's Last Hurrah


The last gasp of gorgeous before the cold and dark settles into my bones. Soon I will be perpetually cold. I will want to go inside before the sun sets. I will feel a chill as the long, dark tunnel towards winter approaches. Like a small child, I will want reassurance.

This morning I have things to do, but sip my coffee and stare out the window instead. One tree is changing color faster than the others. Don't be in such a hurry, I want to tell it.

I am…


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Going to Rehab, But Not With Lindsay Lohan

Some time back I prefaced a remark with, "When I was in rehab...".  My wife told me later never to say that again, every head in the room swiveled.  I was in Blind Rehab in 2006 and 2008.  I'm going back next week to learn "touch screen technology".

What, you may ask, is touch screen technology ?  The answer; I'm not really sure.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be going…


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Kvetch Kevetch

I am trying to honor my commitment to post my stuff here for the time being, but I am wondering:  should I send a blast to my Open Salon Readers to tell them that I am posting here, or would that seem  unseemly.  

Also, can anyone tell me why the link to start a new post is all the way down at the bottom of the page with the comments instead of being at the top of the page?

Just wondering.

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Am Yisrael Navajo Moose

So a couple of months ago, this guy puts this piece of jewelry on e-bay. He apparently gets a little over five bucks for it. We guess that he wasn't sure what it was; well, we're absolutely positive he wasn't sure what it was, but we don't exactly know where his guess came from. He referred to it as a sterling silver Navajo Moose.

Navajo Moose? Not quite…


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1961-2012: Margaret Feike and the Movie Inside My Head




Picture This:  This post is inspired by a comment I made on Margaret Feike’s EP post and her reaction to what I wrote.  First there’s my pithy remark, “Our aversion to photographs and video goes right back to your observation that ‘They…


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The Perfect Bite

When I was a little girl, I was always the last one sitting at the dinner table. I was, and still am an extremely slow eater. The fact that I was the last one sitting still remains true today. I love food, especially really tasty, home cooked food. I am not a person who eats to live, but rather the alternative. I know there are other things and people I live for, but eating is one that ranks near the top of my list. Thankfully, I have a…


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You Got Something to Say? Say it!

I began writing a journal sometime in 2003.  The earliest entry I can locate is dated August 9, 2003.  I’m not real sure why I began writing a journal.  I do know what kept me from beginning earlier.  I was under the perception that a journal was a daily thing.  And, I was reluctant to commit myself to a regiment which most assuredly I would not maintain.  In my mind a journal with days missing was a failed endeavor—it was in fact suspicious and incomplete.  You have to…


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Top 10 Benefits of My Daughter Attending The Ohio State University

               Keeping with my daughter going to college theme – many people seem surprised when we tell them that she is attending Ohio State. “It’s so far,” some say. Others ask why she would want to go there, as it is not one of the “hot” destinations for New Jersey high schoolers. Thus far, however, it seems to have been a great choice, for all of us. So without further ado, I present, for your reading (dis)pleasure, the top ten benefits of her attending school at The Ohio State…


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Shave and and a haircut.

Sarah worried.  She departs for a long tour of Afghanistan in a few weeks and frets for Scylla.  Her man appears well and strong now but Sarah, having a long, intimate relationship with depression fears he will suffer depression again whenst she leaves.  He is alone, says he prefers things this way.  Sarah knows that on any given day the number of people Scylla speaks with is often zero.  He spends more time with the dogs or his ghosts then any live person.  Worriesome.

Scylla tries…


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A Move


It's after midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, on October 1.

A lot of you might know that I attempted to organize a move here now from OS. It was driven by the fact that OS wasn't working and was frustrating the living crap out of a lot of its users. (A lot of you might not know that it was I who was responsible for this latest effort.)

OS is working now, aside from the fact that I hear its main page is clogged with spam at the moment. For that reason, I'm not…


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The Color of Light

I tried capturing it in jars, first a Hellman’s mayonnaise, not only rinsed out, but scoured, cleaned within an inch of its life. Outside was the crisp light of early fall, the trees not yet turning but on the verge. The sky bright with free floating dreams, the kind that rarely float close enough to catch. I stood underneath the pear tree where the light was subdued, and I held up my jar, as high as I could reach, and the light flowed in. It filled my jar, stopping just short of the…


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sunflowers, the life of the party





I am posting my work on my website - adobe soup - the unzipped life of candace mann - as I have done for the last year or so. I cross-post or link to my site from Our Salon and other sites.  

This piece is a short photo essay. The direct link to it is here:

                      adobe soup: "when the party's over"  …


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