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ten minutes with tweekers

(slowly moving my old posts over here)


Gizmo and Leon were tweekers. I've heard the term used to describe coke users, but a true tweeker is a speed freak. Crank, crystal, ice, glass, dizzle, hillbilly crack- all tweekend long. A 'high speed chicken feed' connoiseur will tell you "coke is talk, crank is…


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Punch anyone...

Who drank the punch here. Check out JLo.

Then can anyone say we aren't affected by the one's we love?

more proofffffffffff Enjoy!…


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Tales of J: Two About Politics

originally published September 7, 2012 on Open Salon

 This is the latest in a series of stories about my late son. It turns out that OS is a decent place to grieve. 

First Tale

My son was born a few blocks from the White House, in a hospital that closed years ago. He always had a taste for politics, though the pagentry appealed to him far more than the issues did. 

When he was four years old and we weren't local to the…


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She Was Fifteen

She was fifteen and pregnant when I met her.

She was the granddaughter of the couple next door. They lived in the cottage and took care of the farm that my dad owned. The entire family would gather there on Sundays and I’d go over and listen and eat with them. Wonder bread with gravy and turkey or meatloaf, mashed potatoes. There was always coffee and Coke and lots of cigarette smoke at the table. The men mostly talked about cars and equipment and maybe about people they knew and what…


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S.M.U.T.- "Social Multi User Theater"- Playland of Innocents

As opposed to M.U.D. the "Multi User Dungeon" of "Realty"



"I'm not a prostitute,

"I'm a Dancer"

On taking publicity photos "In the Nude"

There is a lot more "There", there, with the clothes on--…


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School Daze


Germ-y little coughing brats

touching crying acrobats…


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My Right

Moss keeper

Moss keeper

one lonely cocoanut

one lonely coconut


H2 Oh...…


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No Political Party Will Ever Regulate Love.

No matter who gets elected in November – no matter who makes the laws – no matter what religious zealots say; there is no one on the face of this earth, or any other earth, who will ever be able to regulate with whom a person falls in love.

 Same-sex people, people from different races, people of different religions, young and old, old and young, even a woman and a man – folks are going to fall in love and enter into some sort of relationship. You cannot regulate love – no matter how…


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Truth And Consequences

What did the doctor say?…


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Love Story

What can you say about a Sorority Girl who becaame a Stripper?

( Now that I have your attention - (Thanks for the tip, fernsy))


It's not what you're THINKIN

While you're doin whatcher doin

IT's watcher DOIN while

You're doin whatcher doin…


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User Manual for Model EKO-274

Don't you sometimes wish people came with a user manual? Something to help you understand them better, know what makes them tick? Well, since I'm a technical writer, I've written my own user manual, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

About Your New Model

Congratulations! You now have you very own EKO-274. As I’m sure you’re aware, this is a limited edition model. This guide is intended to help you get the best out of EKO-274 so that you will have many happy…


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Beautiful Nothing - It's a Matter of Trust

There is a reason I don't use my real last name in my posts. There are people I don't trust and people I don't feel should read about my deepest, darkest secrets. I have chosen some friends and family and I do let them know when I have a new post up. I know they care and have been supportive thus far. 

It's not easy to put myself out there like this, using my name or not. Those who know anything about me would figure out I'm the author anyway. These things I write about - I've kept…


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A Fitting End

This is the most important blog me...that I have ever written and I have decided to move it here for safe keeping rather than the other site. Maybe this place is becoming home after all.


Today, Feb. 10,2010, at five in the afternoon as his mother and I made our way to Memphis to catch the first flight out in the morning, Our Son Richard passed away.

We did not make it in time to say goodbye, but that's alright. We will be there…


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Fact Checkers and Microscopes

Fact checking organization regarding the first night of the DNC: "doesn’t necessarily lead to that conclusion" "That’s true on average, but" "Not really" "it 'may' lead to higher costs for beneficiaries, but it can’t estimate how much"…


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A test of inserting images

Lew Lorton Photography: Oct 6 Demonstration &emdash; WCW-Oct16--0791342efexprosecond try

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Goupil: Assassin Errant And The Angry Internet Dudes

[After 468 days in a row roaming from one backwater motel room to another, ex-assassin Goupil has not reappeared on the Federal radar. But while he has not been captured, outside of that in no sense is he free. Bottomless boredom and depressed isolation have eroded his mind, robbing him of his will to live. Still, he faintly fights, giving up his vodka to prevent further breeches of security like the night he stumbled outside naked.]…


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The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!!

The new phone book arrived last week, deposited there by the front door like some vile yellow booby trap.
Luckily, I don't use the front door.
Do I appear to the neighbors as white trash for not bringing it in? Do I care? No, I don't, but maybe I should. Might be a good new years' resolution.. to . . . care about…

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Beautiful Nothing - I Have to Spend Money to See These People?

My high school reunion is in about three weeks. I have been unable to make a decision as to whether or not I should even bother going. Then I got the invitation in the mail. I have to pre-pay $50.00 to see the people who tortured me? Seriously? 

High school was hell.  I wouldn't go back to those days if you paid me. It started out really great. I loved it. I had my friends from middle school and was making lots of new friends. All of my brothers had preceded me so the teachers knew my…


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Labor Day Light - Poemagraph


Night Light

The yellows have all reappeared for fall

after laboring away the summer

And dewy morning greets us all

the vine along does lumber

Morning Dew 1

 From deep within the woods below

wild sunflowers bow and wave

Helianthus shines almost aglow

tucked loosely in it's enclave…


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Our National Treasures

The argument for "PRIVATIZING" everything is apparent once again in rationalizations put forth during discussions about privatizing public parks. Of course the vulture capitalists put forth the same argument they use for getting their greedy hands on everything. "The private sector can do it…


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