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Baring Dad's Walls - Open Call

Big John  

This is my father at age 19 - December 1942

Everybody has a hero, and since I have decided that I like you people... I would like you to meet mine.  This Open Call would be an interesting opportunity to share what's on my walls, although they are largely dominated by family photos.   Instead, I've chosen to share what's on my father's walls...  because it is all his work…


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Fall morning

Real trees and frost trees…


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Art Open Call- part 1

It took me forever to do this one and I almost chickened out. To me art is personal. You'd think that I'd be ok with throwing out the personal since I put my poems (basically subconscious ramblings) online, but evidently art makes me more squeamish.

here is what I see when I look up…


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The Hunt

The Hunt


Wilderness of mind

is rough terrain

yet, all adventure begins

in such a place

where unknown is discovered

by startling encounters;…


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you called me human

and offered me the same rights and responsibilities as others because at a fundamental level you knew

knew what it was like to be me

to get up and face everyone and have to ignore the compliment/slights of those that cannot see me as a person, but who I need nevertheless to live

and so I live

resenting. But you knew and you called me human to my face as you stared at me from the tv in the common room, and I heard you. Heard you in my ears and my heart and it flooded…


Added by Hyblaean~ Julie on November 6, 2012 at 3:15am — 1 Comment

One Sentence Monday/Tuesday depending on your time zone

As long as you're not a pregnant rape victim, disabled, trying to afford college, Hispanic, gay, middle class, female, in the military, rich, a banker, someone with a loan, needing medical attention, poor without a driver's license and trying to vote, a homeowner, someone who mails letters, living with the consequences of global warming, or benefitting from federal disaster relief, the parties are pretty much…


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This Mime Has a Beautiful Voice

I was pretty excited when memoirist, Sharon Nesbit-Davis (aka "Mimetalker"), responded to my request for writers to interview on my Internet talk show, "Lost Coast Blues." The idea of interviewing a mime on an audio show intrigued me. This might be a real test for my fledgling host skills!

Would I need to find clever ways of filling dead air time due to long, awkward pauses? I knew within minutes after talking to Sharon during our pre-interview phone call a few weeks ago that this…


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There is no time in dreams

only silence and stillness

and so often coldness



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Election Day

Election Day


We vote for suspenders or belt;

one choice; never both,

two vow to hold our pants up;

they swear by their oath

but I’m wearing sweats

and they don’t figure…


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(I did not write this!.. copied from the Rude Pundit) In the end, vote for Obama because FUCK ROMNEY!

LINK (this is good)


In the End, Vote for Obama Because Fuck Romney:

Finally, at the end of four brutal years of the 2012 presidential campaign, the Rude Pundit is exhausted. He's exhausted and disgusted, and there's so many factors as to why, some of them Sandy-related…

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No Matter Who Wins....

So we have arrived to this point. Tomorrow it will all be over, no matter who wins. Will the man who gets my vote win? I have no way of knowing that....maybe he will, maybe he won't. What I do know is that Wednesday morning the sun will rise and life will matter who wins.

Yes, the sun will rise and the horse herd will have to be fed. The pigs, the rabbits and the chickens too will be awaiting their  turn.  My wife and I will busy ourselves pouring and measuring grain,…


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Excerpt from Poor Human Beasts

I was terribly hung-over in the morning and I couldn’t move, literally and figuratively. My right leg was stuck to the sheet and it hurt badly. I peeled off the heavy quilt to take a look. There was a blood stain on the top sheet two feet by two feet, just below my knee. The blood acted as a binding agent and cemented my leg to the sheet. I used my hands to try and delicately separate myself from it but that didn’t work.  I reached into my night stand and pulled out a pair of scissors. I cut…


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"obama is for lovers"

This blog was originally posted on my website on October 29th.

These days I wake up and before drinking coffee, before fully opening my eyes, I check the latest polls at RealClearPolitics on my phone, and worry about…


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Before He Was President

It was years ago now. . . Barack Obama, Senate candidate, alone, leaned against the wall in the kitchen corridor underneath the Hotel Allegro in Chicago and looked at his watch.


Next to him, a bus cart jammed with dirty breakfast dishes waiting to be washed.


In the dining room above, his introduction was winding down, and in 90 seconds, he'd get a running start for the stairs and go bounding up two at a time to spring into the good sized room…


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Ready. Set. Nail Bite: 8 Way to Celebrate Election Night

Host a party (or even better, get invited to one)

Election night, like Oscar night or the Super Bowl, is the kind of communal event that calls for snark, laughs, hoots and hollers to relieve tension. It's also an easy way to pay back invitations without having to cook a sit-down dinner.

Set up your party area around the TV and have TVs in other rooms on different stations. Decorations could include red and blue flags, posters of dogs on top of cars, maps with…


Added by Lea Lane on November 5, 2012 at 9:09am — 9 Comments

Vote for My Peace of Mind...Please

I am repairing my mind. Are you doing the same for yourself? 

Perhaps it is more necessary in some cases than in others. Those with a boat load of ugly memories to handle perhaps tend to focus inward, become more introspective, to monitor their thoughts with care.

My body hurts. Does yours? I feel it most keenly when the weather has ups and downs almost daily, or if a sudden shift in wind direction occurs, obliging me to…


Added by Poor Woman on November 5, 2012 at 9:04am — 2 Comments

Final Words From a Republican Candidate

I am a Republican. 

I don’t believe people should be required to carry a government-issued ID because that’s the first step toward Big Brother.  I also don’t believe people should be allowed to vote unless they carry a government-issued ID. 

I am a Republican. 

I believe that Democratic concerns about voter suppression on Election Day are unwarranted because all a voter needs to present is a valid ID. I don’t believe Barack Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is…


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I’ve tried to look through others eyes

perhaps to see what they might see

but it is difficult to leave

the comfort of my own convictions

however, sometimes like

a work…


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Acceptance. Resignation. Two ideas I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. They do not necessarily co-exist in our lives. Some of us shun one while gladly embracing the other. One can be healthy. The other, self-destructive. To me, acceptance is looking at the truth and facts of a situation and finding a way to work with it. Resignation is giving up. You no longer care enough to try. You just lay down for whatever shit life has thrown at you and don’t bother to get back up.



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THE RETURN OF LEEPIN' LARRY! Or at least his stand-in.

Remember my post of the guy in the Leepin' Larry style mankini?  A gentle (and small) reminder:

Well, he returned for a Halloween party.  Didn't recognize him at first with his clothes on.…


Added by Myriad on November 4, 2012 at 4:59pm — 4 Comments

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