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Harvest Welcome

Harvest Welcome reads the mat at my front door.  The mat and most of my Thanksgiving decorations still remain along with a few leftovers in the refrigerator.  I am slowly winding down from a Wednesday and Thursday Thanksgiving performance with 18 adults and one baby.  Do I dare count the three dogs (two were guests) and two cats?  Seven adults and one baby stayed in our home; the rest took over a nearby inn.  

Much food and drink were consumed.  Surprisingly, unlike years past, there…


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Rambled Thoughts

“You have green eyes.”  He was a poet and never said what he meant outright and I wanted to impress him with my depth. “Aren’t we all jealous of something?”  I shrugged and looked away, gazed at the campus quad, hoped to look pensive and cute.

We met the night before, when he overheard me rant about male chauvinism. He hovered close and I felt him watching. When I stopped talking he said he was sorry men had hurt me. I didn't know it was so obvious. I thought he…


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OC 2 truths and a lie

I once had 26 cats but they all died

I like to make soap in my spare time

I have more shoes than PW, lots more...

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Lost Coast Blues: Interview with Journalist, Deborah Méndez Wilson

AIDS Awareness, Honoring a Brother: Mark your calendars and be sure to tune in to my next "Lost Coast Blues" show this Saturday, December 1 (see details below) when I interview journalist and fellow Our Salon blogger, Deborah Méndez Wilson.

Deborah is a freelance writer based in the Denver area. She cut her teeth in journalism as a bilingual reporter in Venezuela, where she says she was a "lost girl" for nearly 10 years. She returned to the United States and college in 1988 at…


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"It's not a right, it's a privilege!"



Amanda awakened on…


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Love Story: A Walking Meditation

I folded my hands, closed my eyes and whispered, “Mom, I know poetry isn't your thing, or at least the non-rhyming stuff I write, but if you're able, can you help me with a title?”

Less than a minute into the silence that followed, the words, “Love Story, Love Story, Love Story” echoed in my head with static edges, amplified and…


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Appreciation - thank you to Lorianne

Back in our old blog home, a number of us got frustrated with the capriciousness of recognition through the function known as the Editor's Pick. During a chance conversation about that between Safe Bet's Amy and me, we came up with the idea for a site called Readers' Picks, which we then instituted (very quickly - the site was up and running within three days of the initial conversation). It was active for about…


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Lying Eyes

Two truths and a lie:  only the shadow knows for sure.

1.  When I drove psychic Jeane Dixon to the airport after an appearance where I worked, we had a nice visit.  She told me to be extremely careful driving during the next week.  I totaled my car just days later.

2.  I got Rue McClanahan's house seats for "Wicked" in New York through a California friend when nobody else could get tickets.

3.   I played basketball in high school and was a starting…


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This cold autumn day

heavy clouds above

the promise of…


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I Told a Lie (And Two Truths)

I had trouble coming up with a believable lie, so I asked my wife, “Tell me something that people would believe is true about me, but isn’t.”  She replied, “That you’re gay.” When I demurred, she said, “That you’re intelligent?”  Thanks for the help, dear. 

1. I’m an outspoken critic of people who use their cell phones while they drive.  Therefore, it’s ironic that a few years ago, I was pulled over by a cop for that very offense.  However, the cop let me go when I proved that my cell…


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Open Call: Two Truths and One Lie.

1:  I played dominoes (and lost) with Jarvis Cocker, lead singer of Pulp.

2: My mother was a trainee acrobat before she met my father and gave up the life for love.

3. My family was the first to brew fortified wine in the South of France.

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Weekend Fiction Prompt for 11/30-12/2 2012

Hi guys,

This week's prompt is:
Write a story that incorporates the phrase "the mysterious apartment"

Or, if that doesn't inspire you, write a fiction piece on any topic, in any style you want.

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Reveal yourself to me,

I yearn to know more.

Touch me intimately

from across a crowded room

with nothing but your eyes.

Show me the power of your desire.

Tell me how I might grasp your soul

and pull, so sweetly.

Lay with me, teach me to fly,

hold me within your grasp, that I might be free.

Give me a moment of your life

that I might know the infinite.

From where I lie, I see

the landscape of your body

stretching out before…


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Or are they ALL Lies? Open Call

1. I was born in Chicago.

2. I once saw the President play basketball.

3. I once tried to broker Iranian oil through a shady Republican ward boss.

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Time to Fess Up -- My Lie is Revealed

1.  I've spilled my guts so thoroughly over the three years I have been  blogging, I doubt there is anything else to say or even lie about.   Let's see...Okay, everybody knows that I stupidly turned down a blind date with tennis great Arthur Ashe before he became great. Well, I didn't make that same mistake while in college.  Harrison Ford was called Harry back then and he and I were best pals.  We put together a trio, à la Peter, Paul and Mary, to…


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I Am a Virgin

I’ll admit it. I have never done it. It was way too risky for me. Lack of protection and the aftermath if compromised has kept me from the experience. But, I am finally ready. The idea of trying something new is pretty exciting. It will be my first time and then I’ll no longer be a Cyber Virgin.

Cyber Monday which is November…


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Open Call: Two Truths and One and a Quarter Lies

On occasion some readers have questioned my veracity relative to my telling of tales from my past (see JMac1949 Memories).  Granted I've made some mistakes, such as placing the date of my Senior Prom in the last month of the school year... how the hell could they publish the yearbook without pictures of the Prom?  And I will openly admit to practicing some artistic license with time compression and the creation of composite characters; however, I have fact checked most recollections with old…


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1967 – Blllaaazzzing, St. Anthony’s Fire, the Death of the Hippie and Rebirth of the New American

Blllaaazzzing – and a Short History of LSD …: It took about twenty minutes for the mega-dose to kick in.  I have no idea how many micrograms were in that splash, but I feel sure that a normal dose would have been on the order of a few drops.  Although Dan was concerned and kept a sharp eye on me, at first I was oblivious to the…


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Open Call: Two Truths and One Lie

This is a re-post from a couple of years back.

Here's my contribution to the game today. Two are true and one is not.

1.) I worked backstage with a magician in college and learned the secret (won't be able to tell however) of the most often used technique to make levitation appear to be real.

2.) I have had the pleasure of meeting, hanging out or playing with some of the most seminal roots blues players in history, including Son House, Mance Lipscomb, Buddy Guy, John Lee…


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2 Truths and 1 Lie Open Call

Once upon a time...


1- I swam across the Mississippi river

2- I was arrested

3- I fell off a cliff

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