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This Time of Year

I have been busy, on purpose or not, never any me time alone, by myself, unresponsible for the world.

Yesterday we all went up to my sisters, my youngest daughter, two sons’ and granddaughter along with the Navy son's girlfriend and we had the best time ever. We ate…


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In Which I Am Too Tired To Be As Nasty As I Really Want To Be

October 14, 2012       

Dear City of Santa Rosa Parking Enforcement,

Okay, I’ll admit that I deserved the first ticket. I knew I hadn’t put enough change in the meter, but it was all I had. The ticket was not unexpected, and I don’t mind contributing to the coffers of the city in which I live once in a while, particularly when I am in the wrong. I have friends who work for you, and I’m willing to contribute to their paychecks.

However, I take offense at this late fee. My…


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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

TIGER, tiger, burning bright    

In the forests of the night,

What immortal hand or eye    

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

...........William Blake

I don't usually take pictures of flowers, trees, shrubs, birds, etc but the light through my wife's orchids was just so beautiful this morning that I had to try one shot.



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the beauty of decay

See if you can guess what these are.…





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Oil's Well That Ends Well

(The other day, I was more than a little surprised to find a message from banner-creator extraordinaire RicTresa saying he'd fashioned something new for me, this time featuring my current ride. It's at the top of my blog page. To showcase his generosity and his skills, herewith something I wrote a few years ago about the perils of a) riding classic British motorcycles and b) living with two other biker whackjobs. And, yes, I now ride a Japanese bike. I'm not…


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Up In The Air

And what it does to you. Altitude. The first leg I am between two grumpy men, a sort of filling in a belligerent sandwich. He on the right of me, who I do not know, is sighing and hissing: ‘Jesus Christ” long and drawn out like: Jeeeezus Chrrrrrist. While he on the left of me, who I do know, innocently drones on the phone, and is the cause of the meltdown on my right. Meanwhile the aircraft idles hotly on the Denver runway waiting, waiting for the air above San Francisco to make space for us…


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Big Bird

Mythical eagle of Hungary, celebrated in a statue in Budapest…


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Hoarders At Heart

          We are all hoarders at heart.  I like my stuff and I like to have it accessible.  Sometimes I like to hold pieces of my stuff and let the memories resurface in my mind like a DVR playing an old movie.  As I get older I find I live more in the past.  I suppose that’s because there’s so dang much of it. 

          I watched a reality TV show about hoarders recently.  In fact Linda had recorded a series of them and we spent some idle time watching through several.  I must admit…


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Kiss of Sophia: A Poem

October 9, 2012


Ah, sweetness

Kiss of Sophia

Speak softly your words of rhythmic rhyme

Shout them longingly into this starving, receptive ear

Mother!  I’m hungry for food!!!!

Oh! Lush Oceanic Sweetness!

Sophia Episteme!

Take me unto heights unrealized

Through any normal man's dream

With wet lips my love tickles the tops of your infinite feet

“Yes!” My…


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As Good As It Gets

          “This is as good as it gets.”  That’s the mantra I say every night as I close my eyes for sleep.  It’s usually spoken out loud to Max (my black Lab) as he finds his special spot on the floor next to me.  I don’t remember when I started this little ritual. I suppose it doesn’t matter. However, its simplicity and truth continues to impress me.

          I have a simple ritual I perform before sleep.  I have a slight case of tinnitus so I turn on a sound machine with wave…


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I and mine

Article 5, an attack on one is an attack on all

the theory of allies, or war and negotiations and negotiations and war

army brat, it colors so much- even the things I don't want it to

the bleed of red onto my blue blue life

and as I watch them bleed all I can think is thank god we have the biggest weapons

how horrible that I can see a child's head that has been split in two and all I care about after the adrenalin wears off is that I and mine are safe.

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Aleppo: Syria’s ... wounds ... now

Children children wounded, hurt ... some accompanying, carrying parents for help ... that may not come ... for anyone. Not because someone doesn’t want to give it but because there are not enough doctors, nurses to help.  There are not enough supplies, medicines, beds, litters, space upon a floor.  Any floor.  Some are laid on the ground outside the door.  And everywhere ... everywhere ... there is blood ...

Children children wounded ... some by bullets, some by bombs,…


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Witch Fingers!

Hello, my little pumpkins! Feeling a bit haunted? Chased by hobgoblins lately? Halloween is just around the corner . . . trick-or-treat . . . a night of fright!…


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the lesser of two weasels

It has been my heartfelt conviction for quite some time, that to be a politician one must also be, to a greater or lesser degree, a weasel. My question today; who among the two candidates (and oh my GOD I despise the tired two party system), uh, electable candidates, is the greater of weasels and who is the lesser?
My contention is that Obama . . . is the lesser. Please excuse me while I rant. 
True it is,…

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Time for some Trance




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I finished my second book today. This time it is a full length novel instead of a novella. Now I must readjust to my regular activities.

Is my book any good? Yes. It continues where the last one left off. It is technically much better than the last one. The proofreading is vastly better. The story holds up to most popular novels that I read. That is all that counts.

The truth is that the first book was a way of getting past the barrier of "I can't do it. It's too complicated!"…


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Call Him ...

He entered the world a red-faced, puking mess. Call him, "Hell's child."

In school, he was disruptive with an engaging flair. Call him, "Irresponsible."

He left the world when he was hit by a bus while saving a child. Call him, "Hero."…


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Biden My Time

I almost never write straight political pieces; there are people here who do it way better than me, and with greater depth of knowledge.  I also admit that I did not watch the first Presidential debate; as I commented elsewhere, the debates will not affect my vote and are now just designed to trap candidates in gaffes that can be exploited in campaign ads. I suspect that the Romney bump following the first debate is less from viewers who watched the debate than it is from non-viewers…


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The Eyes Have It

An animated wind blows

across the shriveling country

slapping backs

and kicking yapping dogs…


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