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My Top Ten Holiday Treats.

This Christmas season couldn't have happened at a better time.

I hadn't realized how profoundly burned out on politics I am right now. Plus, you know, Romney has gone away. He's probably lounging on a tropical beach staining his teeth with so much Strawberry Crush, he could play the lead in the new ABC sitcom, CEO Vampire.

And not only has Mitt git, but so have his Republican nemeses; no more Perry or Bachmann or Cain. The airwaves are no longer dripping in…


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Who Put Grover In Charge?

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wanna see a picture of my nephew?

i decorated his grave yesterday.  made it quite pretty.  i will fill his stocking, too, on christmas eve.  if there is bad weather and i cant get there, my friend susan will do it.  she lives close by and has known my family since second grade, and sang at his funeral.  tell you how i had to fight for that later, cause the church had its own singer, that i didnt want.  she remembers how my mom used to cheat at spades, and had frizzy hair, and when she broke one of her really long…


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Reflections In A Steamed Mirror

I was in the shower, surrounded by steam,

in the warm, impenetrable wet

that I require, when I remembered

the excursion of your hand

on my skin, the idea

of family that you embodied,

the strength of the pull

that brought us together,

still intact

like a city…


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Prisoner 1983 Civil Rights Case in Newton Correctional Facility

Years--it would seem like enough years--have passed since I have even seen the inside of a courtroom. Yet periodically, an email pops up in my inbox soliciting the services of a lawyer in federal court on behalf of some inmate. Here is the text of the one that arrived this morning under the reference line that is the title of this post:

This is an announcement e-mail message generated by Court action through the CM/ECF system. Please DO NOT…


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NHL Lockout Continues...

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Posted this last night and deleted, since I was having trouble getting the video to show (you-tube, not this site).  Trying again.

I did post under this title at OS a year or so ago, but it was just stills.  Now I've added more visuals and a neat sound-track and made a video of it.  Enjoy!

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A Painted Tree

Years ago I painted a fake rug directly on my wooden kitchen floor because I got tired of replacing or cleaning the revolving throw rugs in front of the sink. Whether from dog hair, cat hair, dirt, or just ordinary wear, the cloth rugs never seemed to last more than a few weeks before I had to do something with them. Their short life bothered me, but the bare expanse of floor without some sort of adornment bothered me too. A painted rug was the perfect solution. 

As the days…


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Chasing the “Z” words

It ain't the steak, it's the sizzle. I first read this sentiment decades ago as an insider's tip on how to pitch a book idea, or even a completed manuscript, to an agent or a publishing house. It made sense at the time, cynical as I'd become with a file folder bulging with rejection slips. Thus, this sage-sounding…


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Areas for behavior change and personal growth

There are six areas that I want to work on presently, to advance my personal growth:

*Yelling in anger

*Bad mouthing others

*Spending to much, saving to little, for our (my wife and I) sake and for others

*Health, eat less, be more physically active, eat healthier

*To get to the heart of the matter, whatever matter it is, rather than beating around the bush

*To keep on keepin' on, despite obstacles or rejections

*To balance hard work with…


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Cocktail Hour at the Goodall Institute

     Lucy, having grown up as a human child, was like a changeling, her essential chimpanzeeness overlaid by the various human behaviours she had acquired over the years.  I watched, amazed, as she opened the refrigerator and various cupboards, found bottles and a glass, then poured herself a gin and tonic.  She took the drink to the TV, turned the set on, flipped from one channel to another then, as though in disgust, turned it off again.  She selected a glossy magazine from the table…


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betting on the muse, he called it


i dont know if he meant he bet on the muse to come back to him, meant he'd find another, or that we shouldnt bet against the muse

maybe that nothing would bring him to write but the muse

i dont know

i do know

i have not written a single world-worthy thing in i dont know how long

i skip reading at open mic

who wants to hear another poem of love, longing, even fulfillment?

and sure enough, nobody wants to hear about another…


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Our Obligations to "The Least of Us" -- TORAH & GOSPEL JUSTICE: One Voice



As progressives now have a chance to steer the nation's agenda, I thought to share this, published elsewhere last summer, here.

These ideas are now even more urgent as the tax cliff looms.



The Challenge:

"We are afraid that Chairman [Paul] Ryan’s budget reflects the values of his favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand. Survival of the…


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The Process of Emergence from NaNoWriMo

I'm happy to say that NaNoWriMo was a success and I won with 26 hours to spare. Many others made the journey as well, and to them I say salut. To conquer the 50,000 word challenge and to do it in 30 days (or 720 hours or 43,200 minutes)is no small undertaking.

To avoid the phone calls and the chatty friends…


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The Justifiable Outcome of Bustopher Jones

The characters of "Bustopher Jones, Skimbleshanks, and Mr. Mistofelees" are taken from the musical “Cats” which is taken from the book by…


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This Young Couple

El Charco with Filter Lightroom-144

I was about here on the pipeline when I first noticed them. Having just finished walking the stretchin which the pipeline is up on piers, I needed a break. In the heat of the late August sun, it is easy to work up a sweat. Tai Chi with stakes. I sat down on the…


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Fiction Weekend Prompt for 12/7-12/9 2012

This week's prompt is perhaps inspired by my wanting to flee the demands of the adult world, and turn to dream-like childhood books for comfort.  I'm currently re-reading Time at the Top by Edward Ormondroyd, and as I was thinking tonight of what could be a fun writing prompt, another childhood favorite came to mind:The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg:
Using …

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Ghost Of Winter Past

Ghost Of Winter Past

Strange ghost approached me evening last

in search of better times,

I ate the last bread I had found

inside a baker’s empty store

and laughed the laugh of grief

where all the facts  do not add up,

where no mind finds relief

and said, “oh weary spirit

those times are gone,

we sing no song;

can’t mourn our…


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Is Houston Sustainable?

By Daniel Rigney (“Forest Greene”)

For a potential writing project on Houston's alternative futures, I invite interested readers to respond to the question, “Is Houston Sustainable?” If you have a thought or two on the subject, please comment below (if you’re a member of OS) or email me at  Subject Line: “Is Houston Sustainable?”…


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Life in Newspaper Hell

     You had to have been part of it to know what it was really like. This story is true. George was real, the equipment was real, the circumstances were real. Don't get me wrong, I loved it all passionately -- but we were the lowest form of life at the paper. Herewith, one of my earliest online posts.


     It's 1 a.m., and nearly the end of another long day in Newspaper Bureau Hell. Couple of accidents caused by the snow in the morning, court case in the…


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