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Reality TV and Karaoke at the Bad Idea.

Tonight I decided to pop down to the pub for a pint. I deserved it. I hit 18,000 words on my NaNo project and I was having deep conversations with my cat--who is, oddly, British. I needed a bit of socialization before the walls began to tell me stories. Horrible, awful stories. 

As luck would have it, I met some friends who were heading down to the Bad Idea. Lousy name for a bar,eh? You should know that it is entirely appropriate. The last time I took the grand adventure it…


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A Very Scary Picture

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

It comes from Building a Better America - One Wealth Quintile at a Time

By Michael Norton and Dan Arieli.…


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Ghost Of Soldier

Ghost Of Soldier


A voice cried over mist filled field

just loud enough to hear

and drew me from the place I lay

to where each step brought fear


But still I traveled forward

through thicket, marsh then trees

and found the ghost of soldier

looking up from bended knees 


He turned toward me then beckoned

as I closed the space between

his uniform changed often

as I lived…


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"Planned Parenthood? We'll Get Rid of That." Not So Fast!


What was most vile and idiotic about it wasn't that Mr. Romney didn't know that an administration cannot simply snap fingers and say "Begone!" to private organizations. It wasn't that he didn't know there may be constitutional issues attending to a congressional attempt to stanch the relatively small amount of public funding that Planned Parenthood does receive. It wasn't that the…


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Psychedelic Saturday #9: Liverpool

This is my first Psychedelic Saturday written exclusively for Our Salon. The first 8 weeks were at the "other place", with last week's moved here and added to. I started doing this little weekly feature hoping to have others join in sharing their vision of what psychedelic is through stories, poetry, music, art, and photos. My first 8 weeks included posts about Grateful Dead, black-lights  lava lamps, Jim Morrison, The Monkees film Head, The Beatles Magical…


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Where Did We Go Wrong This Election?

I would like to think I have a pretty solid political background: interning for Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), reading the news, and having an older brother who from a young age tell me we were Republicans. My first election I proudly voted for Clinton in red state Alabama, but now realize I should have honored my swing state of Florida where my vote would have been more diversified. Nevertheless, I was hooked for a while. Then came Bush who just was not my cup of tea. I understand his supporters,… Continue

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Winding Up, Not Winding Down- the First of the Birthday Weekend Series

Originally posted at Open Salon on November 10, 2012

Winding Up 50 Years of Life

As of 11:30 p.m. this coming Tuesday, not factoring in whether or not Daylight Savings Time existed in 1962 and whether or not I am actually at the same time as we were then even though I’m in the same time zone now, I will have completed 50 years of life. It will, in fact, be a complete…


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Loving Obama Unconditionally...(nothing to do with politics)

I love President Obama. This has nothing to do with politics. He could be a conservative Republican whose past time is decapitating Ken & Barbie Dolls and I would still love him. I'd be worried, but I would still love him. That's what mothers do. 

To be clear, before another outrageous rumor spreads, I am not his real mother. He didn't lie about his mother's death from cancer for sympathy votes.  I never met his mother, but we have a kinship. I know what she went…


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He shoved those calloused hands in his pockets and  stared up at a mango sky.  Late Summer was so unpredictable, the high clouds that glowed in the sunset could be comforting or foreboding, who knew?  He pulled the worn T-shirts tail up and used it to wipe the sweat from his burning eyes and started walking again.



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If All Else Fails, Be Grateful

This is my newspaper column "The Raven Lunatic" for the week of November 12th.  This piece will run in multiple Indiana newspapers.

Since the beginning of November, my friends on social media sites have been writing daily about those things for which they are thankful. I welcome this idea.


A number of years ago I read “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. 


Have you read  a book that changed your life? “Simple Abundance” changed mine.  The author…


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Karl Rove Death Pool: What's Your Prediction?

He has to answer for the 400 million dollars very publicly wasted on a campaign that failed to deliver. Stock brokers have off'd themselves over less.

Or perhaps he really is a sicko-sociopath and could care less, but his recent ramblings to say that Democrats are guilty of voter suppression (!?!) suggest he is in a tailspin.

What will be the headline of his demise? Within what timeframe?

To see something within two weeks of the re-inauguration would be…


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October 1967 – Hung Over, Late & the Long Strange Trip Begins

Late for Work and Hung Over:  I don’t remember if it was the Monday morning after I met Bear or if another week had passed, but after a full blown non-stop weekend party, Dan Humphreys wandered into my bedroom and woke me up.  “I’m going to San Francisco,” he announced, “Want to come with me?”

I was barely conscious, still…


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25 Things I Learned from this Election

If there is one thing we can all agree on now that Barack Obama has won another term-- is that it was easily the most stressful and unnerving Presidential race in the history of our United States.

And whether or not you happen to be a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or none of the above--  we are all sighing a collective sigh of relief that it is all finally over, although post traumatic stress disorder will surely set in momentarily.

It was also…


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Tears and Music Books

      The old man beckoned me over to his chair.  "What happened to Jan, red headed?"  I thought for a moment.  


       "She is the one we all liked so much.  Yes, she got worse and her husband couldn't take care of her at home anymore so she is in a nursing home."   


        Demenita patients can be…


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Our house . . .

    . . . is a very very very fine house, with NO cats in the yard. Life used to be so hard, when we had cats.

    It's just a bungalow, in the urban jungalow... I said that? Three small bedrooms, one very small bath-- and you have to go through the bedrooms to get into the bath. However small though, it's nice. Tile to the ceiling, well done, and I dig the glass block window.




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My Terrifying Experience

Perhaps my story isn’t nearly as horrible as what’s happened recently to . . . well, anyone who isn’t me, but it was horrible for me, and really, I’m not sure what else matters.

Of course, I love you all and hope that whatever’s going on is quickly resolved.

But back to me.…


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Post-Election Fun

 Hello all, coming down a little off the post-election high, I couldn't resist a little fun at Mitt Romneys' expense. I hope that Jerry Bock, Joseph Stein, Sheldon Harnick and Sholem Aleichem will all forgive me for having borrowed "If I were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof and twisted it up, a little.

       "Because I Am A Rich Man"(As sung by Mitt Romney)

Mitt Romney…


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‘Neath The Red Barked Oaks

‘Neath The Red Barked Oaks

The buck and I stared long enough

that I wondered of his life’s trail

and if it had moments

a buck could remember as fawn.

Times that it danced

in the long green grass

far days preceding the hunt,

I pictured sunset and dawn,

times by the stream

for a careful drink,

acorns and shoots

plus the…


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The Cayman Islands Air Banner - One - Sun on the Rocks


Summary of the amusement

Lying on a beach in Acapulco, Clarity Nice and new 'Sun on the Rocks' member, ethnographer Flower Parkwood, witness the flight of a crop-duster advertising a high yield deposit offered by a shady Cayman Islands bank, Lofty Bank, represented by a secretive agent known as Buddha Talk.…


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An Angry Black Guy Explains How He Got That way



Me and this guy and Herman Cain are running in 2016

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