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This is how the revolution will start.

2011 was a bleak year for the left all over America. The Tea Party had placed 60 members of Congress, and Citizens United was the law of the land.  The power of big money was seen everywhere and liberals and lefties of all varieties were like fish flopping on a deck.

Tip O'Neill once said that all politics is local, and Ecotopia was reeling under its own conservative juggernaut. The lcoal 1% had a deep and profound hatred of the Ecotopia County Commissioners.  After all, this…


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Unhinged Ex Friend..

I read online where this kook, (for the sake of a better name) was telling people to shun their family and friends if they had the audacity to vote for President Obama. This is what he said: "Ragequitting former Ron…


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From the Other Side of the Moon



From the other side of the moon

green pools lap up the sun

created by the family Faviidae

Creators so cleaver

reuse their endeavor

Plucked from the sea to the sun

These gliding creators 

form warm shallow craters

the sands from their job nearly done

In warm azure…


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Good Lord, What's Her Wedding Day Going To Be Like?

She's twelve-and-a-half.

I know, that whole "and-a-half" thing usually gets jettisoned before a kid's tenth birthday, but in her case, twelve and-a-half is closer to fifteen than it is twelve, know what I mean?

I don't consider my daughter a "tween" anymore; she's a bona fide, one hundred percent, USDA certified teenager. Numbers schmumbers.

We're spending the weekend together, just the two of us, mano e womano, or however the saying goes. My wife and older…


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1967 – Riding the Rails, Bear Tales, West Texas Sunrise & Juarez

Riding the Rails:  When we cleared the yard and the train slowly picked up speed, we came out of the shadows to the open door.  The city of San Antonio gave way to the burbs and then as we rolled out across the farms and ranchland the engineer opened up the throttle and we…


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Is it 2016 yet?

Our long national nightmare, otherwise known as Election 2012, is finally over. There are a few questions, though, that remain unanswered:

  • Will despondent Republicans try to form an alternate country, free of entitled moochers, under the steady leadership of Ted…

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The "Jewish Vote" -- A Very Brief Update

     Despite the near-hysteria among some Jews (and the less than crazed, sincere concern among other Jews) about the potential for a second Obama term, despite the widely-spread drumbeat-meme that a second term would be lethal to Israel, despite the broader nonsense that this president is somehow both a reactionary Muslim and a modern Socialist at once, Jews supported Mr. Obama's re-election by 71%.     …


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color me subtle

Riddle me this: if I know I need to be outside with a camera for a couple of hours pretty much every day, to feel like a Sane Human Being, why on earth would I miss a whole week? Maybe it’s because I refuse to believe that fun + discipline = a good recipe. But that’s a lie: I’m a runner. Running’s all about discipline. Hmmmmmm…..

Anyway. I’m sure I had an excuse. Probably something like, “my two jobs”, and “the need to get that run in before dinner” and “oh yeah, eastern…


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A Child of Abraham

I don’t want to spank my kid, so I don’t. And I think that is where I have missed something in this adventure in parenting.

In the archaic scheme of things, I would be living reasonably close to my mother, who would have had an overbearing influence on my childrearing. I would not seek to be the mother I wished to be, but the mother she expected me to be. I would do as I was told, therefore continue to follow the simple…


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Patchwork of Thought

Following a morning

of raking leaves…


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Strain in the marrage: The state of Red Texas' union with the US

Those of us who've been through divorce know the signs of trouble.  Tolerance of each other's eccentricities turns into extreme annoyance.  Short-hand references and shared jokes become verbal bludgeons turned against each other.  Friends begin choosing sides.  And the kids suffer.

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama's robust victory over Mitt Romney this week, "Red" Texas has been showing the signs of a spouse wanting a trial separation.  …


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The Price of Freedom

Written November 2009 for another blog--In our little village, Saturday mornings are abuzz with activity. This morning I relished getting outside on a sunny, relatively warm November day. Not all the leaves are gone, and the colors of this day are still alive with orange and gold. A lazy wind blows the leaves across the road.


I completed my usual tasks -- butcher shop, dry cleaning, post office, vet for cat food, car…


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Come Join the Dance


The moon wore her halo in the evening sky, a presage of rain.

Her crystalline cloak ascended heavenward to show us her glory,

An ephemeral display of drama before the…


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Donald Fagen Gets His Groove Back

I may lose my status as a Steely Dan fan for saying this, but with the exception of the Dan’s Grammy-winning 2000 comeback Two Against Nature, Donald Fagen hasn’t made a compelling record since his 1982 solo The Nightfly.  The solo albums that followed were particularly dreary: tepid lite-jazz arrangements that tended to drag on too long and had congealed into formula. I wished someone would prescribe Fagen some musical Viagra. 

Thus I approached Fagen’s new Sunken…


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Good News Sunday



 There is good news even in the midst of bad news.  A grain of annoyance that changes the insides of an oyster and turns into a pearl. 

     We transform whether we want…


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Me 'n' Red

A mild-ish version of 'The Look', as explained below.

The message? Don't annoy The Redhead,

in this case by taking her picture.
     It's thirty years…

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R.I.P. OpenSalon?

Is this it? The end?

The requested URL /blog/doloresflores_d was not found on this server.

Or will it be up and running later today as if nothing happened?

Oh. It's like OpenSalon is on hospice. Or is it over and I'm just in denial?

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"I Just Want to be Happy"


The banner outside the gallery, six feet high and twenty feet across, said:

Stepping Out of the Shadow

The Next Generation:

Mallory, Kopko & Shea


            I was too stunned to react, but I…


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Just Wars: For My Dad, and Boomers, on Veterans' Day


     The story is that my dad, along with tens of thousands of other young G.I.s hunkered down in frozen German forests in December, '44, were sent desert boots and their new boots, the warm ones, the sturdy ones, were sent to North Africa. Trench foot, just short of gangrene. FUBAR.

     And a good thing, too, because the Nazis overran my dad's syncopating numb-and-exquisitely-painful position in The Bulge not more than two weeks after he and others…


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The Birthday Weekend- Saturday

Saturday Was a Fun Day

The first day of my birthday weekend went well. I’m finally being confused by the resetting of the clocks so I’m diligently checking timepieces, but it’s resulting in my being early for events so I’m thinking it’s okay.

I went shopping Friday afternoon and purchased a new sweater, which I wore yesterday. It’s a cool sweater. It is loose fitting, cut low in the back to conceal the booty with class, burgundy in color with a boat…


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Why Benghazi Should not be Forgotten

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