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1967 – Reading Tarot and Poetry in San Antonio, A Gypsy Wannabe and Another Pixie Girl, Hitchhiking Home in the Rain.

It was nearly dusk when the train stopped and we began yelling and banging on the locked doors of the trailer.  It was maybe a half hour or more before one of the yard workers heard us and set us free.  We hiked from the train yard back to the big old house where Bear’s friend of a friend…


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Malala Poem

We are Malala 

A small girl who took one small step

but made a great leap forward exposed

on a hospital bed after taking the mouth of a gun

to the temple of her head, the shrine of reason

which radiates love and peace

to willing participants in the play of fate.


This body stands the test of time,

outlasting any scripture her Father ever wrote,

given in sacrifice, payment for the price

of ignorance and brute…


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5 recent prose-poems

He's a shifty-eyed man

hard to get the truth from him.  He has an agenda.  He never reveals just where he lives in town.  He never says what he does for a living.  He's always searching for an angle.  The bottom line for him is money.

If you are strong with him this bully will back down.

I want him out of my life forever.   I'm…


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Pediatricians: Sending Teenage Girls Home with Morning-After Pills



This interesting and provocative move by the Amarican Academy of Pediatrics is discussed in this trrrific piece by Roni Caryn Rabin in Tuesday's NYT. I would love to hear your sense of the issues.

--  JW



Teenagers and the Morning-After Pill


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Hemingway Test – 13 (Em)

Al Geddes was surprised to see he wasn't the only one to arrive early for the meeting he'd called. A woman he'd not seen before sat at the conference room table with a notebook and a bottle of Aquafina water in front of her. Geddes had called the meeting of his department heads in part to reassure them he had fully recovered from what Dr. Knoe was…


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The Rutting Season: Sex and Venison

 Beware, my friends. This is a cautionary blog post....

The rutting season is in effect in my neck of the woods. The dogs are going wild right now. Can't hardly keep them contained. The deer have made their final pleas for love and now it is the humans’ turn. Sawtooth Slims and Sallies…


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Hello and Help... Am I a democrat or a republican?

  I don’t fit anyone’s political platform. If you can label me, more power to you. I try to write on many things. I often find it hard to convey a complete thought when writing, so it takes me a long time to write things; If you dont understand something I write please ask me to clarify and I will do my…


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Nanci Koschman's Foolish Heart



Nanci Koschman said she had no interest in making…


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Finally a Favorable Outcome


With only a little more display of psychopathology the DMV renewed my license in the end. I was down there as instructed by 8:30 Monday morning and sat outside the closed office alone until I was joined by a Korean War veteran who said this was the seventh time he had been down here to take care of some simple routine piece of business. “There’s a woman who comes up here sometimes from Montrose and boy, is she mean,” he said... “She makes no secret of the fact she resents having to…


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Movie Review: The Hedgehog

Over at Netflix, in their Foreign Film category, nestled like a small jewel between the better known, flashier favorites so many have come to admire, is a film I cannot get out of my thoughts. Based on Muriel Barbery's novel, The Elegance of the…


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Favorite Sitcoms of All Time

It was a close race, but Seinfeld edged out The Honeymooners for the coveted label of "America's All-Time Favorite TV…


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A Drawing About Nothing

Ten years crept by between the time I graduated from high school and entered college. When I finally decided to go, it was after the end of a long and shaky relationship that terminated when I began to grow up enough to realize that my life wasn’t going to get any better unless I did something. This included ending the marriage and starting school.

At 28 I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I didn’t realize then that I might never know, exactly. I…


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The road up and the road down is one and the same

My emotions have been running the gamut since my mother passed away on November 11. I can go from feeling perfectly happy to anger and feeling just down-right morose in a matter of seconds. Granted, I have always had the ability to be a little moody, but this – this I don’t seem to have any control over. Emotions seem to come and go in the blink of an eye. I’m aware of the whole grief thing, and I believe I expect way too much of myself sometimes. I’m trying to just allow myself to feel…


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Dispatches From Curmudgia

When Andy Rooney passed on I was disappointed to find that he would not be replaced by the network. His commentary was a fixture for decades, but was not news and CBS, apparently, had wanted to delete his segment from the Sixty Minutes program for years.

Too bad. I wanted his job. Of course, there would have been the natter of having an adequate amount of crustiness, eyebrows out of control, and the acerbic view of the absurdity of day to day life that he possessed.

From time…


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Will the RCEP Kill the TPP and Why You Never Heard of Either One

(This is the first of two posts regarding an extremely dangerous free trade treaty, known as the Transpacific Partnership, that is being negotiated in total secret – and a new treaty, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, China and some ASEAN nations are promoting)

If video won’t play, go to…


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Ode to Thing Found in My Cat's Hairball

O whorled, swirled bezoar so spherical,
4/3 Pi r cubed is your volume empirical.

Your coiffure once cloaked points both adjoined and antipodal,
Now shucked, shows your surface to sate the occipital.

Your chatoyant pattern leaves admirers in awe.
Now, if I can just keep shut that cat's gaping maw.

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for as much as I love it I hate it

your mouths wagging and wagging

dumb asses  got nothing better to do

who's sleeping with who, who's a slut, who's a bitch

and I talk myself, gossiping along with gusto, got no right to get pissy

and yet still I am

listening to you all form conclusions that

are based no where near reality

let me show you real

I love who I love regardless of gender, and that does not mean I am fucking them or even want to fuck…


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A letter to A D Coleman, Critic

Of course, most or all photographers know, or should know, who A D Coleman is.  For those who are still kept under the stairs, Mr Coleman is, according to Wikipedia, an unimpeachable source, Coleman was the first photo critic for the New York Times, authoring 120 articles during his tenure.…


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The Before and the Now Tax Mess

In the early 1980’s, when it became apparent that Ronald Reagan could become President of the United States, some backroom deals were made.

The rich wanted their taxes reduced substantially and they were willing to pay for political campaigns if they could get tax relief and if they could get some laws changed allowing them to move some of their work to the Far East.

The Republicans came up with an idea. They would say exactly what they were planning to do because making the…


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My Top Ten Holiday Treats.

This Christmas season couldn't have happened at a better time.

I hadn't realized how profoundly burned out on politics I am right now. Plus, you know, Romney has gone away. He's probably lounging on a tropical beach staining his teeth with so much Strawberry Crush, he could play the lead in the new ABC sitcom, CEO Vampire.

And not only has Mitt git, but so have his Republican nemeses; no more Perry or Bachmann or Cain. The airwaves are no longer dripping in…


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