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Consider this.......

General Petraeus has said he will testify before Senate and House committees in closed door sessions on Friday.

What happens should he tell the committees that he was blackmailed by the administration into presenting his "party line blame it on the video" report on the Benghazi attack? 

Senator McCain (liberal Republican) and Dianne Feinstein ( Liberal Democrat) are pushing this in the Senate. 

Will the Democrats decide to throw the Chicago crowd under the bus in order…


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being a tourist in our own back yard

My Sainted Mother came for a visit over the weekend. Sometimes we lazed around…


Maggie and Mom catching up on culture and society. Yes, that wall is orange.

But we also played tourist, driving on little-traveled state and local roads to no place in particular.

We wound up…


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I mock-shocked our tour guide and an American fellow tourist with this declaration.

But we'd just toured the Hungarian parliament,

a splendid building, a Palace of the People, gilt and all the Euro trimmings, much too fine a place (and too quick a pace) for a pee...which was becoming more urgent.  And I…


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A biographical sketch. c.2012 Fred Hallman

A biographical sketch.

c.2012 Fred Hallman

I am Tamar, formerly a virgin, daughter of …


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My Bout With West Nile Virus

My Bout With West Nile Virus


      I awoke at just after three in the morning on Thursday, the 27th of September in pain.  It was pain so extreme that it was the pain that had waked me from my sleep.  Waking from a dream I cannot even remotely recall, I awoke to the pounding, crushing, burning sensation of my head being placed in a vise and having it…


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To My Surprise

To My Surprise

Left to imagine yesterday
and I continue on
as I imagine each, its way
even imagining today.

Blinddream 11/2012

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Coming To in Austin

I barely make it to Austin  without wetting my pants. I had crossed the Mississippi,  rolled past the cotton fields of Arkansas and onto the blowing, blond grass plains of Texas, past the sign for Fate,  past the sign for Rockwall, past the sign for Austin City Limits and lurched to a stop in front of L's home.


I’d stopped only once to gas up the i-haul and use the restroom, and that was just across the Texas border.   The single person who speaks to me…


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Art in Parenting: Dancing With the Beast

To create art it takes inspiration and determination and vision. To create art when you have children takes dancing, desire and patience. Some choose not to have children for fear that those babes will distract them from art. Some of us choose to become artists only after we have our children. 

This is…


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To President Obama--From Religious LGBT Activists in Uganda

The American Reverend who wrote this along with incredibly brave Ugandan ministers and other activists work with St. Paul's Voice Center, Kampala, Uganda. I have raised up their work before. U.S. evangelists five years ago had encouraged the Ugandan Parliament to make homosexuality a capital crime. It's on the books.
This is an update. 

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The Economy of Words

One look at the calendar confirmed what she had known for weeks. No. That’s not quite true. It confirmed what she knew but had been ignoring. All the signs had been there, but Gabrielle was hopeful that things would be different this year.

Lucy’s silence was always cause for concern. Rarely did it come from just being too busy. More often than not, the busy was an attempt to keep her mind distracted. And it wasn’t that Gabrielle didn’t believe her to be busy. It was just that deep…


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Rocky Mountain High

Along with the re-election of our President, Coloradans legalized marijuana. What does that mean? It is now legal to grow six plants in homes across the state. Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase an ounce from regulated retail stores, but publicly rolling a joint won’t be tolerated inside or outside.

I am sure that early revelers will be out and about smoking a bowl in celebration,…


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The Final Day of the Birthday Weekend

We knew it had to end, this idyllic time we’ve had together. And here it is, the end of 50 years. I’m getting a little weepy tonight, so you’ll have to bear with me.

I managed to tie up my loose ends today. I renewed my driver’s license and car plates, went to the dentist where the technician was impressed with my lack of tartar, returned the rope that the tree guys had left behind, picked up some sundry items and came home to nap. It was a weird nap- one of those where you sleep for…


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ace zipper people

     Call me old fashioned but I've never had much faith in GPS's. Never mind all the times they've saved my ass- I have never been able to get over my basic mistrust of these soulless . . . devices. 

     Friday night I finally learned why, when after three and a half hours on the road, 10pm and a hotel bed sounding pretty danged awesome, HER trusted directional device led us to the far outskirts of Branson, and then declared YOUR DESTINATION IS ON THE RIGHT. 



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Civil Discourse

Last Wednesday, the evening after the general election, our discussion group met to talk about the results. At the time the topic was set none of us knew the outcomes. We get together on the first Wednesday evening of the month.

We meet at the Ratskeller. The name comes from German Rathskeller – council’s cellar – and is typically a basement bar as this is. It is a neighborhood bar in the best tradition. You can get a latte in the morning. There are chips and sandwiches for sale.…


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"The Constellations"

During my early college years, it was Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  The review or reputation of the book didn't matter, if Vonnegut wrote it, I bought and read the book.  A little later in life it was John le Carré.  Sometime after that Graham Greene.  Eventually it was Paul Theroux's travel books (but not his fiction) and an intense burst of Bill Bryson's travel books (hell, I even read his book on the English language, The Mother Tongue).  [yes, I know -- all white men.  deal with…


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Terrie Torgersen Peterson Discusses Social Status, Feminism and Immunization

My latest "Lost Coast Blues" interview was with writer and anthropologist, Terrie Torgersen Peterson, who writes on Open Salon as "Anthropologist Underground" and who has recently signed up for a blog on Our Salon. Terrie says she enjoys exploring in her writing "the intersection of science and culture and my own life as ethnography."

On the show she discussed her recent experiences with what she describes as "the anti-vaccine subculture." As a mother of two children, she joined a…


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Think About America's Economy Like We're a Football Team

This is an edited repost from an OS post of a couple of years ago.

The Republican approach to taxation (and, for that matter, to regulation) is like that of a football coach who befriends the biggest guys on his team. In order to protect them and do them a favor, he puts them in the backfield, leaving smaller guys on the offensive line. This produces two results:



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Red Flags

 Red Flags



     Wrong Astrological sign....





    Talks too much

    Sexy as Hell

   Lover of Crows




  Dangerous Roofer

  Too nice


    Lives by the beach

    Good with his hands.







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Memphis and The River

The car rolled downhill at first. From Knoxville to Memphis, the i-haul , my groovy Apple-looking car that hauls ass and hauls my stuff, drops me out of the green, rolling hills to a plain. . Not unpleasant, don’t get me wrong, just flatter. The…


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Hemingway Test – Chapter 2 (Harry and Joe)

Launched into the world for the day with a wet kiss and a butt pat from Miriam, Trueblood stood on the porch of his Georgetown brownstone and squinted into the morning fog, searching the street for his ride. He spotted steam spiriting up from behind two vehicles parked half a block down. One he recognized as belonging to the neighbor who worked at Agriculture. So the other must be...he watched the maroon SUV pull out from behind his…


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