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Christmas Nostalgia

I would give almost anything to experience just one more time the joy and anticipation of Christmas I felt as a child.  That was a time when it was okay to believe in magic; that this portly old dude in red velvet could perform feats that boggled the youngest of minds. 

My family made all kinds of magic, far above and beyond the call of duty.  On this Christmas Eve in my childhood the house would be devoid of all decorations – no wreaths, no tree, no presents, no nothing.  It was just…


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If there Is A War On Xmas, Xmas Won

I celebrate Christmas and most folks that I know do. Even a few of my Jewish friends celebrate the secular side of Xmas - and truth to tell, all the fun is secular. The Xmas tree is German pagan, mistletoe is Celtic. The day itself was the birthday of the unconquered sun. And food and drink are food and drink.

The more religious among Christians are often horrified by Xmas's excess.

If you work in an office, cubicles will be decorated, Xmas cards will be passed… Continue

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A Holiday Repost: חג חנוכה שמח Chag Chanukka Sameach (Happy Chanukkah)

It's Christmas Eve and almost everybody knows that story, but at sundown another Holy Day celebration begins and other than earworm children's songs about Dreidle and lighting the candles of the Menorah, most Americans, including many Jews, don't know a lot about the actual origins celebration of Chanukkah.  Here's a repost for any who might be…


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Christmas in the Trenches

(This was re-posted by request (you know who you are). I wish to assure people it's not about war or even Christmas, but is meant to illustrate that under the most horrific of circumstances, human beings have the ability to rise above themselves.)



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The Most Wonderfullest Christmas Ever

It was the mid-80s, and I was a young man on the verge (at least in my mind) of getting old. It was Christmas time, which made the passing of youth that much more painful; I remembered the year I found both a basketball and a bb gun under the tree, and all the bright promise that lay ahead of me as a gun-toting sports hero, blasting into some one-gas station town like Knob Noster, Mo. to shoot free throws and squirrels.

But now I was, as Chuck Berry might…


Added by Con Chapman on December 24, 2016 at 6:58am — 2 Comments

Donald Trump: What Malinnant Narcissism Looks Like

Note: This does not pretend to be a formal psychological evaluation. While I am a 30-year veteran mental health professional who has assessed, evaluated,  diagnosed and treated many hundreds of clients and who was for a number of those years particularly interested in the special challenges of working with people with personality disorders, I free admit this is an informal series observations and thoughts based entirely on Donald Trump’s public behavior and is based on public records of his…


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Pagan Priest Wins Right to Wear Goat Horns in License Photo

Pagan Priest Wins Right to Wear Goat Horns in License Photo:  A Pagan priest in Maine has won the right to wear goat horns in his driver’s license photo, with the court ruling that the horns are actually “religious attire.”  

Great news! …


Added by Johnny Robish on December 17, 2016 at 9:00pm — 7 Comments

It's the Effort That Counts

I've been down for the past few days, taking things personally again that aren't personal. I'm not sure how else to respond to an inconsiderate person but I'm thinking on it. He's impartial in his last minute demands, so I know that it's not personal to me. How would you respond to someone who knows that you have a timetable and insists on violating it just because they couldn't be bothered to be more…


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Snowmageddon, Coldpocalypse...

(Just not Icetastrophe - that's a grade B, C, possible Z movie made in Hope, whereby an alien ice somethingorother comes from outer space and lands right in front of the Hope post office and starts gobbling up the earth ... available on the internet for people who are terminally bored ... or drunk ... or Hope fanatics...)

We got dumped on.…


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Thought For the Day - 17 December 2016

Thanks to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me", this is true:
Rent a Jew. And, of course, it's in Germany.

Added by Robert Young on December 17, 2016 at 9:22am — 4 Comments

At the Repo Man's Christmas Ball

It was the depths of a recession,

And real estate prices had fallen.

Some contractors were overextended

And their creditors were callin’.

Me? I was just doing my job

Arranging for repossessions

Of cranes and ‘dozers and backhoes and such

By gun-for-hire Hessians.

One was a guy named Rocco

with a gooseneck trailer and truck.

Another was known as just “Jimmy”

By those who were down on their…


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Arm Twisting

This recent President-elect is a louse.

I know that is disrespectful...to other louses.

I say that because he is stupid.

“Art of the Deal”?  Ghost written. Can’t even write his own book about what he does/doesn’t do.

Way too stupid.

Can’t finish sentences when he speaks.

Way too stupid.

Can’t tell the truth to save his soul.

Way too stupid.


Some people think it’s not PC to use a term like stupid. It’s demeaning to people…


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Understanding an Under-recognized Ethnic Group, the Scots Irish

A former business partner once told me that the only thing we can count on is change, shortly before everything in my life changed for the worse.  Over time things got much better.  It seemed that a wrenching change was necessary in order to make things better.

Things are changing rapidly in the world as it is being swept through some global zeitgeist toward a new, frightening, more authoritarian, less democratic, oligarchic world order. This is an exploration of the influence…


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The Emotion Scale - 11 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Clarity Nice visits the headquarters of Herbaline in Orange County, a herbal, diet and weight prevention company, known for its aggressive marketing methods. Seeing on a corporate chart that the president of the company, Lyle Matchett, has never been seen and is not shown anywhere in the annual report of the company, Clarity decides to…


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I give up

Snopes even says it's real.

Go read about it there because I can not…


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The First People Trump Screws Will Be the People Who Put Him in the Position to Do So: Here's How He's Doing It:

I've been preaching this since the 'results' were in on Election night:

The white working class voter has been duped and played big time with perhaps the biggest con…


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Wildlife Officials Say Jaguars From Mexico Migrating Into US

Wildlife Officials Say Jaguars From Mexico Migrating Into US:  The Arizona Fish and Game Department says a preliminary analysis suggests there is yet another new wild jaguar in the area, believed to have crossed over the border into the US from Mexico.  Republican officials are expressing concern that if allowed to continue unabated, Mexican jaguars may soon start taking all the good mountain lion jobs here in the greater southwest. …


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Frozen In Time, Frozen In Place

The region is iced in. Roads are impassable except for emergency services.

This is a rare event in the area and can cause great damage. A big branch broke off the pear tree out front and narrowly missed my truck. My house is elevated form the street and it's not even safe to to try to make it to the sidewalk.

I'm glad.

My life-long friend died the other day.Alone in the life he chose. We were the tightest of neighborhood friends, through college,life changes,…


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There are still a few things we can try before January 20, 2017...

Hello my dear OS Friends, it's been a while.  :)

As Trump makes his appointments, we may be getting more & more concerned... but here are a few things  we can still do:

1.  Petition asking electors to vote for Clinton…

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"The Delicious FLOGGING of MITT ROMNEY"! Satirized for your Pleasure!

enyone who's been watching the King's Court being filled lately couldn't have missed…


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Trump trusts his gut

Posted by Dicky Neely on July 21, 2018 at 2:11pm 0 Comments

Apartheid Version 2.0

Posted by Safe Bet's Amy on July 21, 2018 at 7:32am 4 Comments

Dreaming at My Age

Posted by Ben Sen on July 20, 2018 at 7:00pm 0 Comments


Posted by Ben Sen on July 20, 2018 at 11:14am 2 Comments

Off With His Head!!!!!

Posted by Safe Bet's Amy on July 20, 2018 at 7:03am 11 Comments

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