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Fly the Potty-Mouth Skies

A children’s book author was thrown off a flight when he began swearing about a delay, using the f-word.              

                                                                                News item.

“Uh-oh–Mr. Writer Man said a swear!”

You know, people think being the best-selling author of the Pokey Little Bunny™ series of children’s books is nothing but cream-filled cupcakes, but they’re wrong.  There’s a lot…


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Tennessee Inmates Escape Jail Through Broken Toilet

Tennessee Inmates Escape Jail Through Broken Toilet:  The manhunt is on for two of the remaining six escapees who fled a Tennessee jail through a hole which housed a leaky toilet, after earlier plumbing repairs weakened the concrete used to encase the wall-mounted toilet…


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The fungibility of time, space, and matter

So it's been over a year since I've been here. Many familiar names are still around, I see, and it's good to see you and remember the good times and reads past.  I'm sorry I've been absent.  I have a plausible, if not wholly exonerating excuse.

Over a year and some are gone, I understand, now forever. I am the same, and yet I am not the same.  The things I wanted, that I was clear about seeing in the future, like finishing things I started, that dread n-o-v-e-l, they all got…


Added by Helvetica Stone on December 26, 2016 at 9:59pm — 9 Comments

the anniversary of the loss of my tiny ella fitzgerald & a day of grace, a respite from Our Voldemort provided by Deadwod! such excellent company!

my official service dog ellie mae passed away 3 years ago, at christmas time. i recently found this photo of my girl, the best one ever because it was taken by a photographer friend with a superb non-smartphone camera. she's wearing one of the fuzzy sweaters that i made for her. not one of the Chia Pet ones that were so popular, the ones where i added cotton yarn to the furry ones and that made it stand up so she looked like a teeny hedgehog. i'll see if i can find some shot of those. they…


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How American Exceptionalism Has Been Undermined By the Left

America has been a beacon of hope for the masses ever since the nation successfully fought for its independence from Great Britain. The one single factor that determined a critical distinction between the US and all nations of the world was the Constitution and Declaration of Independence-two documents…


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One Ridiculously Long Sentence Monday, with apologies to John Lennon and Gordon Osmond

All we are saying

Is give

a guy who encouraged violence at his rallies,ran for President with no public service experience, mocked a reporter for being disabled suggested we actually use nuclear weapons, cheated a lot of small businesses, manufactured his own goods overseas, used antisemitic imagery from an antisemitic website in an ad,

suggested that a foreign power hack the US government in order to help elect him,

gave the head of a mafia family a ride in his… Continue

Added by koshersalaami on December 26, 2016 at 3:49pm — 11 Comments

2016--From Relief to Optimism

2016—From Relief to Optimism

The first source of relief dates back to the U.S. Constitution—Presidential Term Limits. FDR inspired the amendment; BO proves its value. The imminence of BO’s presidential (and hopefully political) demise has produced panic, or what Newt Gingrich referred today as “frenzy” to do “big” things in pursuit of a positive legacy. Ex-president elect BO is no great fan of term limits; indeed, he is reported to have told an interviewer that he would have won…


Added by Gordon Osmond on December 26, 2016 at 2:40pm — 6 Comments

End of democracy - GUEST POST

So summarily doing away the ole Xmas spirit here, my fb feed popped up this interesting article that presents the demise of American democracy in a way I'd not seen or heard so clearly presented before, certainly never thought of on my own. But it does seem possible, possibly likely. Certainly likely if the "party before country" Republicans continue to succeed.

But here I am, away from home without a conventional keyboard or decent sized screen - and not any formatting options at… Continue

Added by nerd cred on December 26, 2016 at 1:20pm — 16 Comments

The Day After Christmas for a Teen Girl Lifeguard

Hi Amanda, I can’t meet you at the mall, I have to work today–ugh!  So I’m lifeguarding at the Town Pool.  I’m not SUPPOSED to be texting but I don’t care.  They don’t pay me enough to care LOL!

There’s only three people in the pool, all fat, gross and ugly adults trying to work off weight from all the food they’ve been stuffing in their pie holes since Thanksgiving.  Promise me if I ever get obese like my mom you’ll just shoot me, okay?


“I’m going on my…


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Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Perform at Trump Inauguration

Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Perform at Trump Inauguration: While many big-name performers have apparently been saying no to performing at the Donald Trump inauguration, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has become one of the few well-known acts to say yes to the event. My word! That’s one gigantic organ that Tabernacle Choir has there! Bet you'd have to have pretty big hands to play an organ that big correctly.…


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A Need to Know

I need to know what happened. I have nightmares about someone trying to enter bedrooms that I am in. I had that flashback at the physical therapist that put me back in that bedroom. This morning I was half asleep in bed and someone jiggled a doorknob on the television that put me back into that bedroom. It's obvious that some part of me remembers that night, and I have a history of dissociation from my…


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Happy WInter Holiday, Our Salon

To all Our Salon bloggers, thank you for another interesting, informative, funny, and wonderful year.

With much…


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Too Late for a White Christmas Here, Remembering Past Snowfalls

On January 6-7, 2014 the North Pole vortex “spun out of control”, and record lows were set over a broad expanse of the U.S.  A low of 6F was recorded in Atlanta, and at Brasstown Bald – the highest point in Georgia – the low was -6F.  A low of -2 was recorded at our home. This was not a record.  The record here is -11F set in 1985.

This year strange things have been happening in the Arctic.  Sea ice has failed to form as the North Pole is 36 degrees Farenheit warmer than usual.  Polar…


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Ignacio's Special First American Christmas

This is a story of a teenaged boy whom I will call Ignacio. He was brought to America from a village in South America to live in a small town for a year as a foreign exchange student.

He lived with the Cash family. Mr. Cash owned a feed and grain store, and Mrs. Cash was a homemaker. They had three children, a boy about Ignacio’s age and two girls, one older and one younger.

Mrs. Cash wanted to climb the social ladder in the small town where they lived. The…


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The Judas Paradigm

"Don't let them kill you!"

Judas asked that this conversation be held away from the others even though they were to be a group without secrets. Jesus… Continue

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Justin Bieber Books Virgin Galactic Space Flight

Justin Bieber Books Virgin Galactic Space Flight:  Embattled teen heartthrob Justin Bieber and his manager have reportedly booked a $250,000 space flight on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.  Good grief, isn’t there enough trash floating around in space already?…


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A Christmas Card


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(Medjet helped with the title, I'm stationed on her feeding area which is, in most houses, the kitchen table.)

Holidays. We have them all year but the only ones centered around hearth and family are the ones on the cold butt end of the year. Why is that? We're lacking vitamin D and exercise and, in older times, fresh…


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CTHULU RISES...the gates of hell open wide and demons fly out...our species is doomed...

A cosmic joke. By the invading alien space lizards. Or Jehovah – who always had a nasty side. Or some of the crazier pagan gods, wakened by modern worshippers who knew not what they did.

Those whom the gods would destroy (all of us), they first make mad.

How to explain things like this…


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Christmas Nostalgia

I would give almost anything to experience just one more time the joy and anticipation of Christmas I felt as a child.  That was a time when it was okay to believe in magic; that this portly old dude in red velvet could perform feats that boggled the youngest of minds. 

My family made all kinds of magic, far above and beyond the call of duty.  On this Christmas Eve in my childhood the house would be devoid of all decorations – no wreaths, no tree, no presents, no nothing.  It was just…


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