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Happy New Year EST

Happy New Year to whoever reads this

I'm visiting my mother in law in a retirement community in Cincinnati. Their New Years party ends at about 9:00, balloon drop and all, because they go to bed early.

I phoned the Naval Observatory, where they have the atomic clock, and reached them just as they said the time was zero hours, zero minutes, zero seconds.

i kissed my wife.

I went into the hallway where my daughter sits with a computer seeking better… Continue

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First Christmas Ever with the BLP and Mister HouseHead

Over the years, the Christmas season,  fraught with expectations and obligations, has become problematic for me. It was different when my children were small- I enjoyed their anticipation and the fun of watching them revel in the rituals of decorating, of holiday treats and baking, of gift choosing and wrapping, of visits with family and friends. It was never about the religious aspect at all. The mythology and pageantry, and the old familiar music!  and the sheer fun of the season were all…


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Thanks to sky, this one's also up over at Open!!!!



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Report Card on Selma, the Movie

Casting: A-

Cinematography: A

Screenplay: A (Paul Webb)

Lead Actor:  A+ (David Oyelowo)

Lead Female Actor: A  (Carmen Ejogo)

Direction: A  (Ava DuVernay)

It is one thing to watch the news on one’s black and white television set, news that was selected and edited and scrutinized for pubic consumption.  Seeing it courtesy of Walter Cronkite was…


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Arrrhhhh!!! Bamboozled by a 'Born Again" Pirate Wannabe!!!!

Some times things don't work out and in the case of the pirate ship it appears I got screwed.  On Monday afternoon after I loaded the last of the 18 or 20 boxes of my worldly possessions onto the boat, I was returning the two wheeled cart to the dock gate when I ran into the marina…


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Won Sentence Wednesday on the shooting of cops

For those who think the answer to anything is targeting random police officers:

Never forget that police officers are government employees and that what warrants attention is not what they do but what that government holds them responsible for because that is what ultimately determines what they will do in the future.

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Upfaked Out of My Love Shoes

It was a New Year’s Eve in the ’90′s

and I was at loose ends.

I decided to skip the midnight show

and go to a party with friends.

After the obligatory dance with my hostess

to her then-favorite popular song

(If memory serves correctly,

it was Lionel Ritchie’s “All Night Long”),

I scanned the room for possibilities

and was struck by a frame that loomed ahead of me.

A dirty-blonde woman in a little black dress,



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i went out yesterday!/best hairstylist ever/photos of ruby, sheepie & the monster & gary cooper!!

first of all, the link to my post on OS so you can see what this is about and not just get the visuals. i will just paste in the OS post later on for those of you who don't want to frequent OS.



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Me and J.D. Salinger at Burger King

Newly-discovered correspondence reveals that reclusive author J.D. Salinger thought Burger King’s hamburgers were superior to those of other fast-food chains.

                                                                  Associated Press

Fine–have it your way.

I’m sitting in the Burger King on Route 30 in Framingham, Mass., nursing a cup of bad coffee.  Apparently the #2 hamburger franchise in America isn’t following…


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                                                          Into an empty year we go

                                                          Taking in new molecules



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Reno guy - now with orbs

Here he is, making a hole in the counter to accommodate the stove-top.

Arrival of the counter -

He's not…


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10 things I'd like to see in the new year

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Just rewards: Dick Cheney and company are indicted and tried for their crimes against this country and humanity, including the torture they approved and the lies about weapons of mass destruction that got us embroiled in endless wars in the Middle East, resulting in the loss (and still counting) of so many lives on all sides. They are all found guilty, guilty, guilty.

Law and disorder: Cops across America are stripped…


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The Year in Blogging: More Than Just Sonny Tufts

As I look back on 2014 and prepare the Gerbil Interactive Media Group (Gerbil News Network, Gerbil Sports Network, Gerbil Entertainment!) for a public offering in the white-hot stock market of 2015, it is appropriate that I give potential investors a candid and unsparing view of our business prospects.

How’re we doing, as the late Ed Koch (1924-2013) might ask?

Koch:  “What did I do to deserve this…


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In the church I come from—which is not at all the same church to which white Americans belong—we were counseled, from time to time, to do our first works over. 

To do…


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The One Trick Party

The Paramount Western set as seen in an episode of The Brady Bunch

Photo credit: …


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A New Year Story


                 She paused at the gate and gazed at the moon which seemed to beckon her into another realm magnetically.   A tree to her…


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At the Post-Christmas Sponging House

It’s the week after Christmas, too soon for the dreaded envelope containing the credit card bill for ill-fitting and ill-advised purchases that have already been forgotten or broken, but which have yet to be paid for.  I’m sitting in our little colonial town’s sponging house, waiting for the next shipment of debtors who’ve maxed out their credit lines and gone, in the words of Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond.…


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Want your work on the air? Send pieces to the program on Twitter @jwolf41387. 

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