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Eli, these cookies, uh, taste funny


"ELI, what the hell kind of cookies are these and where did you get them?"

I did actually know where they came from- gwammas', Christmas Eve when he visited. The brightly decorated sack had ridden in the console of the truck since then when he returned.

Today, after I lacquered the driftwood...


...well, I was a bit hungry, enough to be curious about the contents of same said sack.

I pulled one…


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broken family xmas

The son is visiting his mother, her mom who is Gwamma Bev, and his cousins and Uncle Eddie (whom all I dig), and step aunt from that side of what was once our family (she's awesome also), this afternoon-evening, Christmas eve. It's still his family, actually, isn't it.. I dig them all, mostly. 

She.. his momma, sent me a text last night. Said "you're a cunt! Have a nice night." I didn't reply to that one, nor to the one before that a couple of days ago that…


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Weird Stuff for Christmas


I combed the cat


 Interlochen  in Arlington, Texas. A really cool neighborhood to travel on Christmas Eve when the radio stations are playing the commercial free Christmas music.



It's about…


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A First Christmas Memory

I  can't do it. I just cannot pour out all of the angst that was my life on this page. I want to remember the good stuff tonight, so here is the first Christmas I remember...

Once upon a time, there was a family that gathered together for the holidays. The mother had passed away, but all of the children and their children would gather at the oldest daughter's house with their father and celebrate the joy of their family.

The middle child drove over one year from the neighboring…


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Christmas in 1920s Upstate New York (OS Archives 2011)

The newspaper was found among the multitude of papers she left behind, just a small circular from her hometown in upstate New York. None of her children ever knew she wrote about her childhood memories of Christmas during that last Christmas season she was alive, or that it was ever published. Her written memories might have been lost forever if I wasn't the daughter I was, the one who threw all those papers in boxes when she died and slowly over the years has been sorting the…


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A Good Time on Date Night

Bob arrived at 8:00 on the dot. He was good that way. If he gave his word, it was as good as gold. He parked his car in the drive and made his way to the front door.

I was ready and waiting. A new dress, hair silky and freshly washed. Sheer silk stockings, high heeled shoes. Sexy new undies for later...

Bob held my coat for me and escorted me to the car. It was a nice car; long and sleek, heated leather seats that a girl could get lost in. The car purred away from the curb and…


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13x30: My Weight Loss Story

Popping hoodia-caffeine pills and letting them convince me that I don’t need to eat today was the easy part. Some days they worked. Some days they didn’t. Some days they worked very well and I would be staring at a fully stocked pantry without a single connection made between what my eyes saw and what my stomach had been lacking all day.

For 55 dollars, I had bought 60 pills before the husband moved out. I didn’t…


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How Puff Saved Christmas- a poem- or "Why Is My Fireplace All Wet?"




Gather around and I will tell you a tale

 Of how Christmas was saved

By a cat and her tail


Santa was making his rounds in the sky…


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One year ago today

One year ago today I was preparing for the final exam in Management Science. My dog Lance was stil alive, though failing. He probably was growing the cancer by now, was having real difficulty walking. His bed had been moved to the hall so I could keep a better eye on him. He was also "messing" in the house, though not urinating, so I was counting that as a plus. I was stressed because I wasn't accepting that he was failing.

lance on snow    …lance


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The Premise of the Story- OS Weekend Fiction

At work one day, a character finds something troubling in a coworker’s desk drawer. What is it, and what happens?

So I read this and I start to think, what could the troubling item be? A bloody knife, a box of condoms, a dead squirrels tail. My cat.



stoned cat

Puff on…


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Perfect by Fairground Attraction



I like this song because it makes me feel joyous and hopeful. It also validates my feelings about relationships in that you shouldn't settle for second best. I have stayed with men that I knew weren't right and that makes it hard to trust myself to pick a good one.
"I have been foolish
Too many times
Now I'm determined
I'm gonna get it…

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The Guy on the Tube- OS Weekend Fiction

 Once upon a time, long, long ago, and maybe not so long ago, but sort of long ago, if you look at things in a relative kind of way,

You mean like Aunt Sue?

and no, not those relatives. Think astrally.

 So there was a girl and there was a guy.

Aren't there more than one guy and one girl? I see a whole lot of them every day.

Okay, there are lots of girls and guys but I'm thinking of only one girl and only one guy. Why in the world are you being…


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