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Media Fans Flames About Comey Letter: FBI Director Should Resign, and so Should Huma Abedin

FBI Director James Comey's incredibly reckless and irresponsible letter to several Republican Congressional Chairmen (copied to Democratic Ranking Members) only eleven days before the presidential election, disclosing further investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails after essentially exonerating her in July, has dominated news broadcasts.

Director Comey's missive made reference to emails possibly connected to the Clinton brouhaha, found in an unrelated case, emphasizing it wasn't…


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Famous Last Words.....


 Huma Abedin: "Honey? Could you set up my IPhone for me?"

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It took me decades to stop wearing my father's underwear.  I asked my therapist the significance of that fact.  He's still working on it.

            Let me explain:

            I don't mean that for years, on up into my adult life, I was, at any time, wearing my father's actual underwear.  If that were so I wouldn't be asking my therapist about it.  I would be living at my therapists, curled up at night on the waiting room carpet and doing little chores during the day, like…


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by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

You heard me. Put it down. I don’t care if it says “LGBTs for Trump.” An audience member at that Greeley, Colorado rally held it and you took it and paraded around the stage with it. You have no right to touch the rainbow flag.

You’re not pro-queer or pro-trans. You’re not my friend. 

Perhaps it was a Halloween joke. Is that it, Donald? Were you actually mocking my community? That’s easier for me to believe…


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Playing the Race Card: The Comey Gambit to Bind Clinton to Obama

FBI Director, James Comey is a card carrying Republican. It shouldn't take much to connect the dots. 

Lynch and others told him not to defy protocol and FBI tradition and he ignored what amounts to be a directive from a superior.

If nothing else, insubordination is grounds for summary dismissal. Comey's days are numbered, but he knew that he would be toast the moment he sent his letter to no one but congressional Republicans.

Reid sent his letter of protest, angst, and…


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Thought For the Day - 1 November 2016 [update 3 November 2016]

It will be discovered, some months from now, that the Abedin email dump on the Weiner machine were planted by rogue (or so it will be claimed at the time) FBI agents using the copies made from the private server.  These will be the self same agents who demanded further action against Clinton during the initial private server inquiry.  Unrequited, they set out to elect Trump.

[update] Well, that didn't take long:…


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Happy Rhythm 'n Blues Halloween

As I walk down the streets of my neighborhood and look at the Halloween displays that decorate the lawns and porches, I’m struck by how trite and predictable everything appears.  Tombstones angled crookedly out of the ground; cobwebs spread over shrubbery; skeletons, witches and ghosts.  Forget about the hazards to trick or treaters from silent but deadly hybrid cars speeding down darkened streets; it’s a wonder the kids don’t die of boredom.…


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     In Hawaii even the things scattered on the ground are exotically beautiful.  The details of this world are something to take notice of.  



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Trump trusts his gut

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Apartheid Version 2.0

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Dreaming at My Age

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Off With His Head!!!!!

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Birth of a New Day

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