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Ted Cruz Claims Colorado Killer a Transgender Leftist Activist

Ted Cruz Claims Colorado Killer a Transgender Leftist Activist:  Texas Senator Ted Cruz is claiming that the person who opened fire on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado was actually “registered as a woman and a transgender leftist activist.”  Really?  My question is, where would one go to register as a “transgender leftist activist?”  One thing’s for sure, given the fact that he has 18-inch arms and a huge, raggedy beard, I doubt he’s gonna be asked to join…


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So in scrambling to…


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Still the Yucca brevifolia in this Mojave…


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what visions

what creatures

do our minds begin to see…


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Aren't they bored?

Aren't they weary of strangers



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Climbing the back side of the Sphinx…


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The Wild West

The wild wild west…


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What's with men's suits anyway

What's with men's suits? And all the fiddling with the damned two suit buttons? I only noticed recently as a result of watching the Colbert reincarnation. (Now I see Noah Trevor does it too. Not Larry Wilmore – perhaps because of his sturdy build and mostly sitting.)

I am trying in vain to remember when I might have viewed a man in a suit in Real Life. And mostly on TV they're talking heads, no bodies. It was only with this bouncing up and down that Colbert does to…


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Red and Green


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It Was A Bird

A friend asked me on e-mail Sunday morning how the holiday dinner had gone. I replied:

We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Friday, sandwiches last night, maybe some hot version tonight.

It was our counter-move to SIL preparing the dinner on Thursday. When we arrived I saw the bird…


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"Hepcat" Herb Clark, Bongo-Playing Poet Narc

"Beatnik” George Bermudez, an undercover narcotics officer, learned to play the bongos, memorized Oscar Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading Gaol,” and became a published poet in order to infiltrate drug rings.

Review of “St. Marks is Dead” by Joel Millman, The Wall Street Journal


“After I finish my solo do you guys want to buy and sell some drugs?”


As I rang the bell to the “pad” where I was told a crazy drug party was in…


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Willie Dixon . . . and Me

Worcester, Massachusetts is not even a byway, much less a highway, of the blues. Mississippi’s Highway 61, Memphis’s Beale Street, Chicago’s Stony Island Avenue, home of the Burning Spear–those public ways will take you to the blues, but not the streets of New England’s second-largest city.

Image result for isiah thomas

Isiah Thomas: “Who me? I wasn’t even born then!”

Worcester is better known for Isaiah Thomas (the colonial printer, not the basketball player), Bob Cousy (the…


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The Tao of Mourning

My husband tells me I can be a very foolish gweilo sometimes. Frequently. Almost all of the time, really. I suspect I share a viewpoint with my recently deceased friend, Roger Margason (aka Dorien Grey), that life ought to be one way, though it frequently decides to do as it damn well pleases and without our consent. In this particular case, I assumed any mourning I would be going through for my father would have run its course two weeks after his passing. That was a week ago. And it ain’t…


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$13 billion for a frigging warship?!

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

A country that can spend $13 billion on one single warship while millions go hungry every day and countless others are homeless and living on the streets is a country that has absolutely no moral compass. Especially since that same country keeps cutting benefits for those who are down on their luck.

The warship, which will debut in 2016, is called the USS Gerald Ford, named for the president who pardoned Richard Nixon AKA Tricky Dick after he was…


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Believers Find Miracle in Bleeding Communion Wafer

Believers Find Miracle in Bleeding Communion Wafer: Many believers are flocking to a Catholic church in Salt Lake City which recently…


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Goodbye Mary

My cousin Mary Bullard Rousseau was 99 when she died on October 22.  It was nine days before Halloween so I'll bet one of the things Mary regretted most was not playing the wicked…


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Me and god

Me and God

I tend not to see him as a person like you or me.  In fact, I tend to think of god more as the universe. 

For me the problem of too many religions is that they try to "belittle" god by making him our size. You know what I mean. The dude's the be all and end all of everything under, over and in the sun, and too many of us want to see him as the buddy we never had or the man and dad we never failed.

That's not…


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Oh, Papa, Please!

The Pope should be grounded. The problem is deciding who should administer the restriction.

Despite their opulent accommodations, the Vatican digs seem to bore Frankie, who is determined to hop on his plane, hop on his car, and utter utterly useless, and often hilariously silly pronouncements about the state of the world.

In CAR, he said that that his audience should not succumb to fear. What? A family that has been violated by savages who behead and rape its members should not…


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Football Frolics

     It's a late fall evening on the depressing field where two semi-pro teams are squaring off. I've had to sign a waiver both to be on the sidelines and in the dangerously decrepit press box on the roof of the rickety stadium. Smoke from a foundry across the road belches yellow fumes; it stinks right out loud.

     Armed with a Rolleicord twin-lens reflex camera and Graflex strobe, I stare down, following the…


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The Bondyssey #23, Skyfall

Staring Daniel Craig as James Bond, Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva, Naomie Harris as an MI6 agent and Albert Finney as Kincade

Directed by Sam Mendes, produced by Eon Productions and released by Metro-Goldwin-Mayer and Columbia Pictures.

 In 2012 Barack Obama was President of the United States, David Cameron was the Prime Minister of England, Hu Jintao was the General Secretary Of The Communist Party Of China until November when he was replaced by Xi Jinping and Dmitry Medvedev…


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