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creatures in my driftwood

I say my driftwood.

It's not mine, this stump long ago separated from some soggy shoreline way down upon the Suwanee river...


No, not mine, but this driftwood hunk has taken up residence here since I found it on the street on trash Thursday a couple months ago. We keep each other company, neither of us claiming ownership of the other. 

Before you think it... no, I'm not a Thursday trash-diver. I only trash-dive on Tuesday. THAT…


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Originally published on Nov. 28, 2011 on Open Salon.

This is a post about Israel, Jews, and perceived vulnerability. I've read a lot of comments about this particular topic, including one about how the difference in power between Israelis and Palestinians is roughly equivalent to the difference between a car and a dog. 

Maybe so, but it will never feel like that to Israelis, a fact that will always drive policy. If you're going to judge, it helps to understand…


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A Squabble at the Table- OS Weekend Fiction

"Mary Lou, I told you that I'm not going to do it!", he yelled across the table.

"But if you don't, who will?" she calmly countered.

"I don't really give a rat's ass who does it, but I'm Not," he emphatically stated, slapping the table with each word to get his point across.

Mary Lou sat back firmly on her seat. "Fine, then it won't get done," she replied.

"That's just fine with me. Now, how about dinner," Billy Joe asked, quite pleased with himself at…


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Life is change is life is change...

Holidays are about change!!!

That's the dichotomy!

They are about a drawing in, a counting, and a moving on with life!



Nothing stays the same!

People age

People are born

People die

 Pets come and go

Times change

Nothing stays the same!

Ruts are death

Climb out of your rut!!!

Every day is a new…


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Ditches and Divin'- OS Weekend Fiction




I feel a story comin' on. Gather up and come in close. Is ev'ryone here? Good.

A long time ago in a place not too far away I woke up in a ditch one evenin' with no idea how I'd got there. Darn pretty sunset, but bloody effing cold, too. No coat, no shoes. At least I had my pants. The last time I was in that ditch I woke up naked.

What? Oh, you want to know about the last…


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Boy and Men Healing ~ a Year Later (OS Archives 2011)

This week, as the Penn State scandal continues to unfold involving coach Jerry Sandusky's alleged multiple counts of abuse against boys, all boys from Sandusky's charity, "The Second Mile," I felt called to re-post this article written last year at this same time. The article is about a two-part series the Oprah show ran on the hidden epidemic of the sexual abuse of boys and the sweeping ramifications for our society.

I wrote this article after many…


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Ain't all about sex, Baby. It's About You and Me

I believe the same open-mindedness that allows me to entertain the possibility of finding myself interested in a woman is the one telling me there is nothing wrong with chatting up a male co-worker who happens to be twice my age.

My mother would disapprove. My college friends would tell me I need a(nother) mental evaluation. I’m curious which they would consider more socially deviant, a much older man or a woman. But…


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A Ramble that was supposed to be a story...

A look at where I was a year ago...

Where to go, what to do. Trying on the new normal for size. Still needing some adjustment.

Isn't life odd. Humongous events happen that should at the very least cause a glitch in the spinning but the world just carries on. And you're standing outside, listening to music and looking at a bright blue November sky and you realize that the world is oblivious to you. This planet couldn't…


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She Missed the First Snow

Hi. I am here today to tell you that my mother, Lois, passed away last night from complications of Alzheimer's disease. She took a severe turn for the worse Tuesday with no hope of recovery. She will be dearly missed, but she is at peace now.



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The Party of One (OS Archives 2011)

I last wrote about a crazy dream, and its aftermath in my adult life.

Then things got a little crazier.

On Halloween night, 25 hours or so after I posted that last post (although it is listed as October 29th), I saw a meteor streaking across the sky -- not high in the atmosphere, but low, across our backyard. I was looking out of the bedroom window, amazed, when it fizzled and the fiery trail ended in mid-air, ten feet or so above the ground at the edge of our…


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Beyond Unemployment: Re-Constructing Employment

For 24 years I worked with religious dedication to my job. It was dutiful toil punctuated with moments of enlightenment and inspiration. Then I was unceremoniously fired.  

One warm, sunny morning in 2007, I entered my office and found myself on the receiving end of a push from the universe. I was given a box with what were thought to be my personal possessions and a one sentence letter explaining that I was no longer employed. Dusting off the brutality of the moment, I…


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ME featured on CBS news "moneywatch"

Those who have followed me here at OS already know that in late 2008 following the Bush bank bail out (the last Repub rip-off as they exited Capital Hill), I became an unwilling customer of Bank of America.

Unwilling, yes... wasn't my doing. BoA took over the failed criminal enterprise known as Countrywide, therefore becoming my mortgage "service provider."

The frozen and stagnant economy brought on by the banksters and their partners on the hill made…


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A Ransom- Fiction

 She sat huddled in the corner, wishing for a more effective place to hide. True, she was in an abandoned house, but a little bit of cover does go a long way and this place had none. No doors, no windows, not even any dead leaves laying about. Who knew that an old house could be this clean.

She is hiding, of course. The night had started so well. It was her birthday, the big 5-0, and she had been on her way to PAR-TY!!! Good friends, good music, and maybe... Oh well, you know what…


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