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Throwing in the towel

PIllars of Creation*

I have to check out of politics for a while. maybe I'll write bad poetry or even worse prose. Every day it gets harder and harder to see the world fall apart and I cant stand it anymore.

Watching 60…


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Today's Non Sequitur: Rethinking the Second Amendment

Hey ol' boy where you going with those ten assault rifles? 

Added by J.P. Hart on October 2, 2017 at 8:22am — 3 Comments

JARED KUSHNER Voted under the Name 'JAROLDINE'!

Voter Registration records show Donald Trump's daughter-in- (I mean son-in-law), Jared Kushner registered as a woman!…


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Worst Mass Shooting in US History just happened in Las Vegas

Check your news. Country music festival, 64 year old local guy opens fire with automatic weapons from a room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. At least Fifty dead, two hundred injured. Shooter dead, police searching for his girlfriend.

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Lying Sack of Shit Part 2: Tax Reform?

Any tax legislation should include an amendment that requires a presidential candidate to aurhorize the IRS to release her/his tax returns for the ten years preceding declaration of candidacy.

Such an amendment should also include a requirement that the President and all members of her/his immediate family authorize the IRS to release their tax…


Added by Ron Powell on October 2, 2017 at 2:00am — 3 Comments

Sanders - Corbyn, Hillary - May ?

But for our having Sanders, I'd be ready to vote to reunite U.S. under leadership of  Jeremy Corbyn.


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Trump Tweets Tillerson Wasting His Time Negotiating with North Korea:

Trump Tweets Tillerson Wasting His Time Negotiating with North Korea:  A day after his secretary of state said the US had direct communications to North Korea and was “probing” to find ways to resolve escalating nuclear tension between the two countries, Donald Trump tweeted that the secretary of state is “wasting his time” and should “save his energy.”  While I’m no foreign policy expert, I’m guessing that means Secretary Tillerson ought to be taking the…


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Does anyone know anything about Skypixie...he used to e-mail me when my husband was ill. I am almost afraid to ask. I think he took me on as a project and tried to convert me to medical weed. Thing is, I think my husband was a bit put out that I might have more than a casual interest in him. Was re-doing my contact list today and came across his name. At one time when Open was Closing...I asked for a lot of e-mails just in case. Have them somewhere.

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Great Job, Brownie - part the second

Donald J. Quisling continues to bray about how wonderful the response has been to Puerto Rico. One of the news shows had a display:

Haiti earthquake - 50,000 troops and equipment one week in

Puerto Rico - 10,000 troops and little equipment one week in

Donald J. Quisling brays that Puerto Ricans haven't done enough to distribute materiel, which would be funny if it were reasonable. He brays that Puerto Rico is surrounded by water thus,

This is an island…

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Written by Francis Scott Key During the War of 1812, the National Anthem is, itself, a Song of Protest and Defiance.

When  performed by certain individuals you can hear the impassioned plea for redress of grievances, and the expression of love for a country that should perpetually strive to do better for all of it's citizens :

Or, you can hear the expression of the disappoimentt, anger, and hurt when the country seems to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the…


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