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Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas Penalized for Hugging Ref

Seahawks Safety Earl Thomas Penalized for Hugging Ref:  Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was so overcome with emotion after recovering a New Orleans fumble and returning it in for a touchdown that he gave the nearby ref a really big hug, then was immediately penalized for “touching a referee.”  There’s absolutely no excuse for this.  A professional like Thomas should know this is tackle, not touch football.…


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An Amish Campaign Statement





Posted on by…


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Candidate Trump Surrenders His Computer and Passwords

Not really,, at least probably not until His Fraudulence has to eat his shit beginning after 8Nov votes start showing up to begin digging the grave for at least one wing of our national insanity.

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the Great Housecleaning Debacle of 2016 has ended. there was a glitch, of course, because of Godiverse, but, as steven wright says, "you can't have everything. where would you put it?"

now, i have this theory that because Godiverse is very very busy, you have to be very specific with him/her/it. you can't just ask for a good housecleaner. you have to put out in to the ether that you want a cleaner who is not one just in her own mind. so you have to specify that this person not be delusional and that -- would have never thought to have ask about this -- this woman not have a cockatiel that somehow fell out of his/her cage and broke his/her wing. i'm ignorant on the subject…


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WTF: White House to Remain Neutral in Flap Over FBI Director James Comey 's Letter to Congressional Republicans?

In a comment on an earlier post, I stated that President Obama and Attorney General Lynch are confrontational in their demeanor and outlook:

" Lynch and Obama are not pugnacious individuals who would tell anyone to simply go to hell or shove it....LBJ would do so without batting an eyelid."

That’s what I said when I wrote about…


Added by Ron Powell on October 31, 2016 at 5:30pm — 3 Comments

Hillary, the Continued Email Saga

Maybe we needed the Weiner email regurgitation to bring us back to reality. After all, 2 weeks ago, there was the feeling that Hillary was moving towards a really big win, maybe even a landslide, and if a landslide, perhaps Democrats would win both houses of Congress. That feeling is fast subsiding. Yes, Hillary should still win, but as far as Congress is concerned, even if the Democrats manage to take the Senate, they won’t get 60 seats, and the House will remain in Republican…


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Trump Winning Halloween

According to a report by the Boston Globe, Trump is winning Halloween by a wide margin. 

Tump masks, blonde wigs , and orange makeup are flying of the shelves say retailers across the country.

Both candidates are the most popular overall, but the sales say that Trump will win Halloween in a landslide.

This simply proves that DonaldTrump is,  by far, much…


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A Weasel for all Seasons

We can probably agree on at least one thing. Comey is a Weasel

Full disclosure? I have a relative of my nieces ad nephews generation who is in federal law

enforcement. In New York.

What is going on? Internal scuttlebutt is that the FBI were not the agency who took possession of Weiner's…


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A Post for Halloween

"I Was A Teensge Werewollf " was released and shown in theaters in 1957.

Some here are old enough to possibly remember seeing it in the dark on a big screen:

26 years later in 1983, Michael Jackson's watershed,…


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Transcending Reality

Oh my, I found another artist to adore. Paul Delvaux. Something about the French…


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Amazing things you can learn by doing political work in your neighborhood.

I've been estranged from the local Democratic Party organization this season. It's a long story not worth repeating here.  But I will tell you that I finally decided to do political canvassing today for the first time with the coordinated Democratic campaign.

People were glad to see me in action central because I've been away for a long time. Now the way things work, the Ds take computer lists from the county elections division, and they parse them into walking maps with names and…


Added by old new lefty on October 31, 2016 at 3:30am — 6 Comments

Halloween for Greyhounds

My wife and I have 2. This is our second set of retired racing greyhounds. We got our first 24 years ago.

Racers are a specialty breed. They live on a farm or dog track for their first 2 years, so they don’t learn to play (though they are naturally playful) nor do they walk up stairs or learn to interact with humans in the way a Lab might.

They also can NEVER be let off a leash unless in a fenced in area.


We walk our two hounds each Sunday morning at 9 am…


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Happy Halloween!!

                  Well, here we are at Halloween.  There was a time when my childhood friend, Linda, and I went all over the neighborhood as teenagers and scored a big bag of candy each.  I have vivid memories of laying in someone's backyard completely stuffed with sugary treats.  

                  I took my small daughters to the fanciest…


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Redheaded Donors Turned Away at Danish Sperm Bank

Redheaded Donors Turned Away at Danish Sperm Bank:  According to its director, Denmark's Cryosurgery International Sperm Bank - the world's largest - is turning away redheaded donors because ''there are too many redheaded donors in relation to demand.”  Not to be deterred, Denmark’s redheads vow to keep masturbating on. …


Added by Johnny Robish on October 30, 2016 at 8:30pm — 4 Comments

i'm losing my mind. 1 point? they are separated by 1 point!!!! i can't bear this. the FBI guy is being so inappropriate and out of line. wtf is going on?

i knew there would be more emails and there will be more and more and more and more and, meanwhile, the fucking democrats/entertainment people aren't leaking squat? i'm not crazy about hillary but this cannot happen.

you don't have to bother reassuring me. this is just fucking devastating. she's only 300 electoral votes ahead. i know that this probably means nothing. but what if it does mean something? this comey thing is insane. the AG is furious. can't the fucking AG do something…


Added by Theodora L'Engle Knight on October 30, 2016 at 4:15pm — 25 Comments

fascUSt$' Contract on America

Contract on (Kennedy) America

Contract on (Johnson) America

Contract on (Carter) America 

Contract on (Dukakis) America

Contract on (Clinton) America

Contract on (Gore) America

Contract on (Obama) America…


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The New EMail Issue May Flip

FBI Director James Comey's decision to write a letter to Republican committee heads about further investigations of Hillary's e-mails is looking worse by the minute. 

It all starts with a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, which the FBI has because they're investigating allegations that Weiner sexted with a fifteen year old. His now…


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Halloween IS a gay holiday

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Halloween has always been a gay holiday. 

The reason is simple: it was the one day of the year when queers could be ourselves without risking our necks. 

Once upon a time in a universe not that far away and certainly not that long ago, life was a hell of a lot tougher for queer and trans folks than a lot of young people today can ever imagine. Not only weren’t there laws protecting sexual and gender identity…


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OS comments won't post?

OS is particularly flaky lately. I've seen a number of people complaining their comments get lost. I'm guessing if they go back to the post they'll find their comment appears.

Here's my pretty consistent workaround.

  • Type your comment. 
  • Copy the whole comment. 

    Please don't include your name and picture and all that. It's annoying.)  
  • Click on the COMMENT box.  

    Your comment should disappear now.  …

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Halloween Parade

Halloween is the best. The horror and gore version of Halloween, not so much for me, but the masquerade, the costumery, the spectacle.

The fun. That’s Halloween.

Our local theater town throws a parade each year on Halloween afternoon, Main St. closed to traffic, while the Children’s…


Added by Anna Herrington on October 30, 2016 at 10:00am — 21 Comments

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