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Mom, Red Birds, & Intutive Healers

My mother and I had a failure to communicate. That was the perfect line in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”. It became the punch line for late night comics, and teachers trying to be hip. It was a sad, funny line and everyone who used it had their own story. For…


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Me and J.D. Salinger at Burger King

Newly-discovered correspondence reveals that reclusive author J.D. Salinger thought Burger King’s hamburgers were superior to those of other fast-food chains.

                                                                  Associated Press

Fine–have it your way.

I’m sitting in the Burger King on Route 30 in Framingham, Mass., nursing a cup of bad coffee.  Apparently the #2 hamburger franchise in America isn’t following…


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Do You Believe Social Security Will Go Bankrupt?

In a recent comment in a thread on Open Salon, one of familiar right-wingers described Medicare as a “fiscal disaster.”  My first inclination was to ask him to back up that statement.  That, after all, is what he would have said to me had I made a similar assertion with an opposite slant.

My second was to recognize it as another one of those well-worn buzzwords used ad nauseum to describe anything President Obama tries to do.

I thought how often I have heard…


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People of the Book - 62nd Scroll of the Second Book

The Sixty Second Scroll

Abiding to the ritual avelut ("mourning") of King David’s death, Solomon and his brothers received condolences for the week of shiva and attended no marriages nor partook of any festive meals during shloshim…


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Marilyn Monroe was the most objectified woman on the planet.  She started this herself.  Norma Jean created, Marilyn Monroe, blonde sex goddess.  She embodied the essence of female eros.  But she suffered tragedy and her life spiraled downward, making her the victim of her own Hollywood dream.  This oxymoron is symbolized by the product she became, a glittery ornament, that hangs on a tree, suspended as an ultimate sacrifice. …


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     I listened with a steadily rising gorge to the hearings yesterday during which one after the next congressional shill for the narrow interests of the Haves pretended not even remotely convincingly to care for the health needs of their Have-Not constituents whose old insurance plans must by law and quite properly now be ditched for not rising even to minimal levels of…


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Barry! A Citizen Blogger's Commentary on the 44th President


I have launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise funds to purchase copyrighted photos for my book like the one featured. Please go to the link, see the…


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A Town Meeting With the Seniors

I don’t usually attend meetings anymore.  I hate them.  Nothing much ever gets accomplished and I have grown weary of watching people lie to my face.  I prefer to get my lies indirectly; i.e., from the media.

Last night was different, though.  My county has run into a significant budget shortfall (read: mismanagement and malfeasance) and must find a way to cut the 2014 budget by some $75 million.  And this time, unlike in prior years, the budget sharks are circling the…


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Oct. 22nd: Morning, Poor Dude with a Dog, Mike MWNN & Geezer Pass

Morning, Poor Dude with a Dog…: Tuesday morning I woke up weary of the road and ready to bust out on I-40 to drive all the way the Riverside, California with the idea that I could put in a few of days work with my client in Ontario before returning to Novato.  It would mean three more nights in cheap motels but it would put…


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Return to the Nemeton

My instructions were to meet Willow at a store called Crystal's, on a street on the edge of downtown – a somewhat dubious area not far from the Salvation Army's men's shelter, the main prostitution stroll and the neighborhood where edgy young professionals were moving into old houses and factory lofts. Crystal's sold crystals, but the apostrophe was not an error - the owner's name was Crystal. I got to know her in the coming months, but never did find out…


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My New Novel Is On Amazon







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Happy Absurdist Halloween

The half-way point of my Sunday bike ride always makes me fear for the future of this great nation of ours.  I stop at one of the coffee places that mark the turn-around point of my three regular routes, and at each I am confronted by the sad products of American K-12 education.

Talk about absurd–I was nearly killed!


This week was no exception.  One town over from us is a community where the kids are such high achievers that getting into Penn…


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A Halloween Tale

He could not sleep so he went for a walk.  The winter-crisp night was windless.  A full moon candled a sky pebbled with stars.  He remembered the Ibo proverb in Achebe: “When the moon is shining the cripple becomes hungry for a walk.”  And what was that story that described each pinpoint of starlight as the cold cry of an anguished purgatorial soul.  He walked.  He had no destination in mind, no place he particularly wanted to go.  He just walked.

Crossing a snowy field he came upon…


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At the Moral Core of American Health Care

     The problem at the core of the Affordable Care Act isn't a set of computer glitches more or less predictable given its rush-to-market. The crux of the issue isn't even the fallout of the needless complexity Mr. Obama's hybrid government/private insurer compromise the model itself engenders, such as far less real competition (and therefore cost-cutting) in less populous, largely rural states than…


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Prompt and Stories List for 11/1-3 2013

Let's stay in the Halloween "spirit" (har har har), fellow FW fans!

 This week's prompt is:

Write a story that begins and ends in a graveyard.


Or if the prompt doesn't inspire you, feel free to write whatever you'd like, as long as it's fiction.

When you've written your story, announce it in the comments section here.

Happy writing!  

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Interval Training, How Old Is Grandma?

In my latest screenplay, I had a 60 year old woman climb down a ladder into a manhole.  A 20-something reader wrote me that he didn’t think a woman that age could handle it.  I’ve got my social security card. I’ve got an artificial hip.  And I wouldn’t hesitate to go down that ladder to rescue one of my grandchildren (like the woman in the story.)


But, I contacted my friend Jean, who is 8 years older than I am.  No,…


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in a tizzy

Sorry I have been away for so long.

I wrote this a few weeks back and undoubtedly it is shit but somebody told me to post it.



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People of the Book - 61st Scroll of the Second Book

The Sixty First Scroll

The funeral of King David was a momentous occasion.  As the aged queen Mikhal watched from the wall of her tower, the whole of Jerusalem and hundreds more poured out onto the dusty streets of…


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Despite Efforts by Some, Tricksters Resist Healthy Halloween Treats

WELLESLEY FALLS, Massachusetts. Janet Disalvo is, by her own admission, an unreformed hippie.

The mother of three lets the grass in her front yard grow wild, creating a sharp contrast with the well-manicured lawns of the homes on either side of hers. “I don’t really fit in,” she says, “but we moved here for the schools,” whose students regularly score in the top one percent of districts in the state.  She grows vegetables out back, and there are solar panels on her…


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