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"On the Blue Ridge Line, a Collection of Country-Folk-Blues Lyrics, with an exploration of the creative process," by Open Salon's Patrick Gene Frank

Quietly and without fanfare, the book-selling behemoth, Amazon, was able to get their intergalactic division up and running in late September (amazon.intergalactic-services.com). I took this opportunity to order just one book from your lovely planet Earth, and that was:…


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Guilty Pleasures: 70s Songs I Hate to Love

OCTOBER 28, 2010 9:29AM

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1. “Rock the Boat” (Hues Corporation)…


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Feed Your Head With Grace Slick

Singer. Songwriter. Visual artist. Grace Slick. The voice of a generation.

Grace turns 71 years old on October 30th. She stepped out of the singing spotlight long ago because she said she was past her prime. I have to give her credit for making that decision. She focuses her creative energy on her painting these days.

Grace Slick's singing career started off by forming the band The Great Society in 1965 and by 1966 they had a devoted…


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Brain in a Jar

OCTOBER 25, 2010 9:32AM

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My father forbade me to see horror…


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Elgar and My Dad

OCTOBER 21, 2010 2:47PM

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“There are places I remember…All my life, though some have…


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Tom Petty: From Zero to Sixty in Nothing Flat


(For you, scanner! Because you asked.)


Is it just me, or is Tom getting better looking as he ages?


I was not an instant fan of Tom Petty. His nasal twang took some getting used to. But once I settled into the groove, let the lyrics wash over me, and felt the intensity of his songs I slowly fell in “like” with him…and then love. Then the love turned into downright passion…


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What's With All the Hippie Punching?

OCTOBER 18, 2010 11:03AM

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 First of all, I’m an old Hippie, and proud of it.

 When I first heard the…


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Feelin' Groovy With Paul Simon

 (Dedicated to my pal, VA. Hope the tour gets rescheduled soon!) 


What were you doing when you were 11 years old? I was playing with model horses, flying kites, reading everything I could get my hands on, learning to play guitar,  and listening to my older sister’s music collection. Paul Simon was performing in a school production of Alice in Wonderland with his friend Art Garfunkel. By the time they were 13 they were singing harmony while performing at…


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Satisfaction and Mad Men

OCTOBER 12, 2010 11:28AM

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Like many, I’m a big fan of AMC’s “Mad…


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Friday Night Photo (OS Archive - 2010)

pics 265   

One of my favorite walks at the lake goes by this gorgeous old oak...


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OCTOBER 8, 2010…


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Come Together Right Now for John Lennon's Birthday

Any student of American pop culture knows exactly where they were the night of December 8, 1980.

I had just finished working a catering job, tired and exhausted from the hours of cooking, serving, and cleaning up. I jumped in my car and turned on the radio happy to hear Beatles tunes playing for the trek home. One Beatles song after another played without commercial interruption as I cruised the darkened highway and happily sang along,…


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10 Painters

OCTOBER 6, 2010 10:27AM

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There’s just no escaping Open Salon. Two weeks ago my honey and I flew to Paris to celebrate (?) my…


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Three E-Mails: an American Muslim's Response

originally published Oct. 26, 2010

The American Muslim in question was a woman I knew through AOL chat (where I know Jonathan Wolfman from). When Jewish chat was full I used to occasionally wonder over to talk to the Muslims or Atheists. The Muslims had a huge amount of harrassing visitors and, if I was there when that happened, I tried to help them hold down the fort, arguing with the bigoted idiots, particularly the Jewish ones. So I developed a couple of friendships there. The first…


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Steve Miller -He Still Speaks of the Pompatus of Love




Shag haircut, halter top, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and the Steve Miller Band- a snapshot into my high school dance. Everyone was so turned on to his spacey sound as something new and exciting. And on October 5th Steve Miller will be 67 years old. He's still out there performing to adoring fans. While he has not produced new hits that reached the level of his work in the 70s and 80s, fans seem content to hear the songs of their…


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Go Your Own Way, Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham was born near my neck of the woods in Palo Alto, California October 3, 1949. His 61st birthday is just around the corner. I first came to know of him in 1973 when I heard the song “Crystal” from his debut…


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