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Halloween Weather

It was so hot things mummified instead of decaying. The brittle skeletons of former life lay all around with small bugs feasting on the little bits of flesh still fresh. The air was still with only the…


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Rhino nap

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Snowden Reveal Makes Israeli Spies' Protest An American Issue

by NPR Staff

September 21, 2014 4:44 PM ET

Listen to the Story…


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Eliminate Israel? OK, now what?

There are some I’ve come across who think that Israel should not exist at all. I’m not going to justify Israel’s existence here. Instead, I’m going to assume for the sake of this post that these people are right and that Israel should not exist.

I’ll go a step further. Normally, I’d ask how anyone intends to eliminate Israel and reverse the alleged injustice of its creation, but here I’ll treat that as a given and posit that it is within your power to declare the existence of…


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The Sole Remarkable Characteristic of Racist Writers

Their sole remarkable characteristic is the length to which some racists will go to twist language and history (personal and cultural) to maintain their teetering equilibrium in a world fast out-distancing them, hurtling them, terrified, toward a Justice they cannot fathom.…


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A Reverend's Words for Uganda's 2nd Annual Pride Day

362887_d4dd48eeaf514cab9b7026fc3da85ab2.jpg_srz_340_390_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz (340Ã390)
Reverend Patrick Mukajanga

Oh Uganda! 


may God uphold thee, we lay our future in thy hand.  


United; free for liberty.  Together we'll always stand.  


I start out here on the first few line of our National Anthem, because Uganda started out on these lines.  




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For One Group of Boys, Donated Cars Mean a Way Out

SOMERVILLE, Mass.  This densely-populated near suburb of Boston is known as the Rebuilt Engine Capital of the World, in much the same way that Rome is the City of Fountains and Paris is the City of Lights.  Still, the glamour that comes with that renown is meaningless to the young boys who roam its crowded streets after school, desperately looking for something to take their minds off homework assignments.

“It ain’t easy,” says Earl “Chick” LeGrand, who had a few…


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More boots on the ground

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Releasing Your Inner Bigfoot


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To a Prolific and Prurient Authoress of Flash Fiction

Sweetie, believe me, we’re all getting sick

of reading about your boyfriend’s dick.

I’m sure the thing can spring to glory

but must you include it in every story?

If your intent is to shock and awe

by revealing the thing that he likes to paw,

frankly, my dear, I find it a bore.

I’ve seen its like many times before

each morn as I stroll through the locker room-

hence my air of cranky gloom.

Take the word of this poor…


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Souls Still-Born [& latest, related podcasts]

While I'm tempted to re-post several pieces on the abject foolishness of some white people's consistent, insistent and hopelessly shrill demand on minorities for cultural/experiential symmetry, I won't, now, because the minds needing them most are shut like Loperamide-stuffed rectums.

The only salient issue here is that everyone, everyone notices how fatally obsessed are some writers with…

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I was RAK'd!

At the end of a long, hard, painful day, looking and feeling much older than my 50 years, I stopped in the west end CVS for a few items last night. I'm hoping I don't run into anyone I know as I have just enough pride left in my world to rarely venture out in public like that; greasy hair, work-dirty smelly old T-shirt, in ratty sweat pants and without any attempt to be even slightly presentable.

I'm looking for my…


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Racism still strong in America

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A Divine Gate-Crasher at the Antique Car Show

Saturday morning: my usual routine–swim, town dump, dry cleaner, coffee–is brightened today by festivities on the lovely greensward that graces the center of our town, like so many others in New England. I don’t mean our greensward travels around to other towns, they have their own; ours stays right where it is.

“*sniff* I just love the smell of old money!”

The occasion? The annual antique car show, organized by the old codgers who only leave…


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All ears!

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They Didn't Kill the Cat

One of my clients emailed me – she was upset – her cat is dying and she can’t stand to see him suffer – she’s taking him to the vet to have him put to sleep.

I know she has no family members who could go with her, so I volunteered. She accepted.

I met her at the vet’s office.

Her cat hadn’t eaten in 3 days. He was weak. He’d had many medical…


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US News to Add Female Armpit Hair to College Rankings

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Responding to criticism from elite institutions of higher learning, U.S. News & World Report today announced that it would include female leg and armpit hair as a factor in its annual ranking of the best American colleges.

“We have been rightfully chastised for focusing on trivial measures such as the number of books in a school’s library and student-faculty ratio,” said Robert Flanigan, managing editor of the newsweekly that has turned its…


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On PASSIONATE JUSTICE Radio: "Sweet Jesus, White People Dumb as Shit!"; more; Saturday, 9.27.14; 3pm US Eastern





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The Bellagio Wikileak - 5 - Sun on the Rocks

The job Brayfield intended for Clarity was one of easy supervision. She was in charge of monitoring the Bellagio fountain jets, ensuring the pattern shown to onlookers matched a pre-planned sequence that was programmed into the pumps, strainers, electrical panels, and filters by Evans´ domotic program, leased by the Bellagio from the Center, whose complete name was the Central Underground Infostation Center for Symbolic Affairs of Strategic Importance. She turned on her…


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The Cockroach Lawyer

Franz Kafka, author of The Metamorphosis, was also a lawyer.

One morning when the cockroach woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin—a lawyer.  He lay on his pajama-clad back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see that his belly, formerly brown and domed and divided by arches into stiff sections, was now flabby and white, like the underbelly of a trout.  The bedding was hardly able to cover it, and…


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