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I Was Locked In A Room...

I got locked in a room today. The lock shop had been by a couple of weeks ago to fix the latch on an office door on a room that I hide in sometimes at lunch. The rule on campus is that every door must open from the inside no matter what. Lunch was over so I grabbed the door knob and...

Full blown animal brain panic.    The door was locked!    No key hole on the inside.    No   Way   Out!!!    I was going to tear that door into toothpicks and   Get   Out   Of   There!    I was…


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The View From the Top of Our World (OS Archives 2011)

For most of the year, our area's highest peak is a snow-capped, beautiful vision, one that draws skiers and snowboarders who like steep runs in winter and early spring, one that draws a photographer's eye year-round.

This is a shot I took in late July, the view one would see when driving by on the highway.




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54 (OS Archives 2011)

The very last secret in my father's life came on slowly:  teasing our family with that first shocking glimpse, leaving its clues scattered, then hiding so quietly we all forgot its existence. I thought it gone, anyway, but I was a child and hadn't yet learned what pernicious meant. 

Glimmers of that secret's essential nature had started showing itself, first making its presence known to me when I was a young girl playing in a hospital courtyard, circling around and around a…


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Dad had His Own Secret

My father had a quiet secret. He never talked about it and I saw it only once, sideways.

His early life was difficult and without his father. His parents had separated when he was a baby and he only knew his father briefly. They attempted reconciliation when he was eight years…


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The Second Question

originally published Sept. 20, 2011 on Open Salon

Whenever we make a decision, particularly a financial decision, it's important to ask two questions. Everyone asks the first, but the second is just as important:

1. What will it cost us if we do this?

2. What will it cost us if we don't do this?

One of the biggest problems I have with the Republican approach to spending is how often it looks like those guys are ignoring the second…


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The Bookstore and Other Adventures (OS Archives 2011)

"Do you know of a good bookstore around here?" I asked the cashier as she handed me an enormous spinach salad and slice of cheese pizza at this unfamiliar restaurant in this unfamiliar town. We had found this low-slung eatery in the downtown area, sandwiched between Thai cuisine and a bar, if I remember correctly. Thai food had been nixed.

Youngest and I were on a late summer explore, itinerary: his choice.

I thought he would choose the 'Water Slides with Friends' idea…


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Is It Ok to ask proof of existence from Comment Posters?

As a firm believer in a “Supreme Being” I often find myself debating “Separation of Church and State” with people who, as self proclaimed Scientists, Rationalists, Secular Humanists , Objectivists, Atheists, Dawkinsians, and Skinnerites claim that they posses ultimate Reality and Truth because they are not deluded by a belief in a supreme Being.

Furthermore, they often contend that their…


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A Misplaced Article of Faith

originally written Sept. 12, 2011. Of all the articles I've written about pure economics, I think this is the best one. 

When I listen to arguments I pay particularly close attention to assumptions. I’ve found that most of the time the real issues are found here rather than in what’s being said. Lately, I’ve been listening to (and participating in) arguments about economics. A lot of the arguments made seem utterly insane when taken at face value but start…


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Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Taking stock

Of how

I are


How I wonder

How did life

Go so



What you are

 Path that leads

 Note in



Up above…


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Autobiographical Fragments (after Boswell’s Life of Johnson)

From The Autobiography of Neil Allen

[Taken with Fever]

[1995]  Upon my Christ year[1], toward the middle of my time, I was then stricken with such fever as to be rendered unconscious, and my mortal part taken abed for many days.   Those charged with observing me during this period have assured me that though at no time was I anywhere near death, neither was I anywhere close to wakefulness, but rather in that state of…


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Is Obama changing our approach to war in ways we want?

originally published Sept. 5, 2011 on Open Salon. I wrote this post for someone else, a blogger by the name of Markinjapan. I wanted to approach his primary objection to the President in my own language. In those terms, it was a successful effort in that he approved of the content. 

My friend Markinjapan wrote a recent post in response to a comment of mine on his previous post, some of which is leading to what I‘m writing here.…


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