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For Young Cowboy Poets, Hot Practices Only Get Verse

AMARILLO, Texas. Joe Don Mergen has just one week of freedom left before he begins the school year as a sophomore at Darrell Royal High School here, but he says he’s looking forward to Labor Day even though it will mean a return to school books and an end to summer fun.

“It’ll mean the end of two-a-day practices, and I’m all for that,” he says.

Joe Don was a highly-touted halfback at Tommy Nobis Junior High School when a crushing tackle in the last seconds of…


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Study Claims Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine

Study Claims Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine:  Heated debate has greeted an article in a medical journal suggesting sugar should be considered a drug which is as addictive as cocaine.  While I am no scientist, I think if you’re seriously trying to determine if sugar is as addictive as cocaine, you first have to ask two very important questions 1) do people perform sexual favors for a sugar fix and 2) does Eric Clapton ever plan to follow-up on his hit single…


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Goupil: Memiors Of An Assassin


Nothing in this world can match the certainty of an assassin's bullet. The focus and clear-eyed clarity of the… Continue

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Let Afghanistan be Afghanistan

"Let Afghanistan be Afghanistan", says terrorUSt$ adviser*.

above pic, in a time prior to terrorUSt$ financed and armed 'radical Islamic terrorists' delivering horrors to Humanity : Kabul teens in mini-skirts under Marxist,…


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Dueling Banjos

Once again, into the data fray. This time it's not just a trivial pissing contest. Now, this is a hard data field, not some social science feud over macro policy based on fudgy sampling data. It's all about super-priced heart drugs.

Not surprisingly, each side takes issue with the other's study design and data. They question each other's assumptions about…

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Trump Interior Secretary Recommending Shrinking National Monuments

Trump Interior Secretary Recommending Shrinking National Monuments:  In a highly controversial move ordered by the White House, Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will seek to shrink more that 27 designated National Monument sites throughout the United States.  Yea, and something tells me its a pretty safe bet to assume that that monument shrink list isn’t likely to include many Confederate monuments.…


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"BACK TO THE FUTURE"...Trump's Terminus Exodus

Unlike watching porn in reverse - this rewinding of Donald Trump's downfall isn't as predictable; but satirically satisfying nonetheless.…


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Queen Elizabeth Will Not Step Aside for Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth Will Not Step Aside for Prince Charles:  Insiders say that the world's longest-reigning living monarch, 91-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, has no plans to step aside for Prince Charles to assume the throne.  I don’t blame her.  Hell, he looks older than she does.…


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My Love-Hate Relationship with Naked Yoga People

I suppose that it may stem all the way back to my winsomely strange childhood, when I first witnessed a man and woman enjoying naked yoga in my neighbor's lofty tree-hooded backyard. 

I believe this was the first time I had ever seen a penis or a vagina outright, though at the time I had no idea what I…


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BANNON eclipsed/ axed... but even a stopped clock is right twice a day...

hi all. didnt know much about bannon or pay much attn until a few months ago. the Left was really inflamed by him, was not sure what all the commotion was about. so what, editor of Breitbart? but its clear that the washington crowd did not recognize "one of their own" and has been clamoring for his removal since day 1....

who can forget the saturday night live portrayal as the Grim Reaper?[a16] it was about that time, started to pay more attn.

Bannon is…


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If a kingdom becomes divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand; and if a house becomes divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.... In fact, no one that has got into the house of a strong man…


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8/25 6:42 EDT

Amy no longer stands by this comment, which I appreciate - its source was insufficiently vetted.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy 47 minutes agoDelete…


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Scooter & Skipper at the Jr. Algonquin Club

It’s getting close to Labor Day, time for me to check on the kids to see how they’re doing with their summer reading lists. Things haven’t changed much in our little town since I was a boy; every spring when school gets out a prim, lavender-scented woman at our local library draws up a list of ten categories, and parents agree that each boy and girl who reads a book in all of them by Labor Day gets a reward.

Summer reading fun!


There’s fiction,…


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This is as wildly depressingly pathetic a display the world has ever witnessed from a president. I am, incredibly, flung back to the sad ramblings of a heroin-laden Lenny Bruce on stage in his final year, broken, beaten down and spiritually dying, over and over again.…


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A fundraising letter about founding an Israeli equivalent to the SPLC

I belong to the Reform Judaism movement, "Reform" being the name of a denomination. It's the largest Jewish denomination in the US and is now headquartered here though it originated in 19th century Germany.

One of its functions is something called the RAC, or Religious Action Committee. This is really more of a Social Action Committee, organizing around various liberal causes. The Reform movement is liberal for religious reasons. (Not that conservative members aren't accepted,…


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Treasury Secretary’s Wife Apologizes for Instagram Sniping

Treasury Secretary’s Wife Apologizes for Instagram Sniping:  Louise Linton, the actress wife of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, apologized for demanding to know how much a female critic pays in taxes after the woman called Linton out for highlighting her expensive clothing as she exited a government plane.  Not to be critical, but her apology sounded more like “I’m so sorry.  It was inappropriate and insensitive of me to encourage the poors to feel…


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President of Arizona


President of Arizona

President of (…


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scenes of racialization (are everywhere)

Every week I hold an orientation session for the newly incarcerated inmates at Auburn Correctional Facility, the nation’s oldest continually operating maximum security prison. My task is to inform the men of what mental health does and can do in their lives should they need it. But I look at the 25 or 30 black and brown faces each Monday morning (and the 3 or 4 white ones) and instead I tell them the truth about the reality they are facing. In five years after they leave prison 77% of them will… Continue

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Post Eclipse Blues

We'd  bee lined from Wildcat State Park cozy yet wind-blown in our let HRC Nissan SE on past Lodi-Arlington, road signs, through MKE via old Route 18, threading Bluemound boulevard toward midday already, beneath pewter cloud cover, Guido (Coltrane like-lungs) doing the soprano sax repeatedly of Leon Russell's Bluebird.  Student hands on the wheel alert, diaphragm breathing. Clean, sober as any DA!  Eastward with me going on & on glimpsing Storybook unique homes to the N…

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Ita nos, qui vere stulti sunt!

Image result for war is hell

In 1843, British army chaplain G.R. Gleig wrote about the First Anglo-Afghan War:

"It was a war begun for no wise purpose, carried on with a strange mixture of rashness and timidity, brought to a close after suffering and disaster, without much glory attached either to the government which directed, or the great body of troops which waged it. Not one benefit, political or military,…


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