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The most important thing in my life right now is waking up in the morning wanting to get out of bed. The second most important thing is to do the things that feed my soul once I get up upon my feet. The struggle I go through each day is balancing how other people see me with what I actually feel. Not so long ago I looked like death…


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World’s Oldest Fossils Found in Greenland

World’s Oldest Fossils Found in Greenland:  Geologists in Greenland have discovered what they believe are the oldest physical evidence for life on Earth in rocks that formed 3.7 billion years ago.  So if I understand this correctly, the next time some smart-ass native Californian asks me where I’m from originally, I should tell them Greenland?…


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Imagine There Are No Borders

  Imagine if you can.  A world that lives in peace.  However, listening to Trump's Immigration speech I can see that walls and order can mean survival.   I get confused and that might be because I smoked a little pot before listening to Trump.  

  His new campaign team is really polishing him up.  That trip to Mexico was a photo op and then to…


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Secretary of State's charity run by family member, political contacts donated to it

Old news, right?

Of course. It's such a breach of ethics that all these people who dealt with the Secretary donated to America's Promise.

Say what? Don't I mean the…


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That's too bad about Jaime Leeee, guess I was supposed to take a bullet at Pitt State anyway.

Waiting for me around the corner?   Because Ron Barfield said something about me?  Guess what he has to say has to do with his upbringing not mine. 

That's too bad Jaime Leeee can't be telling it how it was.  Guess the girls waiting for me outside of Sprouts aren't going to be telling it how it is either.

So since you lie to get what you want and you created an identity for me based on what  you would like to do to people and watch them suffer this is your online identity…


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Former Detective Claims Black Lives Matter Founded On 'Pack Of Lies'


July 9, 2016 5:18 PM ET

Heard on All Things Considered

Ron Martinelli, a…


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As To Jews-as-a-Race & Those Who Credit the Idea

As to Jews-as-a-Race:

Certainly the idea predates the 1930s and yet one must see that the real victory of Nazism was/is, despite losing the Second War, the embedding in the post-war mind the acceptance of the idea, no matter how ludicrous.…


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Is American tribalism making us another Middle East?

Students of American history remember that Massachusetts and Maine were one state long ago.  They were split in two in 1820 to keep the peace and maintain a tenuous political balance between North and South when the famous “compromise” of that year admitted…


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Blue Ribbon Panel Finds Half of U.S. Students Below Average

WASHINGTON, D.C.  A bi-partisan, blue-ribbon panel of educators and politicians said a new study showing half of U.S. students to be below average was a “wake-up call” for the nation, and pledged to do everything possible that did not involve time, money or effort to correct the situation.…


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RAMPARTS Magazine's Warren Hinckle: A Muckraker's Remembrance

I was saddened to learn last week of Warren Hinckle's death. His magazine, RAMPARTS, was among the first of its kind, in the '60s, to catch my imagination. Here's POLITICO's remembrance, in itself a good quick history of Left-oriented publications of the era.



AP Photo…


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Hurricane Madeline Arrives Today

      Here we go again.  Hurricane season has arrived with a double whammy.  I remember last year when I had just moved into my cabin and my daughter says her cel phone would be out being replaced for a couple days so good luck with the hurricane.   I get it now.  Im pretty blaise about them and smiled at the frantic shoppers in the grocery store…


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Doctors Say Disease Lurks in Wind Instruments

Doctors Say Disease Lurks in Wind Instruments:  The LA Times reports that doctors are cautioning musicians to be sure to frequently clean their wind instruments in order to prevent the growth of a a dangerous fungus which is responsible for a possibly fatal illness known as “bagpipe lung.”  Those familiar with the dreaded “bagpipe lung” say they’re not quite sure why, but for some reason, the disease also appears to make men want to dress themselves up in the…


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I told my witchy friend Alberta that I was on my way over with zukes and potatoes from my garden. She said great – in return she'd give me dried horsetail for tea. Um, I said, how does it taste? She said she'd brew me a sample.

Well, it tasted as expected, like the other teas she's offered – eyebright when I was having my double-vision problem (Big Pharma has pretty well fixed that now),…


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Doing the Work

                  Doing the Work according to Byron Katie means taking a statement and applying four questions to it.   I was going to choose...."Religion is a fairy tale".   I dont know what my intent is tho since it isnt really something I wonder about.  Maybe Ill choose something more personal.   How about..."I am overwhelmed."  or "My house is a…


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Mid-Life Birthday Arrives in the Nick of Time

I mentioned this birthday to a friend the other day in an e-mail.

Having a birthday certainly beats the alternative of not having more birthdays to celebrate, but it's not feeling like some milestone has been reached yet. 

This one is supposed to be significant. This particular age, that is. Leastways, that's what I've been told.

Business associates have mentioned it. "Are you going to be in the office Tuesday?"

"Oh no...what's that mean?" I shouted in my…


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One War Re-Enactor Battles to Keep Things From Heating Up

HYANNIS, Mass.  For New England war re-enactors, Main Street in this town on Cape Cod is something akin to the Pentagon.  “The Army-Navy store has everything,” say Tim Frobisher, who makes an annual trip here with his brother Tom to stock up on historically-correct gear for the role-playing he does each weekend as a member of a latter-day Revolutionary War militia unit.


“Don’t fire until you…


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From Russia, With Love

While the right wing continues to bray about in-person voter fraud, which has never been documented above single digits anywhere, we get news that Russia (most likely) has been hacking away. Who would fund such an effort? Why, don't things go better with Koch? Of course they do. Security researchers have been warning us that the real threat of voter fraud lies in these automated…


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Man Shoots Self Instead of Raccoon After Sneezing and Falling Off Chair

Man Shoots Self Instead of Raccoon After Sneezing and Falling Off Chair:  A 81-year-old man has been hospitalized after accidentally sneezing, falling off his chair and shooting himself while attempting to kill a large raccoon that had broken into his home.  Police say they were unable to identify the raccoon intruder because it was wearing a mask.…


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If God Exists, Worship Is Unnecessary. If There Is No God, Worship Is Pointless.

In deference to my friend, associate, and ally, I have changed the title of the post which may have been unintentionally insensitive or callous.

Inasmuch as my focus was/is the specific behavior associated with the belief in the existence of god, I have altered the title of the post to more accurately reflect that focus.

The discussion continues...

Added by Ron Powell on August 29, 2016 at 8:00pm — 60 Comments

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