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Anita Poe Wiley and the "No Dates" Society

For the benefit of their people since one of them can openly accuse me and the rest hide behind buildings and such with knives and intrusive spying devices.  All it takes is one to accuse and they had to do it by 4th grade or otherwise they might be discovered hunting our children down in the public schools to have them murdered when they come of age.  Private First Class Doty assumed I would know terms like 'gook' and from there it became more and more aggressive until I couldn't leave the…


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Ignorant v Stpid

Ignorance and stupidity are not interchangeable concepts.

Ignorance is about refusal or denial of facts regardless of the imperial evidence of the validity or veracity of the assertion of said facts.

Stupidity is about the fundamental lack of, or deficiency  in, the ability or capacity to absorb  or comprehend basic or elementary information.  

Stupidl people don't know what they don't know. …


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"Stranded" (explicit)

My wife and I live in the most amazing place. It's a mix of big city and beach living. It's a place where there are skyscrapers, public art and huge bridges, you can go out a get some of the best food you can imagine but you still occasionally have to stop your car to let wildlife pass. This place is Sarasota Florida,…


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Nudnick Kaepernick

Nudnick Kaepernick

It seems that 49er Colin Kaepernick has caused quite a stir by refusing to stand during the playing of the U.S. National Anthem and by topping that non-performance by defending his inaction with some racist nonsense that isn’t worth repeating. By contrast, an Olympic pole-vaulter dropped his lance halfway down the runway and snapped to patriotic attention, hand over heart during the song.

Now, players of American football are not known for…


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It is impossible for a good tree to produce bad fruit—as impossible as it is for a bad tree to produce good fruit. Do not men know what a tree is by its fruit? You cannot pick figs from briars, or gather a bunch of grapes…


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Line, Shape and Color in Art.

Paintings have many elements, but surely line, shape and color are predominant.

I love Botticelli.  We can recognize and…


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Thought For the Day - 29 August 2016

Yet more yakking from the Mainstream Pundit Class this morning that Yellen is about to "raise" interest rates.  To be clear, the Fed has no absolute (fiat) control over any interest rate.  Not even the Fed Funds rate, which is the one it's assumed to control directly.  And that's the overnight inter-bank transfer rate.  About as short term as one can get.  It's "changed" by the Fed "suggestion" of some new higher/lower rate.  Given the structure, banks comply.

Now, if the long…


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Facing Budget Cuts, Schools Hire Samurai Crossing Guards

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kansas.  Ed Rehnert thought he’d found his dream job when he signed on as a school crossing guard at Jo Jo White Middle School after retiring from his job at a local Ford plant.  “I loved seeing those kids every morning,” he says as tears well up in his eyes and a lump forms in his throat.  “I thought I’d be a crossing guard until I keeled over and died,” he tells this reporter.  “I figured I was immune from foreign competition.”…


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A Random Use of Words

This will be short.  Random is a word with synonyms of unchosen, nonsystematic, arbitrary, or chance.  The definition then is, “made, done, happening or chosen without plan or forethought.”…


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Naked and Not Afraid

       There is a sign in someone's driveway in Oceanview, Hawaii that says..."Naked and Unafraid".   It is a spin on the title of a reality tv show called "Naked and Afraid" where humans try to take a forty day challenge in some of the harshest environments on the planet and survive.  There…


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I wonder how anyone here would feel if a Christian evangelist became a member here and started posting about how Jesus was the answer. I'm not talking about people who have faith and are open about having faith; we've had at least a couple of those here, though neither that I'm aware of is currently active. I'm talking specifically about people who try to push their religious viewpoint on you, who attack your…


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Maine Gov LePage Leaves Profane Voicemail

Maine Gov LePage Leaves Profane Voicemail:  Maine’s controversial Republican governor Paul LePage left a long string of profanities on the voicemail of Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine after Gattine implied that LePage’s comments, which laid all the blame for illegal drugs in the state of Maine on black people, was racist.  Coming to his defense, supporters of the governor say he was a committed racist long before Donald Trump made it cool…


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Revving up the engine to his motorbike.... isn't there a slang term for those kinds of motorcycles? You know, motorcycles made in Japan

It will be strange to you how it is all given away to me in the end.  The path to my destruction you goad to unfold.

Let me just say a high level blood came to me last night and took off his hat and had something very important to say.  Taking off his hat and saying it he was paying me a huge respect.  I didn't think he was going to come to me to say much of anything because previous to him a true thug tried to come to me.  There are perspectives that understand in the world.  My blog…


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Cheeseburger in Paradise

A guy at Bill Jackson's Shop for Adventure in Clearwater Florida told me about this little island called cabbage key, the island is located about 10 miles off the coast of pine island outside Ft Myers FL and has a historic inn and restaurant on it. Cabbage Key is accessible only by boat, and has been a refuge to artists and writers since its founding in 19whatever. The kicker is that the key had once been a haunt of the infamous margarita wielding pirate jimmy buffet and the rumor…


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One Sentence Sunday: Quoting My Daughter

My daughter complained yesterday that her life sucks and threatened to commit Sudoku.

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If God exists, is religion necessary? If God doesn't exist, does religion have a point?

According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.

They can't all be right.

Have a great Sunday!

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Aging Chanteuse Hot Again With Internet Tribute

SAN ANTONIO, Texas. Vikki Flores is an 80 year-old chanteuse who has sung for five vice presidents, but she hasn’t had a top-selling record in over two decades. She hopes to end that losing streak with her new CD “That Crazy, Wacky Thing We Call the Internet,” an attempt to re-position herself for a youthful audience “hip” to technological innovation.…


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