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Nail Polish Strips: Best Invention EVER!

Best invention EVER: Nail Polish Strips by Sally Hansen.

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“I need a syringe, a cotton swab and a cuticle stick–STAT!”


The groans of the sick and the dying were too awful to bear, made more horrible by the relentless heat of the equatorial sun, but who was I to complain?  I was just a lowly orderly, while Dr. Walter Reed was the brains of the operation,…


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Optimism Re Legal Challenges to Voter Suppression Laws: Guest Post ,


The Republican Party’s War On Voting Begins To Crumble Into Sand

 AUG 1, 2016 8:00 AM



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No Sympathy--- "Soldier of Fortune" magazine

I have no sympathy for a group of people that are able to corner a 10 year old and harass him.  No sympathy for people that also send their kids to harass somebody the same way.

I don't care what mass media brainwashed quasi literate assholes say or think about what I say because I was there and I know the facts aside from what they manipulate you to think about any situation.

I don't need you around me to accomplish anything.

I don't feel sympathy for someone that sends…


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Billionaire Peter Thiel Wants Young People’s Blood

Billionaire Peter Thiel Wants Young People’s Blood:  Billionaire Republican and PayPal founder Peter Thiel said that he believes transfusions of blood from young people can reverse his aging process and allow him to live a vastly extended lifespan.  Gee, the wealthy often act like blood-sucking leeches, but this is way over the top.  Makes you wonder who the hell he consulted about this in the first place - Keith Richards?  And what’s next, bathing in the…


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I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Adele last night in San Jose. She was just as amazing as I'd heard. Here's a video from the encore last night. Enjoy!

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about dear little amy

well...when it comes to bloggers - there's perfection and then there's the rest of us human beings just slogging away at it. 

there are a number of ways to be negative, insulting and divisive - I've observed one especially effective menthod of being a shit  - by being the most seemingly welcoming, marvelously upbeat, passive aggressive provocateur.  I've watched that kind of tactic used to isolate individuals, myself included.  I was a racist according to one of these dipshits when I…


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Trump's latest Idiocy

Above and beyond Donald Trump's compulsion to get in the last shot, his campaign is reaching out to Republicans in Congress to join him in his attacks on the Khan family:

"Rob Wasinger, a onetime congressional candidate who has been working for the Trump camp on congressional outreach, sent an email to senior Senate aides saying, "We want to get several member statements out today on this, and would really appreciate your help."

A similar appeal was made to…


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Back Ache Treatment

My back has developed into major pain city. The whole pelvis feels like it is biting me. I was taking pain pills: Ibuprofen, Tylenol.  I even went to a back doctor, who looked like he was readying his itchy scalpel fingers.  He did agree to send me to PT, but said that surgery usually gets better results than physical therapy.

I have a set of 4.5" inflatable balls that I use for some exercises. I put one under my pelvis, while lying on my back. I didn't feel like getting up and doing…


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Do blue lives matter?  If you listen to the rhetoric coming from the first day of the RNC convention, it does.  But go beyond the rhetoric/propaganda and deconstruct the narratives.  Black Lives Matter has exposed that White lives have…


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Wartime Moms and the Media

The War of Moms and the Media

Two moms of slain sons have been featured in the recent Republican and Democrat conventions.

The first was the mother of a son slain at Benghazi; the second was the mother of another soldier slain in the sandy conflicts which dominate today’s news.

Both moms were featured at their respective conventions…


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The Meaning of a Trump Victory: NYT Guest Post

In a comment to a recent post,  I said that a Trump victory in November would be the eequivalent of the South winning the Civil War.  I further suggested that if you have a difficult time imagining what that might be like, ask the people of Ferguson, Missouri, or the people of Flint, Michigan. 

Here is additional evidence of the wholesale attempt on the part of many local jurisdictions to revert…


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Trump is, of course, a disgusting idiot.

But the DNC use of the Khans at their convention was pretty disgusting. Used to gin up partisan outrage at Trump.

And also to bait him.

A disgusting ploy – but effective. (And in defeating Trump, whatever it takes, I guess.) Trump, of course, could not resist taking the bait, vomiting up his usual disgusting blithering, and providing an excuse for prominent Republicans to go after him. (Some must still harbor a faint hope that…


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Enjoying the hot summer? What would a trunkless world look like? 

<a href="" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">gay digital art for…


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Mr Assange & the Fawning Far Left

I've never seen him as anything but a likely scoundrel.

I shared a piece at OPEN SALON (below) saying so when the Far Left here and in Europe began its usual fawning over people they only 'know' on the surface.…


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Assange and his Sources


                         Here is the interview of Julian Assange that I just saw on Meet the Press



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