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Dad, a repost

Sept. 1, 2015   -  time above is from a Western time zone and I'm in the East, so the date is wrong

My father died two years ago today. On August 23, just over a week ago, I wrote a post about buying yorzeit candles, memorial candles, to be lit on the anniversaries of family deaths. We lit the first one for my father-in-law that day and I lit the second one for my father a little while ago. The proximity of yorzeit dates doesn't necessarily mean…


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Kanye West Announces Presidential 2020 Ambitions

Kanye West Announces Presidential 2020 Ambitions:  At the end of a long, rambling 10-½ minute speech he gave after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at MTV’s Video Music Awards, Rapper Kanye West announced he will be running for president, but not till 2020.  Which seems rather fitting - given that many in the crowd seemed resigned to the fact that it might be close to 2020 by the time he finished his acceptance speech anyway.  And who knew there’s a…


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My mysterious son

When you’re a stay-at-home parent, you figure you’re probably going to brush off on your kid, for better or for worse. Not just the big things — I think all parents must expect (and hope for or dread) that — but the little habits and gestures, maybe the neuroses, the…


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texttalk is taking over we all text we all know how to read text and make allowances for it.

a text comes in and immediacy is the arena of…


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Alien Classification

There is a lot of talk now of aliens in the U.S.  They are variously categorized as documented and undocumented (sometimes erroneously called illegal aliens). 

Below are images to help you know the difference.…


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Light to Dark

I dream of a figure

floating always slightly


it shimmers…


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For Art James: Tale of the Baboon and the Ewe




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  One look at Margaret told me she should always be with me, and that settled down a lot of my mental health problems tremendously I gotta say.

Until I got stuck at the role of dude living with mom...I yearned for true parental authority but was afraid to claim it . I didn't want to startle the kids...I love them all but they are VERY fragile it seems to my 48 yr old…


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The foods I eat on a more or less daily basis are the result of years of tinkered blending.  To call what I eat for breakfast every day “oatmeal” is to feloniously assault the word.  Sure, there’s oatmeal, but I add a half cup of Fiber One cereal (you know, to, uh, make my insides happy), a scoop of Body Fortress Super Advanced vanilla whey protein powder (vegetarians tend to not get enough protein, and merely advanced simply isn’t good enough), peanut butter powder (what can I say; I really…


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To Ron: We Need Both Initials in NAARWP

This is in response to a conversation I've had with Ron Powell on his latest post. The last comment in question is here

but I'll give you the gist of it.

I told him that…


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For One Substitute Teacher, Noir Can't Stand the Light of Day

NEEDHAM, Mass.  Ray Vronick is a former English major who thought he’d hit the big time when his collection of dark short stories–“Anywhere But Here”–garnered a favorable review in The New York Times Book Review three years ago.  “I found out that ‘successful short story collection’ is an oxymoron,” he says bitterly as he enters Togo Palazzi Elementary School with this reporter.  “A hostess in a nice restaurant makes more money by smiling and saying ‘Right this way’ than a writer gets paid…


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Reviews Of Stories We Tell, Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel?, Legends Of the Knight, The Good Son, And Human Lampshade: A Holocaust Mystery

Copyright © by Dan Schneider

  I recently watched five documentaries online, and all of them featured people that could, collectively, be termed ‘losers.’ They were Stories We Tell, Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel?, Legends Of the Knight, The Good Son, and Human Lampshade: A Holocaust Mystery.


  The first of the films is easily the best of the quintet, and when I use the term ‘losers’ to describe the people…


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A Letter From My Father

My father has been dead 47 years now. Our relationship, as with many fathers and sons, was often contentious, and much of the “blame” I now know, rests with me. I often treated him very badly, though I never doubted for a single moment that he loved me. But when one is young, and away from home for the first time, feeling one’s way through a huge and complex world makes it next to impossible to maintain a proper perspective.



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Obama to Rename Mt McKinley

Obama to Rename Mt McKinley:  The Obama administration announced that it will change the name of North America's tallest mountain peak from Mount McKinley to Denali, a major symbolic gesture to Alaska Natives. In response, an angry Pat Robertson told viewers of his 700 Club that we’re just lucky Obama didn’t cave in to the LGBT community and rename the place Brokeback Mountain. …


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Racism plus classism = Nowheresville

There's the occasional argument that racism is not really a problem in the U.S. - it's classism.  Which is long as you realize that there have been historical and systematic and structural efforts to keep freed slaves and now their descendants in the underclass.  (And then berate them for lack of bootstrapping - i.e., claim there's no racism, just classism.)

Here from tonight's Washington Monthly -…


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China Syndrome, Part the Fourth

Once again, reporting on the ground belies some/much of what quants think, or at least say, about the China situation. Many wear rose-colored glasses. A large part of the problem is that Beijing is well known to make up macro-economic data. While a fine practice from a political point of view, it leaves decision makers (Chinese citizens, foreigners, and Chinese bureaucrats) in the dark.

More reporting today:…


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Ten Mandalas for the End of Summer

The weather has changed, finally. It’s been sunny and dry since the end of May. For Western Washington, this is a bit unusual; in most years summer doesn’t burst forth until the Fourth of July.

Also in most years, the summer temperatures are very comfortable compared to the wrenching endless heat and humidity of the Long Island summers of my 50-odd years before coming West.

This year here was not only dryer but also hotter than normal. A symptom perhaps of the drought plaguing…


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Like A Fish Thinking of Water

a question in yr nerves is lit

yet you know there is no answer fit

to satisfy you insure you not to quit…


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Sanders vs. Trump

Yesterday I met a man who was a Donald Trump fan.

I asked why.

He said he likes the fact that Trump is a businessman.

I said, Trump has bankrupted three companies yet managed to make millions for himself while destroying his employees’ pensions.

He said that’s just because laws allow it. And he thinks that if…


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We Lost a Great Soul This Morning: RIP Oliver Sacks

Most Americans were introduced to Doctor Oliver Sacks through the 1980 movie Awakenings which starred Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.  Based on Sacks 1973 autobiographical non-fiction account of the life histories of those who had…


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