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Hair wet, the girl sits in the sun: she hums and sits on the stoop.

She notes the leaves on the grass--just a few--

arranged like the roses on her brother’s cake.

The crickets string

their sounds along the path,

and it is the sound of the summer’s passing.



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Burning Hot

 Tonight, I have made the first foray into burning out the tulip tree stump. Just me and the gnats, a good book, and the internet. Oh, and a cold can of English Perry Imported Pear Cider®. I'll probably end up drinking a bug.

 I first learned how to build fires as a teenager when we had a wood burning stove in the house. Kindling is…


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How Can an "Unknown" Writer Become "Known"?

The most common complaint I read over and over again on writer’s discussion boards is “You are such an ASSHO . . .”  No wait, that’s the second most common gripe.

“Of course if this were an anonymous on-line writers group I would be MUCH nastier, Earleen.”


The first is “I’ve just self-published my first book–’8 Generations of Vanderslice Women in Cuyahoga County, Ohio’–and am wondering how I can go from being an ‘unknown’ writer to…


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The Tale of Tubba and Tonto's Tin Can

Weekend Fiction

Prompt: Write a story that involves the end of summer.

Jack sat on the end of the dock with his best friend, Warrie, and looked down his dangling legs at his own sneakers.

The rubber ribs on the front had completely worn away, and the canvas was rotting and splitting from the constant soaking and drying they had endured in their short life.

It was only two months ago, on the day school closed, that his mother subjected him to the usual… Continue

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  How May I help you?  Where can I direct your call.  Let me see if I can take care of that for you.  That used to be what customer service looked like. You remember that don't you? The nice lady on the phone or young man at the desk that had "CUSTOMER SERVICE" written on a sign above it. Those people not only asked if they could help you they…


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It's Labor Day Weekend Party Time In OS Land!



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At last! A world with no regulations!

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People of the Book - Fifty Third Scroll of the Second Book

The Fifty Third Scroll

Mikhal was silent for a moment.  My daughter, “her child,” Deborah-Azera, had crawled into her lap and fallen asleep.  Stroking my…


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Why Writing A Book Is Like Moving

You waste a lot of time as you finish up writing a book… and unfortunately it comes at a time when there’s not a moment to spare.  It’s frustrating.  It bogs you down and saps your strength, but it seems to be an inevitable part of the process.

Writing a book is rather like moving.  At first, everything is easy and predictable: you wrap the dishes and glassware in newspapers, take the books down off the shelf and throw the contents your dresser drawers into boxes neatly labeled…


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To the Woman Checking Her Pits in the Friday Sales Meeting

It’s hot, I know,

and there are places you’d rather be;

the beach for one, same with me,

and with you I would go.

But we are stuck here, my dear;

me in the front and you in the back row

while before us drones the regional manager,

about moving product.

I see you check your pits, your nose tilted

downwards like a duck plucking at its pin feathers. 

It’s the weather, and we’re all sweating, same as you.…


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When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. “Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?” the servant asked.

16 “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more…


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Take out the WMD’s now!


 Take out the WMD’s now!

It is with solemn…


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BREAKING: LGBT Couples and Federal Tax Justice


     Dad was a professor of federal tax law. He taught the the idea that modern

societies reveal their values in stark relief in their tax codes because what a

culture chooses to tax and not to tax,  how it determines what we call …


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Raise The Minimum Wage!

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President Obama's War in Syria

By Doc Vega

Why does it seem that the US under the personal direction of our President Obama with the bungling support of our Secretary of State, John Kerry? Currently America is under a national debt crisis, a floundering economy with 1.8% growth if that’s what you want to call it, and we are suffering from a lack of…


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Our President owns this economy-These are the facts!

By Doc Vega

Aside from a traitorous US media that continually ignores the damage being done by the Obama administration and all those who still idolize the President, here are the gruesome facts about the economic state of America. The longer Americans go on ignoring these troubling signs the worse it’s going to…


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At the Jr. Algonquin Roundtable

It's the end of August, time for me to check on the kids to see how well they did with their summer reading lists.  Things haven't changed much in our little town since I was a boy; every spring when school gets out a prim, lavender-scented woman at our local library draws up a list of ten categories, and parents agree that each boy and girl who reads a book in all of them by Labor Day gets a reward.

Summer reading fun!


There's fiction,…


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Depression - How not to beat it

It seems depression likes hanging out with me, right next to me, poking and prodding.

I've tried the different techniques to avoid it. 

Don't eat blue foods.

Don't watch the news.

The "Don't watch the news" is good advice anyways.

The news ranges from Miley Cyrus dancing naked with a bison dealer to President Obama wanting to invade Syria for their cottage cheese.

I'm guessing the why on that.

I mean why else would you invade a…


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On Private Manning, the Nature of Sexuality, and A Straight Man's Commitment to the Constitution

      I've shared here that my mother, who died in 1973 at forty-five, devoted herself to numbers of social justice enterprises including prisoners' rights. In her memory my family established a small fund to help train University of Pennsylvania law students as prisoners' rights advocates. Over the years there are many conversatons I feel I've had with her about her commitments…


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