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Max and Nano's excellent adventure

More than just an ordinary dog, Max is my buddy, my pooch, my every dog all in one. So when Trig said he wanted to go camping, my brain wailed "but what about my dog???" I was mortified, now what? I had no one left at home to watch him while I went traipsing about Nowhere Kansas. Ugh. My aging, over-sized, and arthritic dog would need to accompany us, me, or else. So began the mental gymnastics while I wrestled with this new problem.

Ok Ok Ok, let me think! I know! I'll get one of…


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Andy ... tonight ...

Often before ... I have shed tears for an Andy ...  

a Dunblane ... Andy ...

Tonight ... tears are here ... for a different Andy ...

whose birthday yesterday ... his thirtieth birthday ...

brought him to the microphones ... 

to announce ... after some thought ... that this ..

this Open ... this one... playing now ... will be his last ...

Whenever he is done ... he will go home ... and embrace more ... that he loves ... for he will have given…


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once in a blue moon

Moon shots just never work out very well for me. Still, can't resist trying. The above is before I realized the flash was on. Below is without. Didn't know 'til after taking these that it was the famous blue moon.. or almost. That's tonight, but the remnants of that hurricane have clouded the sky . . . No complaints here; it's actually raining!…


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I am

i  AM

Therefore,are YOU

therefore, are you?

YOU must be

for me to be…


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I see this picture and it makes me all sentimental. Sentimental for myself, which is kinda dorky and totally self-absorbed, but, well, it is what it is.

How old was I? Nine? 11? It was a school picture. I’ve got school pictures and a random smattering of photos from when my older half sisters were visiting. My parents weren’t the camera-owning picture-taking types.

Do I look far away in the photo? A little sad, maybe? Or is that just my memory…


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It starts slow, apprehensive. Not sure of each other. Not sure of ourselves. Pinkies barely touching as we sit together. Then our hands entwine, sending little shockwaves through our bodies. Legs brush together. We make small talk while trying to decide how fast or slow to go now. We’ve waited so long, but don’t want to rush.

You move first, your lips lightly brushing mine.…


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The Fabulous End of Summer Egret family fly in.

Come one, come all ... the ponds are so low that the fish are wearing muck boots.

PDA's are welcome!  Food, fun and games for all.  Room to stretch your neck out, brush up on your skills,

and chat with friends and family.…


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1967 – Graduation, Sandy Lee, Po’ Boys, Milk & Cookies, Scotch and a Brawl

Stadium Pasadena

Graduation & Sandy Lee:  I was still slightly drunk when I walked across the stage at Veterans Memorial Stadium in…


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The Fence


The fence1


Cunningness of deceit

evasion of the word

white washing…


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A Celtic Tribe, in the New Testament



Recently, I encountered an advertisement for a new book (Evolution of the Word, by Marcus Borg) which reorganizes the New Testament according to the date…


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Impending Storm

Men and women who live close to the earth and to nature like farmers and ranchers do tend to develop a sixth-sense when it comes to the weather. Being one of those who has lived close to nature almost my entire life, I too have developed this warning sense.

“Storm coming.” How many times have I said that even while the sky overhead was clear and blue. More often than not I am proved correct before the end of the day as the clouds begin to gather and the rain begins to fall.



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Beautiful Nothing - Broken Heart

There are days when certain things hit me. It could be a sentence in a book, the end of a movie, the smile of a stranger. I feel a tug at my heart and have the desire to crumple on the floor and sob until I'm empty. I can't do it. I don't know how to get it out. My heart is so broken. 

I was watching a movie last night. "The Vow" with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. It's not a movie I would make the effort to see in a theatre. It's a little too Nicholas Sparks. (Sorry Mr. Sparks)…


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The Magic Vacuum

Dallas skyline

The morning heartbreak is sheer devastation. As the sun rises also do the woes of the day. Above all, one must adhere to the almighty Routine (prison got nothin' on this boy's life). Shower, shave, eat, dress, dodge rush hour traffic to get to…


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Hate is Easy. Love Takes Courage.

I saw those two sentences in an article I was reading this morning, and I suddenly understood why folks are so hateful.  It’s easy.

It doesn't take a whole lot of brain power to go from; “My life sucks: to: “I’m going blame ________ (fill in the blank) for that.”   It especially doesn't take much brain power when you have politicians, ministers and priests all telling you who to blame for your lot in life.  They aren't asking you to love _________ (fill in the blank); they are telling…


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Speech I Wish I Could Have Given in 1968

originally published August 28, 2012

I'm quite proud of this post. So much of what happened then set the stage for now. 

It also earned one of my few Editors' Picks. 


This was inspired by a post by Jeremiah Horrigan called Neil Armstrong without tears.

I look at my elders and notice they wonder what on Earth is…


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Bookstore Clerks: Those Wonderfully Strange People

I write on Open Salon under the name "escrito por nada".  This is something I posted there,today.


You’ve seen them.  You may be one.  They’re the wonderfully odd people who work in bookstores.  They fit into all…


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Marilyn Goes to Washington

Marilyn traveled from Asheville, North Carolina to make a statement. She made that statement with her hand-lettered sign, her enormous pink sunglasses, and her bare breasts.

She is hard to miss. I catch a glimpse of her out the corner of my eye as I sit on the park bench across from the White House eating my California Club sandwich. Protestors come to Washington in all shapes and sizes,  but this was the first time I'd seen a half naked woman in Lafayette Park. 

I walk over to…


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Trying to find myself  today after spending most of yesterday in tears. I ended up at the first time in many years at a family outing by myself. Just me, no children, no grandchild, no husband, and I was as much a fish out of water as I ever thought I would be.

My oldest daughter seemed more than uncomfortable when I tried to talk to her and who can blame her after all the years of the second family taking front row she probably thought too little too late and I don't blame her. She…


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The Storm of Isaac


The storm of Isaac laughs upon

the righteous bold with greed…


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Soul Retrieval (1)

I'm writing a novel.  I've been frustrated in the past by not being able to think up people and events as interesting as in RL and not wanting to be sued or assassinated, but I think I've hit on a way by creating a parallel set of people and events.  

Comments and criticism welcome.  I've read enough amateur fiction to know it's usually terrible, so I'd like to avoid the worst. Warning:  I may crap out at any time and you'll never find out whodunnit.…


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